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Death by Dban-Compaq Evo N800v



 I have a Compaq Evo N800v with a 2.4GHz processor and 2 gig of Ram installed and it had been running sweet.


 After running Dban to nuke the drive, I was unable to reinstall any O/S.


It was a while back now but I believe the screen message following Dban was, " Non system Disk - replace and strike any key."


 Whilst searching a solution online, it was suggested pulling the bios battery and holding the power button for a minute or so. 

 Anyway, did that, but now have a dead computer.


 Upon power-up, the screen clearly lights up (to the point I can dim and brighten it) but no graphics appear. No Compaq logo and no F10 option to boot into bios and certainly no boot from DVD nor HD.


 The fan runs and the HD spins.


 No beeps or sounds on startup, but one green flash on the 'A' padlock, followed by 2 flashes on the battery(?) symbol furthest right.


  If I then connect an external monitor, we do find the Compaq logo, albeit in a very faint blue (normally red) and I can then boot to bios.

 If I select DVD boot, it doesn't change anything.


 Ran a HD test and passed ok. No option for Ram test although I did try another stick with no change.


I have tried switching Processors and would love to save this machine if at all possible.


 Can't see myself ever using Dban again.




"Could I have shorted across the bios battery and frazzed something on the Mobo?"


 Could it be Ram related? Possibly a seating problem?


  Is it possible to damage the Motherboard whilst removing the Bios battery? If so, which component?


 Why would an external monitor work and not the built-in display?


 Why would the Compaq logo change colours?


 Why does it no longer boot from CD?




 Any help or info would be great.






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Re: Death by Dban

Hi James,

If I'm understanding correctly, you can get into the system BIOS (with an external monitor attached) and change the boot sequence, but after doing so, the system still will not boot from CD?  What about USB, have you tried a bootable USB key?

Also, is all of this performance the same regardless of whether you are plugged in, or using the battery power only?

I see symptoms pointing to video and power as well, but this started as an image issue and there is not a lot of troubleshooting we can do until you can boot to something other than the BIOS.

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Re: Death by Dban

Hi Ironcoog,


 thanks for your reply,


 I wasn t aware that the N800v could be booted from USB, so no, haven't tried that one yet. Would I choose USB Legacy Support in Bios?


Yes, same whether power or battery.


Actually it started going wrong only after I ran Dban to wipe the HD. Afterwards it wasn't possible to reinstall the O/S (Linux or XP) so it was then that I removed the bios battery.


 Up until this point the screen had been working fine.


 Hope this helps.


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