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HP Pavilion g6-1b67ca Notebook PC

Product Name: G6-1b67ca
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

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I could not find my question answered anywhere and I could not find any place where i can contact (except email) for the three issues I have started seeing on my HP Pavilion G6. 

1- When machine is started (while BIOS checks and when Windows' logo is spinning) screen started to display a line with random colors. Seems like pixels are broken/dead. It becomes fine when desktop is loaded. 

2- Battery does not hold charge for more than 25 minutes and it has started to go down faster now.

3- Power connector on laptop seems to be lose, i have to push it in to get the charging going. 


If you can forward me to the right place where to contact HP, it will be appreciated.

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Re: HP Pavilion g6-1b67ca Notebook PC

You are out of warranty now so this is where HP will send you. We are volunteer fellow end users just trying to help but with no access to the HP warranty system. 


1.  If the screen is OK once Windows boots I would not worry about it. 


2. The battery is what, now 4 or 5 years old? It has seen its better days and needs replacement. Let us know where you live (country) and we can point you to a place to buy one. 


3. This one is potentially a bigger problem. However, as long as the charger runs the laptop OK with no battery installed you are likely OK. They do tend to loosen up with age. If the charger will not actually power the notebook, then it is a problem with the charger port module which is not too expensive to replace, or the motherboard, which is. 


For out of warranty repairs in the U.S. and Canada HP is not a viable option. Their charges are very high as they need to be since HP is not really in the business of repairing out of warranty computers. You are better off with a local repair shop or if you are willing to try, even self-help. That is where this Forum is at its best, when we can help end users with out of warranty but still useable products fix them and keep using them for a reasonable investment. 


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Re: HP Pavilion g6-1b67ca Notebook PC

Followed the link and number mentioned in it.

Since then I wasted over 2 hours on phone. My phone call is forwarded to 19 people. Everytime I am told that this is not the right department and let me forward you to the correct department. 

Each department gave me a phone number :

1-877-231-4351 - HP Canada

1-866-234-1377 -

1-888-999-4747 - Care Pack number


None of the 20 people were able to help me. Eventually this 20th person told me that the warranty HP sold me in July 2016 was the incorrect one so they will refund it. 


Can you even guess my frustration after spending 2 hours and 20 minutes. Speaking to 19 people. 7 different phone numbers to dial. Call quality is like so poor that i have to plug my finger in other year to hear you and repeat several times to get it understand. Yet HP is a technology provider? Seriously?


So at the end of wasting over 2 hours, talking to 19 different people, dialing 7 different phone numbers, I am sold a wrong product 8 months ago. This is simply a pitty. 


I don't even want refund of the purchase, i recommend to keep that money and spend on yourself to improve your services. Keep it as my donation for improvement.

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