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HP 6930p Issues

Just wanted to post a little something about this model.  My company has purchased a few hundred of these laptops recently and they are constantly in need of service, most of these are less than a year old.  I don't like to bash HP, however this model seems to be a lemon, anyone who owns a 6930p that is under warranty should look for the following symptoms on their machine. 


First the LCD Latch, it stinks, either only one side will latch, or it won't latch at all.  HP's original solution was to tear down the unit and bend the metal tangs that are part of the latch assembly in the base chassis.  However that has a 50% success rate and is a lot of work to do for something that may not even fix the issue.  However if you do submit a warranty request for a replacement base chassis due to LCD latch issues, HP will honor it, and the replacement base seems to fix the issue.


Second, because I have disassembled so many of these units I have also noticed that on several units the speaker connection to the daughter board is nearly cemented in place.  If you pull too hard trying to get it out, the wires will come straight out.  If you try using a spudger or small flat-head screwdriver to wedge it out, the plastic on the connector will break.  I have found the best solution is to leave the speaker and blue tooth connected to the daughter board, remove the screw holding the speaker, and pull the daughter board, speaker, and blue tooth out as one whole piece.


Finally some of the 6930p's use a Toshiba 160GB drive (P/N 493442-001), these are failing regularly.  We actually have a spreadsheet going with a list of serial #'s of failed drives to show our HP rep. next time he visits our company.  Again HP will replace the drive, however they tend to use another Toshiba drive leaving the replacement questionable.  My advice would be to look into purchasing an alternate drive, or doing regular backups of your data.


Just an FYI, I hope this helps someone somewhere.


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    Re: HP 6930p Issues

    I have a 6930p, just got it, it is running Win 7 Home Premium 32 bit, the strange thing is the screen fickers during the post and kernal load of Windows, but works fine after that, have any idea of why?

    I have updated the BIOS, thinking that may have been the issue, have all the correct softpaks installed, but it still does it... could it be an issuee with the backlight? If so why is only during the boot process?


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