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Envy 17 - Runs Hot, Left Palm Rest Uncomfortable
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Re: Envy 17 - Runs Hot, Left Palm Rest Uncomfortable

I am glad to hear that others have spoken out about this quirk.  I thought I had purchased a lemon and was considering replacing this Envy with another one.  After reading everyone else's comments, I will say that my laptop gets hot but I have been able to manage it. 

First, one should consider that the frame is made of a thin layer of brushed aluminum.  As such, I expect that it transfers heat pretty easily.  The left hand side is hot, but it isn't always hot.  Sometimes, it's just warm. 


The heat issues seem to arise only when the unit is plugged in to the adapter.  The laptop is actually cool to the touch when it's running on battery.  My solution has been to keep both batteries fully charged whenever possible and run on battery power.  I also charge the batteries when the unit is off, never when plugged in.  I also purchased a laptop cooler which helps.  The unit is raised off the desk a couple inches and the fan helps to draw the heat out and away from the left side. I also changed the power settings profile to use the HP recommended settings.


Now, that I am aware of the heat problem, I will continue to manage the power setup.  I really like this laptop.  It is great for presentations and movie projection.  I also like how blazing fast it is...  night and day comparison to my old Dell.

Somehow, I've wound up owing an HP laptop, desktop, and printer. Everything syncs well and my office network runs adequately.



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Re: Envy 17 - Runs Hot, Left Palm Rest Uncomfortable

I am having the same issue with my Envy 17 3D I bought in February 2011. As I speak, the left palm rest is too hot to touch without getting burned so I use a thick cloth between my wrist and the palm rest. The core temperature is currently at 78 C without running anything other than this web browser. When I view videos on this machine, the temperature routinely goes up to 90-95 C, i.e., close to being able to boil water.  I place my laptop on a lapdesk and ensure that there is huge clearance (about 3/4 inch) under the air intake vent on the bottom left of the unit. In fact, at one point, the machine was routinely reaching 100C and was shutting off, and I had that fixed. The machine seemed to run relatively cooler for about a month (still too hot, but perhaps in the high 60s, low 70s C), but then went back to being too hot to touch (high 70s, 80s and 90s C). By the way there was someone who compared these temperatures to human body temperature being 98 degrees -- remember this 98 degrees is in F, not C. I am reporting temperatures in C as in Celsius. Human body temperature in C is like 37 degrees. At 95 to 100 C one will get serious burns. Just imagine pouring boiling water on your wrist!


One question I have is this: has the new generation Envy 17 (2012) improved this heating issue? I am interested in buying another comparable laptop. If they have fixed this issue, I would be willing to go with the new one since it does have the best screen, and the design I like. But if HP hasn't addressed this issue, I would probably have to go with another brand.

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Re: Envy 17 - Runs Hot, Left Palm Rest Uncomfortable

I found this solution for this crap of a heater-computer. Beside the head, the fan makes a lot of noise:


1. I always have powercord unplugged when starting my laptop - to ensure it does not start the fancy-spacy graphics processor that seems to do most of the heat.

2. I make sure to start at least one program, so that when I plug the power chord, the auto-graphics-adapter-change refuses to start the fancy-spancy-graphics adapter.


now it runs - of course with less power, but also less heat.


And in half a year or so, I buy myself a new computer. My best guess is that is may not be an HP Smiley Happy


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Re: Envy 17 - Runs Hot, Left Palm Rest Uncomfortable - Yes, it's the GPU

As noted earlier, the GPU is definately under where your left hand would rest when using the HP Envy 17.


You might want to check your BIOS settings and make sure the Radeon Graphics are not set to Fixed. 

If it is, change to Dynamic.  This way you don't have to do a song and dance when starting up your PC. It should only use the discrete graphics when it needs them. 

I hope this helps.





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Re: Envy 17 - Runs Hot, Left Palm Rest Uncomfortable

Alright everyone, I know I am bringing a topic back from the dead, but it's the number one search result and I, my friends, have a solution.  First, I must make clear that I cured a lot of the heat problems by basically slowing some things down.  So if you use your Envy 17 for heavy duty tasks and/or gaming this solution isn't for you.  If, however you use it for a lot of basic productivity most of the time read on.


First, there are two main culprits for the heat.  The obvious one is the processor, taming it will cool some things down.  The main offender, however, is the GPU which is located directly under your left wrist.


Step 1 - Cooling down the processor (with one GPU change):


Really the only way I could find to get the processor to cool down was by adjusting some power settings.  I've seen other topics elseware that also suggested the same thing.  This is nothing new.  For those who may not have seen those posts here is what I did.  First create a new power profile and edit it's advanced properties.

- Change Processor power management

- - Minimum processor state (on both battery and plugged in) to 1%

- - System cooling policy (on both battery and plugged in) to Active

- - Maximum processor state (on both battery and plugged in) to 5%

(I don't really know why to set the processor state values, I seen somone else do it so I did too)

- Change ATI Graphics Power Settings

- - ATI Powerplay Settings (both on battery and plugged in) to "Maximize Battery Life"


Step 2 - Cooling down the GPU

DISCLAIMER: This involves underclocking your GPU. This is a pretty harmless procedure (opposite of overclocking) however it can cause undesired effects.  Do this at your own risk.

- First you will need an app called AMD GPU Clock Tool (I used version

- Install AMD GPU Clock and fire it up (no pun intented)

- Change "Engine Clock" to 300

- Change "Memory Clock" to 400

- Click "Set Clocks"


The change is instant and if you use the GPU-Z utility you can monitor the GPU temp. You can play around with the settings yourself.  When I dropped the memory clock to 300 it crashed the video drivers and I had to reboot.  Rebooting will restore everything back to normal and you'll have to run AMD GPU Clock Tool again.  I don't believe there is a way to apply automatically on startup (nor would you want it to)


Here's what I have found as far as temperatures are concerned:

Before underclocking the gpu the temp would average around 65C (149F) with spikes to about 72C (161F)

After underclocking the temp now averages 57C (134F) with spikes occasionally hitting 63C(145)


This clearly isn't going to make your palm rest ice cold, but it will bring it down from sweltering hot to a mid to high warm. My wrist will sometimes still feel a little sweaty with heavy use but at least it doesn't feel burnt Smiley Happy




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