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HP Elitebook 8570w

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I have a Elitebook 8570w running windiws 7 (64)


and one day all of a sudden the touchpad stopped working.


The touchstick (orange plastic thingy between the G and H letter) is working without any problems


Also an extern USB mouse is connected and works perfectly


I have tried downloading the newest mouse drivers from HP (sp57210)

I have tried downloading an older version of the mousedrivers (sp50661)

I have tried downloading a driver directly from synaptics (16.2.21)

I have tried downloading an older synaptics driver (15. something)

I have tried deleting all drivers and let windows update do the job

I have tried taking out the battery and resetting the BIOS

I have tried pressing down the upper left corner of the touchpad for 5-10 seconds

I have tried to tap the upper left corner 2-3-4-5 times


I am kind of running out of options here - so I hoped someone could help me.


Just to clearify. The mouse stick is working, but the touchpad itself is NOT working.

When I enter the device settings I have two options

Synaptics Touchstyk V2.0

Synaptics Touchstyk-knapper(buttons) V2.0

Both have been reinstalled, enabled and disabled several times

In the device administrator it shows up as synaptics SMBus TouchPad with no warnings.


Can anyone help me?


Regards - Simon

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HP Elitebook 8570w

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Hello Silvermat. I understand you're having some issues with your touchpad. Is this correct?

I want to clarify a few things to make sure I approach the problem correctly. In your Device Manager you see the listings for the "Touchstyk?"

If that was correct where do you see the "SMBus TouchPad?" Is this also in Device Manager? If it is right click on that device and ensure that it has not been disabled through Device Manager.

Also, just in case there are a few differences or variations in the 8570w I'd like to have your product number. This document can show you how to locate it.

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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w touchpad not working window 7 64bit

Hi Simon,


I had the same problem. I did something and touchpad light went on and the pad stopped working. Go to device manager/system devices/SYNaptics SMbus driver and right click to get properties. Then select roll back driver and restart windows. This cleared it for me and re-enabled the pad. You can choose to update the driver later if you wish. Good luck.

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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w

I too had the same probem. The following helped.


Just double-tap on the top-left corner of the touchpad. It will be enabled again.


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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w

Thanks satyaysatyat! It worked. That is a lot easier than reloading the driver. I keep wondering though what triggers the lockup of the touchpad.

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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w

Tapping the top left corner of the touchpad is what disables and re-enables touchpad funtion. It's a feature I assume was intended to let users disable the pad while typing on the keyboard to avoid accidental mouse movements.

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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w

This worked for me too. I'm unsure how I turned that off, but the double click enabled the mousepad again!

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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w



Glad to hear everything worked out for you. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Have a good day.  

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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w

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I have a really similar problem with my 8570w touchpad. Sometimes, only th stick is working.


I tried to reboot many times, reinstall drivers manually or by HP Softpaq Downaload Manager but nothing change.


When I go to te driver software I only see the TouchStyk device.


I use a dockingStation and when the laptop is plug in, I can see and use the touchpad. So the problem appear only without the docking station.


Any help will be really appreciated, many thank's  !


PS : Win 7 64 bit, fully update, driver up to date too.

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Re: HP Elitebook 8570w

I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since this is a commercial product. You can do this at


I work on behalf of HP

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