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HP G71-340us With Several Power Issues

My wife's HP G71-340us developed a problem with the power "brick" that came with the computer.  The part that plugs directly into the side of the notebook cracked open, exposing the wires inside the cord.  The cord itself began to fail, only supplying power to the notebook on an intermittent basis.


Finally, after struggling with that power adapter for quite awhile, it had finally failed, completely, so I ordered a replacement.  The replacement arrived today - uncovering a new layer of problems.  Problems that I'm not sure how to troubleshoot.


The details:

AC cord plugged into the wall and connected to the power adapter "brick", the adapter then plugged into the side of the notebook:  the light where the adapter plugs into the notebook comes on, solid blue.  Great!


The "charging" light on the front of the notebook blinks - 1 short blink, 1 long blink.


The battery does not charge


When turning on the computer, it boots to Windows, only to lose power and turn off after a minute (or less).


To try to troubleshoot, I removed the battery and tried turning on the computer under AC power - it will not even turn on.

I then put the battery back into the computer - it boots to Windows, then loses power.


It is obvious to me that somehow, the computer is not getting the power it needs.  But, what confuses me is that the light by the area the adapter plugs into the notebook turns on steady blue, giving me the impression that it is, indeed, getting power.


That is where I am at... and I am at a loss.  If you need more information, or clarification, I'd be happy to give you what you need.  If you have any ideas as to what is wrong, or how to continue, I'd be grateful to hear your recommendation!

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Re: HP G71-340us With Several Power Issues

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Something cracked the power jack on the AC adapter was not in the passive voice just "cracked". It takes some accident or event, When that happened and you kept using it you fried the motherboard. The pwer The laptop needs the motherboard replaced. I could try to sugarcoat, but that would not be honest. The power jack inside the laptop is not bad, it is the internal charging circuitry of the motherboard. So the light turns blue but nothing happens from there to the battery and to the motherboard itself.

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Re: HP G71-340us With Several Power Issues

HUFFER - Thanks for the reply, but I have a feeling that something was lost in translation.  The POWER JACK did not crack - the CORD part of the power ADAPTER cracked, exposing the wires within (which is why I purchased a replacement power adapter and not a motherboard replacement).


Hopefully this clears up any miscommunication...


As for what it takes to crack a cord - normal wear and tear does that, just fine.

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