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HP Recommended

HP Envy X360 13-ag0003na - problems with recommended updates

HP Envy X360 ag-0003na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi there,


HP Support Assistance had recently advised to updated 2 recommended updates on my new laptop.  Following are the 2 recommended updates:

1) HP Notebook system BIOS update (AMD processor) - Softpaq no. sp96808, version F.42 (size 20.03Mb)

2) AMD HIgh Definition Graphics driver - Softpaq no. sp87177m version 23.20.821.1024 (size 490.89Mb)


While these were auto downloaded, the update went on a continuous loop for over an hour and I soon realised that something was not right.  Could not stop the update process but had to forced stop by pressing the power button.


When laptop powered up again, screen flickers for a few seconds whenever I select any application on my laptop.  Flickering seems to be very rapid at first but eventually stops.  I went on a panic mode when this kept happening and did a system restore by selecting a previous date.  


While restoring laptop, the restoring function went on a continuous loop for over half hour and again, I had to force stop by pressing the power button. (restore function could not function properly)  When I restarted my laptop, a message popped up saying the restore function could not complete.  However, the screen flickering seemed to have gone away.


However, my laptop now have another problem - when I press shut down on the windows button on my screen, it refuses to shut down entirely.  Screen went black as usual but power button on left side of laptop, orange light on mute button and keyboard backlit had remained lighted.  Only after several minutes, the lights on these buttons turned off.


As I had to perform forced shut down and restarts several times and while doing so, the laptop fan was rather noisy for many minutes.  Deeply appreciate if HP can help with my problem and send me a replacement laptop as I am very frustrated that my new laptop is faulty so quickly.  


Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


Kind regards,

Ben Ho


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HP Recommended

HP Envy X360 13-ag0003na - problems with recommended updates



The last part of your description sounds like the BIOS has finally loaded - and assuming the computer now works, this is good news:  The BIOS can be fussy and difficult to update.  Sometimes using "automatic" update software can complicate the process.


NOTE:  "Difficulty" is not true for everyone in every situation - difficulty happens "sometimes".


In the future, to reduce the chance that something "goes sideways", consider:


The conservative approach to BIOS updates...


New computers sometimes require "several" rounds of Windows Updates to "get settled".  If you are unsure all the latest Windows Updates are installed (new computer of not), open Windows Updates and Check for Updates.  If any updates are installed, (after the updates are installed) Restart the computer and log in


Install BIOS updates after other HP Updates are installed.


Install BIOS updates by themselves.


Install BIOS updates only after you have saved any "most critical" data in a location you can still access it if the computer becomes unavailable.  For example, copy your sensitive data to the cloud, to a USB stick, to a NAS - where ever you can get to that data if the computer is down.


Open HP Support Assistant > Settings 

Adjust the settings to "notify" you when updates are available as opposed to "automatically updating".

Restart the computer to save any changes.


About once a week, at least while the computer is very new, open HPSA and "Check for Updates".


Reminder – Manually Update the BIOS


How to install BIOS Updates:

HP Notebook PCs - Updating the BIOS (Basic Input Output System)

HP Desktop PCs - Updating the BIOS (Basic Input Output System)


Open HPSA Software

Settings > Set to “Notify” as opposed to “Auto-Update”

Save Changes > Restart the computer and log in


Check for Updates > Use the list to determine candidates for update

If BIOS is offered, set to “ignore” or otherwise remove from list of potential updates

Install other HP software and updates using HPSA or manually install those updates






If you (ever) again see a BIOS update in the HPSA list,

Do not use the HPSA to install it.

Instead, update "other" updates as you wish (select or not from the list of offered updates).

(Do not select the BIOS to update in HPSA)

If any updates are installed, Restart the computer and log in.



If you decide you want to  install the BIOS update,

  • Make sure the computer is plugged into AC power - and do NOT disconnect the power until the update is completely installed.
  • Download the update to your computer and save it.
  • Stop all other activity (email, games, browsers, etc)
  • Open the folder in which you saved the downloaded BIOS file (likely Downloads)
  • Double-tap on the update file.


  • Follow the instructions on each screen. 
  • Let the computer complete all the starts / stops / boots / reboots
  • (About ten minutes or much less, as a rule)
  • When the computer comes back to the login screen and stays there (give it 15 to 30 seconds if you are unsure),
  • Then - log in


Need or want more information?  Search for additional solutions...

Reference and Resources – Places to find (more) help and learn about your Device

Device Homepage

NOTE:  Content depends on device type

HP Drivers / Software and BIOS, How-to Videos, Bulletins/Notices, How-to Documents, Troubleshooting, Manuals, Product Information, more

HP ENVY x360 - 13-ag0003na


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Kind Regards,
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HP Recommended

HP Envy X360 13-ag0003na - problems with recommended updates

Hi there Dragon-Fur,


Many thanks for your very informative info on how to update BIOS.  However, deeply appreciate if you can also help answer my other queries as follows:

1) What should I do with the AMD high definition graphics driver update?  When I updated it, it had caused non-stop flickering on my screen whenever I open any applications;


2) With the frequent force shutdown and start ups that I had done to my laptop while I was trying to tackle the flickering screen and failed BIOS updates, will this damage my laptop in any way?  As laptop is still new, am I eligible for a new replacement laptop?


3) Shut down issues - since the failed BIOS and AMD graphics updates, my computer had refused to shut down when I click on windows button on the bottom left of my screen and select shut down.  My screen seems to shut down but the lights on my keyboard would remain turned on for another few minutes before the laptop finally shuts down entirely.  This was not the case when I first used the laptop - it had always shut down properly with all lights turned off the moment the screen turns off.  I suspect this is a problem caused by the recent updates.  Can you help solve this or should I request for a new replacement laptop as mentioned above?


Hope to hear from you soonest.


Best wishes


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HP Recommended

HP Envy X360 13-ag0003na - problems with recommended updates



You are welcome.


1) AMD drivers are not my specialty area - In general, in my opinion, if a driver causes more issues than it helps, do not install it.  If it is installed, remove (delete) it and use an older version.  Idea:  Start a new thread, provide computer model, OS version, driver details about that AMD driver and ask for help.


2) The notebook is not likely damaged, else you could not use it.  More important:  Our community cannot answer questions about warrant repairs, replacements, refunds, or anything for "what HP will do".  Contact Support > open a case, explain the issue(s) > ask for help.


3)  Assuming the BIOS is fine (finally updated), and the system is otherwise stable, the issue with the computer not wanting to shut down might be due to Fast Start being enabled >> the Fast Start database is maybe having trouble (corrupted).


Fix for Fast Start Database "not right":


Switch off / on Fast Start / Fast Boot


Settings   > System > Power and Sleep > Additional Power Settings >

Choose what the power button does >

Click Change settings that are currently unavailable >

Remove Check (clear box) Turn on fast startup (recommended) >



  • Close programs (browsers, games, email, etc) and close any open windows


Windows key + X (opens a command list) > Click / Select Command Prompt (Admin) >

When the command window opens, type the following command and hit Enter:

shutdown /s /t 0


  • Wait for the computer to shut down completely (a few seconds)
  • Boot the computer > Log in > Wait around for a couple of minutes (yes, wait, do not rush) >
  • Try shutting down the notebook from Windows key > Power


If all now works as expected, and you want to continue using Fast Boot,

Switch ON the fast boot / fast startup setting (optional)



Comment - Fast Start or No Fast Start

 I do not use Fast Start - switched it off a couple of years ago on my workstation and never use it elsewhere anymore either.  I wait the extra seconds for the system to boot completely from the Operating System.  Personal choice.  Some people cannot wait for their computer to boot from disk.  "How much" extra time it takes to boot from disk depends on your computer.  Workstation is wicked fast - hardly any delay.




HP Technical Support - HP Contact Information



  • Use the serial number of the device to submit the case (do not post that information on the Community).


  • Chat is not available in every region. In those areas where Chat is an option, Chat service hours are likely restricted.  In the event that Chat is not available in your region:  Call the number provided in the HP directory, else submit your case online (to receive phone contact information)


  • HP will advise you there is a fee for phone support and / or other services when your computer / device is no longer under warranty.  This is normal business practice.


  • HP may tell you that certain services are not covered under warranty.  This is normal business practice.  Standard Warranty typically covers specific hardware issues as explained in the Warranty contract. Care Pack coverage and warranties differ by package.


  • If the HP Contact (phone) number is not immediately provided:  Contact information is displayed on your screen after you submit your case online.  


  • HP websites are the only ones allowed to use the HP copyright circle/logo.  Look for the copyright on any website claiming to be HP. If in doubt, scroll to the bottom of the Website to find HP copyright logo.



“Everywhere” Contact Information - HP Technical Support


HP World-Wide Support

 Select your region and follow the prompts


Option:  Contact HP Technical Support - Regions


USA / Canada

Submit information / case online: Contact HP Support – Assistance Portal

  1. Sign in or continue as a guest



  1. For faster support, submit information / case online HP Customer Support UK
  2. Contact Phone: Contact HP UK – Phone Assist


Option - HP Support is on Facebook!

HP on Facebook


From HP:  HP Fraud Alert: Protect Yourself from Scams, Report Suspicious Calls



Recently, HP has seen an increased number of third-party support websites selling HP driver downloads or diagnostic tools. Many of these websites use the HP trademark symbol and claim to be official HP distributors.


If your product supports your operating system, HP offers your driver and software at no additional cost through the HP website.


Use caution when dealing with any website that asks you to pay for HP driver downloads or tools that claim to diagnose your HP products. These websites might not be affiliated with HP in any way.


Do not install BIOS updates from a motherboard manufacturer's website. Only install BIOS updates from HP. Installing BIOS updates from the motherboard manufacturer can prevent the computer from accepting an HP system recovery. This could result in a loss of data.





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