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HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support
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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

Same experience for me.  I called sales today, first person I spoke with was clueless and wanted me to talk with sales support.  I asked for a supervisor who confirmed that there is to be no stylus support.


Too bad, this would be a killer laptop with a stylus.


I am probably going to return it and purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro instead. I must have stylus support.

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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

I called sales.  I was given a bit of a run around - they wanted me to call the parts department.  Been down that road before, I know where it leads: dead end.  So I asked for a supervisor.  I explained my complaint, and said I wanted to return the computer for a refund.


Note, I am fairly certain that to this point I have been speaking to call centers in Manila.  This is definitely not HP Corporate, not that it really matters.  But there were some communications gaps, etc.  I had to repeat myself a lot to make sure that they understood my points.


The supervisor that I was speaking with then transfered me to the department that processes returns (I am still speaking to call center agents in Manila, but it is a different one, I think, given the switching I went through and the very different hold music).  They said they would be happy to process a return for me with a full refund even though I was outside of the 30 day return window, given the situation.


I asked what else they could do, short of a full refund, where I could keep the computer and they could save a customer.  She offered me 10% back.


I asked for 20%.  She mentioned that she was only authorized to give 10%, and my only other option was to send the computer back for a full refund.  I asked if I could sleep on it.  She said sure.  She gave me a direct line to her team.


I called back in today, and took them up on their offer.  They refunded me $100, which was slightly more than 10%.  She was reading from the case notes associated with my recent calls, so she knew what I had been offered, but gave me a bit more.  Not sure why, so I didn't ask.


In the end, I was pleased with the outcome.  They offered me two good options, and saved me as a current and future customer.


While pen support is a rather big deal to me, I decided that I like the computer enough without it, and that I will use Pen computing mostly with OneNote.  I can use a crappy stylus in OneNote to capture handwriting in meetings if I am in "Draw" mode.  I love OneNote, btw...if you are a student, business information worker, executive or stay at home mom/dad, you have to use this awesome product with  Together, they are a killer app! 


I digress, this is an incredible PC.  I highly recommend it, even without Pen support.  HP made good on my issue and was able to recover me as a customer.  The pricing right now is also KILLER!  Much lower than what I paid to be an early adopter.

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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

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Just an update:


I got my X2 earlier than expected, and I must say, even without the pen, I have already fallen in love with this laptop, so I don't think I will be returning it, although that refund you mentioned might be nice.


I am still on the hunt for answers though... I found on page 10 of the manual, it specifically, clearly states 'multi-touch capacitive panel (with digitizer)' and 'Support for Atmel stylus/pen (select models only)'



There's no getting around that verbiage, it is definitely intended to support the same atmel pen that the elitepad 900 does (the HP executive stylus)... on that note, I have ordered an HP executive pen, I just need to see for my own sanity if it works or not!


I will however proceed to raise hell if they release a new version with stylus support after I am JUUUUUSSSTTTT out of my 30 day return window.

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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support


Hi computerlove87. Any news on whether the executive pen works please? I'm desperate to have one for use in classes!



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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

I am including a response that I received from HP that I thought you might be interested in:


Thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard.


Unfortunately, HP cannot guarantee compatibility with the HP Active Pen (704926-001) and the HP ENVY x2 series.  I would recommend purchasing the HP Tablet PC Tether/Eraser Pen (PL800A) which is compatible with all of our HP Tablet PCs.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


For more information on the HP Tablet PC Tether/Eraser Pen, please visit our website at:


The website above was sent without spaces in the addresses.  They will sometimes arrive with spaces where they should not be, due to the way the email sends.  You may need to copy the website addresses, line by line, into your computer web address window and remove the spaces.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact SMB Sales through:



For more information on HP’s accessories, supplies and services visit:


Or Contact an HP Partner Sales representative: 1-866-625-0242 –Select Sales option and you will be routed to one of our Elite partner for sales assistance.


The HP Home and Home Office Store is designed for customers who are purchasing products for their home.  You can log on at:


Alternatively, call 1-888-999-4747


Many products are available at both locations and prices will vary.


To locate a Hewlett-Packard authorized reseller(s) in your area, please visit our web site at:


You can also purchase an HP service agreement, known as a Care Pack, for many in-warranty HP products.  For more information and details about Care Packs, please visit our website at:


I hope I have thoroughly answered all of your presales questions.  Please reply to this message if we can be of further assistance.


Once again, thank you for your interest in Hewlett-Packard products.  We value your business!






HP Presales Representative


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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

 I received the same piece of advice. So I bought the stylus PL800A - and it does not work.

This is unfortunately indicative of the disappointing level of competence of HP customer service (users in other forums also complain about contradictory information they receive). It seems to me that this stylus is compatible with the **old** HP Tablet PCs (Compaq?) but not with Envy x2 & Co.

According to HP Italia, the production of the Atmel pen that should go with the Envy (model 4E45AA) has been discontinued due to problems related to certification with Windows 8, but it will "soon" be replaced with something that works. Let's keep fingers crossed.


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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

Very disappoining machine. Still no stylus support after more than 2 or 3 months. Not a day passes without this machine crashing or freezing. Yes, you will Envy others who have bought Envy 900 or better Samsung/Acer tablets with active stylus support!

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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

Further to this thread,I have recently purchsed the Envy x2 and have tried desperately to find a fine stylus.I have spoken to HP sales ,service ,tech support and nobody and I mean NOBODY knows what I am talking about.Wake up HP your service is appalling.At least ensure that accessories are available before release of a product and some staff training would help.Regretfully would not recomend HP to anyone.

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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

Hi all


After a series of emails to/from HP Support in which I simply asked for the part number, which they ignored - and then following HP advice to call them, and then being passed from one phone number to another (4 times in all), I have finally today received info from HP (both speaking to someone, and in a separate email from my original query) that the part number for the Envyx2 stylus is indeed 704926-001 and its description is "Active Pen".


But HP, at least in Australia, don't have them and EMPR , a big online authorised HP parts supplier, don't even have that part number on their database.


Anyone else had any success in actually buying one of these yet?



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Re: HP Envy X2 Optional Active Stylus Support

EMPR chased part for me, and advise it has been discontinued!!!!

What's going on HP?
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