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HP DM1-3020 Ram upgrade?

I have the above unit with 3 Gigs of ram. Was wondering whether anyone had boosted the ram to 4Gig or higher and if you noticed any improvement in processing.


I'm asking as I d/l'ed the Blue Ray version of Avatar (8 Gigs large) and the movie would hang up on the audio every 10 minutes or so. 


Now, this system has an AMD E350 processor and was just curious if additional ram with fix the AV problem. 


So, has anyone popped off the bottom of their laptop and increased their ram?

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Re: HP DM1-3020 Ram upgrade?



I'm looking at the system specs for your notebook and it shows that it comes with Windows 7 64 bit and 3 GB of memory.


If that is correct, I would just max out the RAM to 8 GB while it is cheap.


You can get an 8 GB kit at the site below:


That should take care of any sluggish performance you have.


Also check your BIOS and see if you can set the amount of dedicated graphics memory.


I was very surprised to find in my dv6810us there was a setting to adjust my dedicated video memory to 3 settings:  32, 64 or 128 MB. The default was set to 64, so I changed it to 128 MB which of course improved my video performance somewhat.


Below is the link to the service manual for your notebook. You will find the procedure for replacing the memory in Chapter 4.







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Re: HP DM1-3020 Ram upgrade?

Hey Paul, just noticed your timely reply ... Smiley Happy. Thanks for the follow up.




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Re: HP DM1-3020 Ram upgrade?

You're very welcome, Bob.

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