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HP 2000 Note book Hard Disk SMART Failure (301)



My friend gave me a laptop (running Windows 8) because he got a new one. Everytime I turn the computer on, it brings up a message sort of thing, doesn't even show the HP logo yet. It reads:


SMART Hard Disk Error


The SMART hard disk check has detected an imminent failure. To ensure not data loss, please backup the content immedietly and run Hard Disk Test in System Diognosticts.


Hard Disk 1 (301)


F2      System Disgnostics

Enter - Continue Startup


For more information, please visit:


I then pressed F2 and went to the System Diagnostics, went to Hard Disk Test, then ran a quick test.


When it was finished it told me this


Testing Drive: 1

Hard Disk SMART Check: Failed


Failure ID: 9C6JTK-6LA6SN-MFGJWJ-60AB03

Product ID: C2M49UA#ABL


Hard Disk 1


Once I finished that I went to the BIOS and entered into the System Log. Under results it gave me 0301. I then rebooted the computer and instead of pressing F2, I pressed Enter. It booted me through and I can use the notebook just fine. I just want to know if I can fix this problem, if its the BIOS that has to be updated, or if i just actually need a new hard drive.


I have reseated the hard drive after testing and it still didn't work.


Thank you for your time in reading this. Waiting for your reply.


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Re: HP 2000 Note book Hard Disk SMART Failure (301)

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You will need to replace the hard drive. Be sure to get one of at least as large a capacity as the original in order to use Recovery Discs to install Windows & everything on it. It can be larger capacity but not smaller. For instance if it has a 500GB hdd you could use a 750GB but not a 320GB hdd.


If you don't have Recovery Media I would try to get it done before the hdd dies completely, or you will need to order them from HP.


Creating Recovery Media >> Windows 8
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Re: HP 2000 Note book Hard Disk SMART Failure (301)

You're lucky - at least you got yours for free, so any money you put into fixing it won't break the bank. I bought my notebook exactly a year ago Black Friday. After having numerous issues I couldnt fix, (and that HP wanted to charge me for because the warranty had expired the week before) I finally took it to a local service center where they got it going for me for $200. A month later, problems happening again, so I take it back to the service center, where they diagnose a fried hard drive. (Mind you, the warranty just expired 11/30/13). I was actually told that this has been happe nening alot with this puter) So, I emailed HP and I already got the "We'll look into it but it's no longer under warranty so you may be pounding salt" response. If I spend any more money on this thing I will have bought it twice.  I can't be without a computer, so I already went and got another one - and it's NOT an HP (and NEVER will be again, ESPECIALLY if I get the run around)!!


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Re: HP 2000 Note book Hard Disk SMART Failure (301)

Same problem except the hard drive failed first time in July 2013 bought on black Friday 2012. HP replaced for free. Failed again November 2013 HP said 7 days out of warranty would not replace. HP wanted $200 to fix.

They are no longer a product I will buy as they are no longer legitimate. I believe they are manufacturing junk.

Also talking to their service out side of the US is riduculous.

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