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HP Deluxe Webcam Serial Number issues (KQ246AA)

Hi wondering if anyone can help me here.  Purchased the above (KQ246AA), trying to register an issue and having a nightmare.  I cannot for the life of me get the system to recognise the Serial Number.


Does anyone know the sequence of numbers and letters as there are a few O/0 and I cannot work out which HP thinks is which.


I have tried Tech Support and was fuming by the time I was finished.  The first woman (I'll try not to swear) hung up when I disagreed that the product was a Webcam and not a Printer as she stated.  The second gave me a website to download the software and when I'd come off, typed in the info and tried to get the software there was nothing there for webcams.  When I did a search I ended up back where I'd started on a page trying to sell me the disc.  (


For the record the software disc is warped and I am trying to get this replaced, as it is a new item, without sending it all back.

For the record I now hate HP and would never recommend them to anyone.  Their aftersales support is attrocious.

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Re: HP Deluxe Webcam Serial Number issues (KQ246AA)

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Well time for an update.


It is now four months on, and still no joy from the wonderful HP Customer Service After Sales Care Team! 


Basically still no replacement disc!


This was after the case was escalated to the complaints team, who after over an hour on the phone with CSR's being unable to a) transfer me to the correct member of staff and b) the aforementioned "correct" member of staff being unable to dial out (!) I was assured a replacement disc would be posted out, after taking all my details.


Scroll forward approximately two months and still no disc so I contacted the only person who has been helpful, so far, and he chased the original team up, and their response...


We cannot post the disc out to you, if you go on to the website and buy the replacement disc, we'll refund the money for you!  From my viewpoint I was quite calm and reasonable (I didn't swear) and I told them I was not going to pay for something and claim the money back!  (As they couldn't do anything else right so why would I risk doing this?)  When they tried to argue the point I hung up!


Now its about another month and still no sign of a replacement disc.


Aside from an appalling website, which doesn't recognise it's own serial numbers, they also have useless call centre staff.



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Re: HP Deluxe Webcam Serial Number issues (KQ246AA)

Interesting observation you make there.  I am also a UK consumer and can confirm that the disc for my newly purchased HP Deluxe Webcam (KQ246AA) is warped and will not run.


I am also looking for a serial number as the email contact form will not let me inform them about this problem unless such a number is entered as part of the electronic correspondence.

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Re: HP Deluxe Webcam Serial Number issues (KQ246AA)


The serial number for this webcam is on the label on the USB cord near the USB connector.  The SN is a series of digits (alpha and numeric) which indicate the country of manufacture, and a date code as to when it was manufactured.  In the US, we do have systematic warranty entitlement for this webcam so the HP systems will recognize the SN for the KQ246AA, in other parts of the world we use what is called POP (proof of purchase)  warranty entitlement. 


The webcam itself is "plug and play" and will work with standard MicroSoft USB drivers.  On the CD we have several software applications from ArcSoft, a PDF of the user guide, and a piece of software called the HP button manager.  This piece of software enables you to push the physical button on top of the webcam to launch the ArcSoft software app.


We do not make the software available for dowload on the web for two reasons:

1.  The software is really big (over 300mb for the International version).

2.  The software contains applications from a third party (ArcSoft).


Instead we make the CD orderable (free of charge in the US and just for the cost of shipping the CD in Europe). 

If you go to the support web ( and type in the product number (KQ246AA) it will take you to the customer care page.   Under the software and driver bullet, there are directions to walk you through ordering a replacement CD. 


Hope this helps.

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP
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Re: HP Deluxe Webcam Serial Number issues (KQ246AA)

Okay over 300Mb is not big! Not in 2010! Last year, whilst Beta Testing Windows 7 I was regularly downloading 2.5Gb files, in order to make an ISO.  Similar situation with respect to Office 2010, which I also Beta Tested.  Most SP's Windows release are in the vicinity of 3-400Mb!  Linux users will download up to 7Gb a time whilst testing new versions. 


Every other manufacturer I have purchased hardware off makes their software readily available online.  HP have decided against this route and decided to shaft their customers into buying replacements.  Cost of manufacturing & posting, be generous and say £2.00, cost to "replace" £10!


Second I could not get the system to recognise the serial as there is no differentation between O (the letter) & 0 (the number), so when the Serial Number (which is also on the box!) contains 10 of these at which point does your head explode from trying variations?


Thirdly why should I have to pay to get a faulty disc replaced?  In the UK, regardless of what manufacturers think, all electrical components are supposed to have a 12 month warranty.  Now in view of the fact that this issue was raised within a few days of the item being opened, including calls to the "Help Desk" at premium rate numbers, why did it take 4 months to get resolved.

Fourthly, I never said I couldn't get the Webcam to work, I couldn't get the software to work.  Part of the reason the Webcam was purchased was because of software such as the Facial Tracking, etc, and that my daughter wanted a Webcam which had software to allow proper grabs, for Facebook, etc!

Possibly you may want to consider reading my original post before butting in with unhelpful advice, which although very typical of HP's call centre staff is neither use nor ornament!  No one can deny you work for HP.


(Sorry Jeff, if you re-read this, you were a great help, and I don't think I would have got anywhere without your assistance.  Thanks again!)

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