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Demise of Lightscribe

Fellow forum Members: Can anyone tell me why HP stopped making Lightscribe in their optical drives?

ever since 2005 when I first heard about this I use this & adore it  In fact when I brought a custom built PC

back then when the builder told me that he wanted to put in a Plextor as good as that brand name is I wanted it swapped out for the 1st Lightscribe model

why? before that the only other choices were either use specially made printing labels which could get warped by overheating or miscalibrating the label & disc

getting a separate piece of paper to hand write whatever on the topside of the jewel box

marking the topside of the disc itself with a felt tip marker which is totally gauche if not "ghetto"(low class)

with Lightscribe everything I created looks really professional &  I blew away everybody with the quality & versitility of the designs also I've been trying to get my friends to join the club.

was it too problematic?

too expensive to keep it going?

or wasn't as popular?

I will have to nurse my two drives because there will be no more

I'm sure a lot of people are agreeing with me & mourn it's downfall











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Re: Demise of Lightscribe

I guess because discs are slowly becoming obsolete. I like having a CD rom, but in reality I can't remember the last time I used my CD rom, except for ripping my own music CD's.

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Re: Demise of Lightscribe

I have to agree!. I am trying to find out a way to have my burner installed as internal or external drive in my new computer if I can find adapter. Cant find any info aI can umderstand though... just a stay at home wiife learning the ropes on her own.

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Re: Demise of Lightscribe

I like lightscrobe also and have a number of lightscribe drives. I don't think that they are maintaining the lightscribe software any more, and as new releases of Windows come out we will probably be out of luck. LG made lightscribe drives up ubtil a few years ago and you can still find them on Ebay or Craigs List.

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