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HP Thermal Printer: A799-C04-HN00 install help! Driver confusion!

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I need help in figuring out how to get my connected POS thermal printer to become identified by the OS.


I have it plugged into the proper LPT port and I can see it in the device manager.


The main problem is that I can't figure out which driver from the install wizard that I need to get the printer fully operational.


The install wizard displays drivers for nearly 8-10 different versions of my A799-C40W-HN00 (a.k.a. FK224AA) thermal printer.


It's baffling that there are so many while there is no way to tell which one mine is.


To further clarify, I purchased the printer only through an eBay auction which came with no cables, documentation, or software. The cables I am using it for now are what I purschased directly from HP.


My OS is WinXPpro Version2002. It is not a POS-Embed version OS.


Printer has a port for a PoweredUSB cable and for a RJ11 telecommunication cable. Various guides I've browsed through indicate not to use both together(*edited from original post).


Any assistance in getting my printer to be recognized by the system would be helpful!


EDIT: I realize now that I may not have put in sufficient information for assistance.


I am attempting to connect the HP A799 Thermal Receipt Printer to a NCR 7402 POS terminal which is running the 32bit WinXP Pro OS. I do not have any POS software on the system except for a Micro$ale program that of course can't do anything to help.


The terminal has the following ports:


EDIT2: Okay, after scouring the USB mapping and checking where the system is seeing a connected device, it baffles me that I've been wrong this whole time. My device is not connected to a LPT port, but it's on a USB port which the driver installer wizard CAN NOT SEE. I'm ripping my hair out and going nuts on this nonsense.

New Problem: Getting this USB port to be a recognized interface port. The thermal receipt printer can only fit into one of the poweredUSB ports because of its adapter shape. It's designated to the 24v poweredUSB port which is appropriate since the cable's capacity is 24v.

But any help on why something like the installer being unable to see/find this USB port as a location to install/link the driver to? 


EDIT3: Well, now I have an entirely new problem that makes all my previous efforts look like a joke, as in a total waste of time up until now. In an attempt to retry/reinstall the drivers provided by the driver installer utility/wizard, I queued some test page print jobs. As usual, I got pissed at the thing and decided to switch back in the old printer I had before any of the struggles with the A799 began.


Old printer is reconnected, A799 is unplugged. For some unholy reason, the Epson I reconnected did the A799's print job! (test pages). I'm probably bald by now as I write this, but this explains so much of what I have been struggling with. The test pages printed through the Epson had the Windows logo and a congratulatory statement about how successful my A799 setup was even though the test page came through an entirely different printer.


I'm thinking I have the wrong drivers for my A799 (even though they're supposed to be FOR THE A799 as provided by the HP driver page for the printer). Or I have a printer with very special needs such as it requires a rolledback version of Windows than XP Pro SP3. (God, don't tell me I need a utility to run and launch the printer settings or whatever for everytime I start up the POS system...) Or, I need to reset my printer somehow.


I'm going to start researching how to reset this printer's model. But can anyone tell me what the 2 dip switches on the back are for? As I understand it, the left one is for enabling configuration mode. But nowhere is it made clear what the right one is for.


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Re: HP Thermal Printer: A799-C04-HN00 install help! Driver confusion!

Did you sort this out? In device manager it shows two not installed HP  USB PRINTERS but when I point the driver wizard to the install CD where the A799 drivers are it says no software found for this hardware. I am going crazy, I thought you just plug in USB and install drivers and you are good to go. But nothing like this is happening!

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Re: HP Thermal Printer: A799-C04-HN00 install help! Driver confusion!

HP needs to straigthen this out. I am having issue connecting to my HP799 thermal printer. Plug and play, I thnik it should say Plug and PRAY!

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