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HP ProBook 4320s - annoying touchpad


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Laptop HP ProBook 4320s contains a very unusual (at least for me) touchpad... the tapping area contains the two buttons (that is no separate buttons).. I'm very unfamiliar with this design.. I used to have one finger on the button all the time, while I'm  using the touchpad area with my other finger.. so when pointing, it is very hard not to miss the target.. I tried to figure it out in the Synaptics settings, how to disable the area above the buttons, but I didn't find it..


Is there a solution for my problem? How to disable the low part of the touch area?



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Re: HP ProBook 4320s - annoying touchpad


  I just bought a HP laptop and I'm having the same problem, so is one of my co-workers.  He recommended putting a piece of tape over the bottom part of the mouse pad to cover the buttons, so you can rest your thumb on the button and not disturb the senor while using the mouse.  It's pretty ghetto looking especially for a brand new computer, but it helps. 


I'm really thinking about trying to take it back, which really sucks cause it is the computer I wanted. Maybe they will fix it.


It seems like they could just make the cursor area smaller through some kind of coding, but I'm not a computer guy so I really don't know how hard that is.





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Re: HP ProBook 4320s - annoying touchpad

Actually if you go into the Control Panel, in your start button, you'll be able to customize the function of your touchpad. That allows you to end the annoyances.

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Re: HP ProBook 4320s - annoying touchpad

Hi I read your comment that the touchpad can be customised. My wife has a HP Pavillion dv 4232EA laptop which is getting her down. She keeps inadverantly deleting things while typing. I need to disable the touchpad, but have not found anywhere in the control panel which enables me to do this can you help?



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Re: HP ProBook 4320s - annoying touchpad

@JP_PRometheus - That's not correct.  You're assuming that it's the usual tapping issues with all touchpads/clickpads, but the 4320s has a specific issue that the whole clickpad, including the buttons, is touch-sensitive with no physical or virtual delineation between the normal pad and the buttons. 


The result is annoying in the extreme, virtually to the point of being unusable.  When you click one of the buttons, because the whole area is touch-sensitive, it believes you want to move the mouse, and it will randomly jump the mouse cursor.  In addition, as I usually rest my finger on the left button even when I'm not clicking (as most people would), it thinks you're touching the touchpad in two places at once and the mouse cursor won't move.  Every time you click a button, you must consciously think to take your "moving" finger away from the pad, and every time you move the cursor you must consciously think to remove your clicking finger away from the pad. 


As you can imagine, the whole thing is even more disasterous with tapping switched on.


Another irritation is that the left button seems to randomly act as the right button - no pattern at all, but it's about once every 20 clicks.

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Re: HP ProBook 4320s - annoying touchpad

I totally agree, I have had 13 laptops over the last 10 years and my HP4420s is the best one I have owned except for the so called touch pad. The touch pad on my 4420s is JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way around it. On the 4430s though, the next model, you better believe there are 2 nice buttons and it works perfect like any normal laptop mousepad does. I've even gone as far as looking into ordering the palm rest / touchpad piece for a 4430s and paying someone if needed to hook it up to my 4420s. But NO. I look into the repair manual for the 4430s and they completely changed the entire way the laptop was built from one year to the next? That's just crazy to me. Seems like completely changing the entire way from where the battery is, how to put the ram in etc. My 4420s you have to go as far as taking the keyboard off to replace or add ram and the hard drive is under your right hand palm completely buried in the laptop. On a 4430s though there is one giant panel piece that pops off with 4 screws and you can just about work on anything in the laptop, its all right there. The person who designed on how the 4420s or the 10,11 probook models are put together needs to be fired!! How the hell are you gonna put these terrible touchpads on such a great machine and then the next year when you fix the 1 problem on previous years model you change the entire build of the laptop? So everyone with a crappy touch pad is just screwed? I've even looked into putting Apple laptop touchpads on here to replace this. Some people might think, **bleep** dude, just get a different laptop. Well I got this 1 for $100 with a broken LCD screen and now it has a 480gb solid state hard drive, blue ray player, 8gb of ram and an i7 processor (not an i3 anymore). So after doing all that work to making it the ultimate non Apple laptop, I can't even use the touchpad without the cursor jumping all over the screen or you go to click something while your online and it jumps, clicks on something else and takes you all over the net. Someone has to know of a way of replacing or new drivers or something other then using an actual mouse because I use my laptop while I'm laying down on my back with the laptop on my chest / stomache. I need a touch pad that works!!

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Re: HP ProBook 4320s - annoying touchpad

I have the solution:


you need a postit and some tape:

stick it to the bottom of your touchpad.




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