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HP Pavillion DV9705ea (DV9000 series) CD/DVD not showing - Cannot boot from CD/DVD - BIOS issues!



I'm having some issues here with a HP Pavillion DV9705ea machine (DV9700). I'm looking at this for a client. It had Vista home and it dropped the DVD - Wasn't in Device manager either. I checked the drivers and the Microsoft 'Fix It' man, which my client had used (Automated Troubleshooting Services) had put some random, unrelated driver in there. I removed the driver and restored the original, but to no avail.


After much playing within the OS, I managed to convince my client that a rebuild was a good idea - Both to fix this, and a great opportunity for a refresh. I managed to coax them into a Windows 7 upgrade, cool - Or so I thought.


I backed-up all of the data, popped the disk in and attempted to boot. Nothing. The machine is unaware of the DVD. Odd. I managed to ruin the Vista build on the HDD - This was partly because I was sure it was about to be wiped and partly because I wasn't exactly careful when moving data within it and powering it down incorrectly due to freezing! Academic, Vista is gone.


I attempted to boot the recovery manager, using F11 - This worked. However, it throws a zig-zag'ed, stripy screen at around 70%. Have tried this several times.


I booted from a USB HDD and ran a version of VistaPE to update the BIOS from 'F2; to 'F32'. Although this was a success, the DVD is still not recognised. I have used an independantly powered Lenovo USB CD/DVD Burner to boot from and have had no joy.


I took a second HDD, popped it into a different shell and built XP on it. I then put this in the Pavilion and booted - Got the message "Operating System Not Found". I have used my USB HDD again and booted a partition manager, I can see the HDD from here, no problems. I can also see them from VistaPE.


Going forwards - I am going to remove the DVD drive from the machine and attempt to boot from my external drive. I'm in abit of a corner at the moment as all roads arrive at the same destination - Fail.


I'm thinking 3rd party driver required? Any thoughts surrounding this would be helpful!


If anyone can shed any light on the issue, fantastic - If not, well, then it'll be an RMA for my client as this machine is out of warranty as of Feb 2009.


Cheers, Mike.

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Re: HP Pavillion DV9705ea (DV9000 series) CD/DVD not showing - Cannot boot from CD/DVD - BIOS issues

I have a dv9610us thats having the same issue.  The disk drive is not being recognized at all by the computer (including the BIOS).  I have another dv series laptop so i put the drive from the one that is not working in it, and it read it fine.  I put the working one's drive in the one that was not recognizing it, and the computer did no recognize it.  I took the computer apart down to the motherboard and saw nothing obviously wrong with it.  Once when I woke the computer from Hibernate the drive showed up (the windows dected new hardware popup that said ATAPI DVD DRIVE) but havent been able to get it to show up again.  As usual Hp is not being of any help.  Hopefully someone will have some sort of solution for this and post it for us.  

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Re: HP Pavillion DV9705ea (DV9000 series) CD/DVD not showing - Cannot boot from CD/DVD - BIOS issues

These are two different issues. This is how you troubleshoot cd/dvd drives.

If you can boot from the drive or read it in DOS but not in windows, it is a windows issues.

If you can't boot from it, it is hardware releated. Either motherboard/controller failure or cd/dvd drive failure. Pretty common.


In short, if you can't boot from it, it replace the drive. If you can boot from it, but it isn't identified in windows, it is a windows problem. There are variations of this, but this is usually the case


I regularly hear "flash the bios" but really, it worked at one time, and if your bios is failing (and I'm not saying that doesn't happen) but it doesn't usually.

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Re: HP Pavillion DV9705ea (DV9000 series) CD/DVD not showing - Cannot boot from CD/DVD - BIOS issues



Its just to let you know that HP laptop are the worst in the world they have a Graphics chip error in almost every model especially in DV6000 and otherDV. Then, DVD/CD does not detect at all and its all motherboard hardware error. As, i do repairing myself I tried to resold all the joints for the connector for the DVD/CD it worked but as i took off DVD and replug it its as good as dead its motherboard failure.


Now, about cameras DV9000 have a very big issue for failure of builtin cameras i think these both problems have some common reason as both Builtin camera and DVD connector on same side of the MOBO.


Please help People save money and time. Stop them to buy HP. A sincere request.



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Re: HP Pavillion DV9705ea (DV9000 series) CD/DVD not showing - Cannot boot from CD/DVD - BIOS issues

I had the same problem.  The repair for this was to reflow the solder on the nvidia gpu. This is a known problem with hp dv9000 series. I was having problems with vidio audio and did not recognize DVD.  After re-flowing the solder in gpu all drivers loaded and laptop is running perfect.  You can youtube HP dv9000 no video repair. Also there was a class action suite for this very same problem.

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Re: HP Pavillion DV9705ea (DV9000 series) CD/DVD not showing - Cannot boot from CD/DVD - BIOS issues

I have a similar problem. Anytime I put a CD or DVD into the drive, the notebook (dv5 2070 us) just doesn't read or recognise it. The light blinks for a couple seconds and then, nothing! I can locate the drive on Device manager (some people said they can't), but the status says "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled.  An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)" 
On the HP support online chat service, the guy made me go on command prompt to get a list of the drives and the CD-ROM/DVD  drive just wasn't showing up at all. 

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