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HP G60- (over heating + loud fan noise)

Hi there. I have a major issue with my computer-HP g60 model. It has cause me major issues since day 1 and has quickly turned Into a massive headache and regret. Anyways my main issues with my laptop are: massive overheating at the bottom/battery portion of my laptop + and an abnormally loud fan. Also my battery life is ridiculously low, only 24mins without the charger plugged in.. What do i need to do? What do i need to replace!! Help is much appreciated, thanks
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Re: HP G60- (over heating + loud fan noise)

 I am having the same problem, but i had bought my laptop in late 2009. I have had to replace my hard drive 2 times since then because of the overheating. The fan is the worst fan i have ever had in a computer. Its too loud and it doesnt help with the over heating. I am afraid that my hard drive will crash again and that is why i am getting a macbook pro very soon. I don't think there is anything you can do, do to the fact that i have all of those problems and i do not have a warranty any more but that does not matter. The warranty does not cover hard drives or any other parts, only covers software. My battery sucks too. My computer randomly shuts down because there is something wrong with the battery.


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Re: HP G60- (over heating + loud fan noise)

I bought my G60 in April of 2009.  I started experiencing thermal shutdowns in early 2010.  They've been getting worse and worse.  I've raised the laptop off the table, and I have a separate fan blowing in the back.  It's to the point now where it will only stay on maybe 5 minutes before shutdown.  I also had the original hard disk crash when it was a year old, just to add insult to injury.


The basic problem is that this laptop is an untested piece of garbage.  I worked for HP for almost two decades designing inkjet printers.  I watched them go from a company that designed and built rock solid hardware to a company that contracts out much of its design to Asian manufacturers and really doesn't care much about quality.  The rigorous testing that HP used to do is thing of the past and this lame laptop is a prime example of this.


Do you remember in the mid 90's when HP had a problem with its Deskjet printers not picking paper?  HP testing found that problem before customers did, developed a solution, and sent the solution to customers for free.  The fundamental cause was a material change from a supplier of the rubber rollers in the printer - arguably not even HP's fault.  Nevertheless HP took quality seriously and addressed the problem.


It's clear from a simple Google search that there's a class problem with this laptop.  But short of someone getting hurt or killed like with the batteries, HP will not do squat to address this problem.  And it's a problem that never should have seen the light of day to begin with.  There's nothing happening with this laptop that any kind of reasonable testing before it shipped could not have found.  But you have to do the testing, and you have to care enough to act on the results.


So we're left to watch youtube videos of how to take this thing apart to try and clean it out enough so that it will work again.  HP is onto selling the latest model at Costco and other fine retailers that may or may not have similar issues.  You get to be the testers, and if do have a problem and you're lucky some nice person will post a youtube video so that you can fix it, or you can buy a new laptop and roll the dice again.

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