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HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

As if my noisy fan problem wasn't enough (still looking for a solution that doesn't involve sending it back), today I noticed both batteries (the main 6-cell one and the 9-cell slice) were listed as "plugged in, not charging". Clearly not very useful if I want to use it tomorrow on batteries.


So I fiddled with the slice connection to see if that was the problem and the battery icon in the taskbar flickered between full (100%), no slice connected and the current not charging. It seems it's a slice issue, as I went into the BIOS and told the Envy to fully charge the main battery before charging the slice and now at least I have the 6-cell at 100%. However, the slice simply won't charge. There's not much about this even after a Google search, but from what I gathered, it seems it's more than just a slice connection issue. I even read about overheating damaging the diode on the motherboard which controls battery charging...


Restarting doesn't seem to do anything, nor does altering the connection itself or adjusting BIOS settings. Could this be a software issue that I could fix myself, or do I finally have to figure out a way to get this to HP Korea and (possibly) argue my way for an international warranty to be accepted (which I've also read horror-stories about)?

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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

Similar problem, but I disconnected the slice while the system is on, and set the laptop back down on it- now says "charging." The internal battery is at 100%.



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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

Hi, I have just noticed that i'm having the same problem. The slice isn't charging and my system just looses power if i unplug the power cable (if i have the slice plugged in). Without the slice i have no trouble. How did you guys resolve this issue?
Thanks loads!

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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

I took it to an HP service centre and got it replaced, there is no other solution. See HERE and HERE for my experiences. Good luck dealing with HP Supoort - in everyone of my experiences with them, they are horrifically inept.


I have actually started to get a "no-charging" issue with my normal battery, not the slice, these days. If you see the normal battery showing a white plugged-in light instead of an orange charging light, and the battery icon shows your computer is "Plugged in, not charging" - the problem is probably an overheating one.


My solution for that is to turn off the computer, unplug it and leave it for a few minutes (it doesn't take long to cool down enough to solve this issue). Actually disconnecting the 6-cell battery makes it cool faster. If you are in the middle of something important, having it plugged it keeps the charge going, so you can still work, but it doesnt incrwease the charge. This issue won't FORCE you to turn off your computer prematurely (yet), though I recommend it.

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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

I've been having this problem on and off, too, and I tried everything I could think of and everything I read about on the Web. Yet there was one more last thought I had, and it seemed to work.


I was leaning on my laptop reading something on the screen and I noticed that the battery meter was showing the little charge animation. When I stopped leaning on the laptop, it stopped charging. It occurred to me to pry up the little prongs on the battery to increase the likelihood of a connection with the bottom of the laptop, and it seems to have done the trick.



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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

After reading M's post, I tried pressing down (leaning) on my laptop and sure enough, the charging animation began.  I let go and it continued for a while, too, but eventually stopped.  It's hardware, then, and time to visit an HP service center.  The laptop is 2 months old.




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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

Hello guys,


Please read the sollution I've posted on he link below.


I hope that this helps you.


Best Regards,

TIago Lugarini

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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

I have found the solution!


Take a look at where the power plugs into the laptop.  If the power plug shows any of the silver (chrome) adapter, this is likely your problem.






Unplug the adapter from the laptop and look into the hole in the center of the plug-in portion. You will probably need a flashlight.


You will probably see that the center pin is bent to one side and is no longer in the center of the hole.


To repair this..............

Straighten the outermost bend of a regularly sized paperclip (the 1 inch type) and then used a multi-tool to bend the tip (about 1/16th inch) to a 90® bend and then insert it into the center hole. After getting the tip behind the center pin, slowly pull the paperclip out. I had to repeat this several times and also had to GENTLY pry the tip back to the center of the hole with the tip of the bent paperclip.


Now when I plug in the power plug it goes all the way in and the laptop once again charges while on.


This issue boils down to a faulty design and from now on I will be extremely cautious whenever I plug or unplug my computer.


Regards, TLM

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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

This was my issue. Really appreciate it.

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Re: HP Envy Battery "plugged in, not charging"

Thanks TLM1964!


I had "plugged in, not charging", and white LED by the AC side. 


I read your post and noticed the ac connector not fully inserted (i remeber thinking it seemed odd going in as far in as it could go but not fully up to the back casing)


I found the little pin and straightened it and now i get "plugged in, charging" and the orange charging LED.


What a silly problem, my old HP notebook from 2009 never had this problem.


This is the third daft hardware problem I've had with my new HP notebook, they seem to add new problems to things that have worked fine for years on older models.



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