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HP Pavilion dv4 Problems with AC adapter? Not sure if it's the adapter or an internal problem.

I have an HP Pavilion dv4-1435dx, and it's about two years old. One day while I was using it, the power cord suddenly stopped powering my laptop, and it was running on battery (with the AC adapter plugged in). I checked to see if the cord was connected everywhere, and it was. I wiggled it around a little in the port on the computer, and it still didn't come back on, so I powered the laptop down. 


When I turned my computer on again, so that I could back up my files, I plugged the power cord in just to see if maybe it would work after being off and unplugged for a while. It didn't work, but sometime while I was transferring files over to an external hard drive, it started working again. 


I had already ordered a replacement AC Adapter, thinking that was the problem. But I continued using the old one, since it appeared to be working.


Every so often, it would cut out the AC adapter power, like once when the cord was accidentally tugged downward. But some wiggling or tugging in the opposite direction seemed to fix the problem.


And tonight, after having my computer off and unplugged for a few hours, I plugged it back in and turned it on, and the AC adapter wasn't working again. No wiggling or tugging would fix it. So I tried the new adapter (for the first time), and it worked.


My problem is that I'm not sure if the adapter was the problem (that it was on its way out and finally died tonight) or if the internal connection is somehow off? I'm concerned because a few times, wiggling the cord around in the port on the computer fixed the problem, as if the internal connection was slightly askew.


My laptop before this one was a Dell, and I had the AC Adapter stop working on me similarly, and the problem wound up being the motherboard, and I had to mail my computer off to have the motherboard replaced. I'm concerned that this might be the problem now as well. I'm out of warranty, and I don't know how much it would cost to replace the motherboard on this laptop.


Does anyone have any advice? Could my motherboard be the problem? Is there some way I can test it?

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Re: HP Pavilion dv4 Problems with AC adapter? Not sure if it's the adapter or an internal problem.

I am having the same problem.  Mine is cutting in and out constantly.  I have ordered a new power supply hoping that it is the problem.  i noticed that the power supply is very warm to the touch when using the computer.  So I am hoping thatr it is the problem but would like a way to make sure it is not the computer but the power supply.


If there is a way to check would be nice.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv4 Problems with AC adapter? Not sure if it's the adapter or an internal problem.

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We frequently see this problem with laptops.  Your problems are caused by failure of the component that receives the AC adapter plug.  By accidentially applying pressure on the connectory, over time the connection to the MB fails.  If you can find someone who performs the repair, it will be expensive.  We don't do that kind of work any more because soldering on the MB is risky business.  The alternative is replacement of the MB and that is really expensive.





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