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HP DLP TV id5226N - problem with Flashing Blue Power Light

HP DLP TV id5226N - problem with Flashing Blue Power Light -

I purchased this TV from Sam's at a cost of $1,200.00 plus tax in Oct 2008,  this 52 inch HD DLP TV - I understand was recalled by HP and Sams Club never told me and may have left this unit in the box just to get rid of it rather than send it back to HP.  I owned a 32" ProScan for 15 years and never ever did that TV have problems, - I had this HP for less than about a year or so and the first thing that went was the Lamp which was not covered by warrenty and so I had to paid $200.00 to replace and I had to do it myself because no one in my area was a certified HP TV service place, when that first problem came out I know it was the Lamp because it blew up and the Power Button which lights up in Blue on the TV was flashing slowly,  Now August 10, 2010, in the morning the TV power button was flashing very fast,  I was up till passed 12 midnight and the TV was fine, I shut it off via the remote nothing was wrong.  This morning I get the Flashing Blue Light, so went to the Manuel and what do I find "Nothing" about the Blue Flashing Power Light, so I call, and get told I must pay 45.00 to get help trouble shooting what the problem may be,  but why should I have to pay to get told I need something fixed, I already know something is wrong since the TV will not turn on.  This is a joke that HP is nickle and diming it's customers that purchase high end product.  They don't print it in the Manuel and then they give you an 800 number with some one who can't speak english, the accent is so bad you don't understand anything that person says, and then your not supose to get upset.  I spent so much money on a TV that has not lasted less the a year without repairs, this is a shame on HP for making a product that does not work well and allow it to be sold on the market and then provide such bad support for it.   This has placed such a bad feeling in the pitt of my stomach with HP products, and I own many, 3 computers all of the Display units I purchased extra so that I can have large screens for the PC, 2 Laptops, other little items, including printers which the ink also runs a future.  Hey HP this TV is not making me feel good, may be the world should see on YouTube how this TV and the service calls to HP work.  HP your worse than a thief, at least you know that a thief is never going to help you.  But a hugh American Company - one would think they would treat the high end buyer with some respect and give the guy a break by giving them a way of knowing what is wrong with the big ticket item, before they torch it in public.  Is this a cry for help, you bet it is.   


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