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HP Pavilion dv4t-5100 Heat causing underperforming?

My laptop was having heating problems basically since i bought it, about 2 years ago. It would shut down by itself and when turned back on, it would show a message saying that it auto-shutdowned because it got too hot. I contacted support and since i was still in warranty, i was able to send it in to get fixed. After i got it back, i was relieved to see that it no longer overheated and shut down by itself. However, i noticed that the laptop did not operate as its specs should have allowed it to. ( Intel core i3 2350M, Nvidia GeForce GT 630M 1GB, 4GB RAM, running on windows 8) I did not expect to be able to play high end games perfectly, but my computer should be able to play League of Legends on very low with at least 40+ fps (I only get that much when i am walking by myself, when with others and using skills, i get more along the lines of 10-20) Recently, i noticed that even youtube videos stuttered (not buffering, the audio played but the video would pause and stutter) at 1080p. A lot of times, even switching tabs would take a while, which i should not be experiencing on this laptop. I downloaded CPUID HWMonitor, and i saw that i had ridiculously high temps nearing 200F, and that wasnt even while playing games. I do clean my computer of dust regularly. Is it possible that these high temps have damaged my components, causing it to underperform? If so, what, if anything, can i do to fix this?

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Re: HP Pavilion dv4t-5100 Heat causing underperforming?

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Hello lazyF,


Welcome to the HP Forums!


You have mentioned there appears to be an overheating and lagging issue. I will do my best to assist you!


The computer hardware could be hindered by the constant overheating, that is entirely true. In regards to any current overheating, there are multiple steps to try that could resolve the issue. This document lists all of those steps you can try: Reducing Heat Inside the PC to Prevent Overheating


I believe all of the steps will help you greatly. If not, I would contact HP phone support since the computer would need to be serviced. You can utilize this website to learn how to contact HP appropriately, based on your region: Contact HP Worldwide

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I hope you found my information useful. Thank you for bringing this issue to the HP Forums. Have a great day!


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