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HP continues to ship defective Intel 6 series chipset to customers after recall.
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Re: HP admit "Intel 6 serial chipset 'B2-Step' mistake" (2011.05.09)!

My laptop serial 5ch114..... it is bigger than "108" but when i checked device list it is completely same as shown on the picture affected chipset.(intel (R) Series/C200..........).I really confused i bought my laptop on May 16th

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Re: HP admit "Intel 6 serial chipset 'B2-Step' mistake" (2011.05.09)!


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Re: HP admit "Intel 6 serial chipset 'B2-Step' mistake" (2011.05.09)!

ozib78. I've got exactly your problem. If you can install a " Windows 7 Ultimate" Then you see the program Cpu-z  " B3 " chipset or Not

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Re: HP admit "Intel 6 serial chipset 'B2-Step' mistake" (2011.05.09)!



Sorry but there was never a mistake.


I have been a Senior Systems Architect for 25 years do jobs for corproations like Honeywell, Verizon, Jacbos Engineering, and over 10 NASA sites.


If you want to skip to the abbrevated verions, go down farther in the text but remember that as I give fact I actually had concluded from HP's actions, not words, when I asked questions about the Second Generation components that as of Feb. 22, 2011 HP had not released a single new laptop with these components on them when in fact that had been selling them a coupld months prior to Intel's recall which I was aware of having to send a desktop board I purchased back but had received the new and been using it for probably a month before my involvment with HP began.  The recall was not even on my mind.


Here is exately what happened after 2 months of my dealing with them.  If you got them to even say the words "Intel Second Generation", "Intel Serice 6 Chipset", "Intel recall", "Yes, I know about thise components", "I don't know anything about these components" and in many instances no word at all accept a email address or phone number for someone else for me to call.


To try to make this simple, I will put things in chronological order but there are tiny assumptions I had to make thru necessary infereance due to what has to have been Corporate Policy when HP issued their recall.  Policy that said any new customers asking about the new laptops you are to say nothing and nothing means nothing, you are nither to confirm or deny any knowledge.  This is how bad it was for me.  I already had desktop baords and processors the day they were release and had to send the mother boards back due to rhe recall on the defect with the sata 2 ports on the Series 6 Chipset.  I had received my new boards with the revized B3 Series 6 ChipSet for many weeks before I attempted to buy a laptop for my wife and myself.  When I first went to their site the recall was not even on my mind given I had machines in my test lab running on a virtural infrastructure for weeks.  So when I went to their site I had know doubt that I would find new laptops with the Second Generation components.  But when I got there, none of their laptops had options for them.  I spent about 5 minutes doing searches in their search engine and nothing came back and did not feel the necessity to diggin deeper in user download areas or the bowls of their WEB Site to find something that should be obvious.  This was a day or 2 prior to Feb.22, 2011.  I chated with support asking direct questions but got silence.  I would write back, are you still there.  Then I would get an answer of the nature that I wa just looking at what we have that will satisfy my needs.  This type of comment was mad by several people and being this was a personal purchase I had to restrain myself to keep playing the part of a consumer as opposed to a Senior Systems Architect that had dealt with HP professionally in which over the years they made millions of the fact that I made the recomedattion to use their equipment.  And in my professional copacity dealt with true IT professional HP reps who knew early on that it was a bad idea to dodge one of my questions because I would pin them to the ground right then having the wait of hundreds of thousands of dollars which basically makes you Clar Kent ripping his shirt off but a dollar sign is there instead of an S so I had no problems out of them and actually had good working relations with them.  Thats the primary reason they were capable of mileading me on the first of 4 purchases which I got stuck with the first.  But what I got stuck with is far worse than what you will get stuck with if they do not replace it.


Feb. 22, 2011 I purchased as a the result of HP acting in a way, that do to trust, I interpreted as a lack of proper knowledge of the support staff which is typical with any company and the absolute absence of any information, good or bad, from them in conjunction that it seemed aparent their web site had never listed anything about the Second Generation components, not even any advertisements, I had to conclude that HP had not begun to even manufacture new laptops with the Second Generation components.  This conclusion was then reinforced as HP happily showed me the dv7t Select Ediition to me and did not hold back on all the thanks for my support as I walked out in front of a bus and they pushed me rather than pull me back.  So I purchased a left over First Gerneration Laptop having been misled suing a method in which their actions and not words made me come to a conclusion that was wrong but in their eyes I was to blame even though they knew what I wanted to purchase yet sold me something they knew I did not want but some how thats not their fault or responsibilty to say wait, you don't wont to buy that.  In a few weeks we will have what you want.  I was also under a time crunc.  I had about 2 months to get my wife a machine however I could hold and is why I only purchased one.


So given that if a paragraph has a * in front of it, this is to remind you that I had no idea HP had been selling laptops with the Second Generation components until at least Jan, 9 2011 which can be prooved with the recall notice that I found about 2 months later going into the bowls of their web site looking for information after things got so that I though I was in Wonderland with all the bizare things that went on that were not adding up.  Also I was not able to determine that I could get the laptop I wanted until the 21 day return period, if not satified with your purchase, had passed.  Fact they knew when I boutght it I was not satiisfied but they used this to refuse to take the machine back even after I got a manager so fluster with rapid fire questions and denying any word to come out of his mouth of than yes or no that he slipped and the answer he gaveI am not sure even now he knows that it was a confession that he and his enitre stafe had been lying to me.  Becasue after a rapid set of questions he attempted to dodge he began saying that made it obvious he did not know how to answer anymore and made dumb comments trying to destroy my credibilty point out the other 2 machines I purchased when the Sandy Bridge showed up but a day later it dawned me that the configuration showed noting of the new features that should have been present and given they would not tell me the chip set that was on what I ordered I cancelled them.  So he was taking so fast making coments like, if you wanted the Sandy Bridge why did you purchase the first machine to begin with.  I had already  expained this to him and was suposed to be document in my file and is defintely documented in all my emails.  But I hit him one more time dangling a carrot in front of him saying all righ just one more question then, why did none of your emplys ever anser a question concerning the Second Genereation components?  He answer, "How can the answer you when they don't know?".  I replied, "Just like you just did.  Thank you for being the first to respond to a question even tought the answer was simply I don't know.".  At this time I knew they had been selling these machine prior to my purchase and he knew that.  So how is it that the very sales and support people responsible for handling these manners for several months all of a sudden did not know anything about them, as the manager stated".  Convicted right there.  He quickly said let me make sure I properly enter your complaint.  He said, "You are dissatisiied with your purchase because it is not what you wanted but given HP never let you know whe had been selling them, you now think you deserve to have it exchanged or refunded?"  I said that was pretty good.  He then said, "I have taken you matter into consideration and no we will not be taking your machine back.".  And even though he did not hange up on me henever spoke again.  I just make a comment that it did not matter, I actually prefered being able to report you to the better business bureao and hung up right has he then was trying to say something.


So I did not mean to bore you with this, just let you know that those of you that are a 100% confident that HP will make things right because they said that all this happened as a result of some confusion is a lie.


No doubt there was a lot of confusion upon the part of the poor sales and support people who had obviously had new corporate policy sent down stating they do not respond to question about the Second Generation components.  This is obvious when 6 or 7 people all do hte same thing that is not natural.  And I prooved to them whether they responded or not that they were lying to me by being silent given the recall notice I found that predates my first purchase of a First Genreation laptop.


Abbreviated version plus addition information I have not told you.


Also do not assume I know anything while reading these fact unless I say so.


We start with me being confident that when I go to HP for new laptops with the Second Generatio components I will find them with out a problem.


1. Intel released their new Second Generation Sandy Bridge Microprocessor and Series 6 Chips Set.


2.  I purchase a i7-2600K Sandy Bridge processor with Asus' P8P67 Deluxe motherboard that is capable of things never before done especially when the K processors were specifically designed to be unlocked, that is give mother board manufacturer virtually complete access to change any thing they want to such as increase the clock on the processor referred to as overclocking, as well as overclock the memory.  Instead of typcial bios the have 2 actual microprocessors running live montitoring everything going on including temperatures at diferent location allowing them to control fan speed to maintain adequate temperature with the lowest noise as possible as opposed to your fans running full speed all the time.  And you can change anything on the fly without rebooting.  Well that was too much information.


3. Intel had to recall the Series 6 Chipset because they found a bug could not be repaired other than replaceing the chips.  Many people do not understand the the Sandy Bridge Microprocessors were fine and I almost forgot to take mine off the motherboard before sending the mother board back.  the Chipset is encorporated by montherboard manufacturers so the who motherboard had to go back.  But I received mine back probably a month before I went to HP to buy laptops and the recall was not even on my mind accept a brief comment in one of my first emails really as just conversation but to ask to make sure I got a good chip set in joking fasion because all of those had been sent back to Intel, right?  Intel recalled bad hardware they had sold HP and Intel said send them back so we can give you go partsw even though we are going to loose hundreds of millions of dollars.  But apparently HP held on to a significant number I will find out latter on, after I find out they had them in the first place.


4.  I went to HP's a day or 2 prior to Feb. 22, 2011 and could not find any mention of new laptops, not even advertisments or results from using their search engine on their main page.


5.  Chatted with employ and as a result I concluded HP had not built the first thing with the Second Generatio components.


6.  I had about 2 months to get my wife a new laptop and the sooner the better so she could familiarize her self with it.


7.  Feb. 22, 2011 HP gladly pointed me to the HP dv7t Select Editon with First Generation components gladly sold it to me at full price accept for a coupon I found knowing this was not what I wanted but thought I had no other choice.  I explain that a little more in the in depth expanation above.  Basically blind trust in HP given over 25 years I have worked with them professional y on the job and always teread well and they have good equipment.


8. I had not purchase one for myself so I kept checing and suddently the Sandy Bridge was a option and I bought one and immediately began to pack my wife's to send back before it dawaned on me that other than the Sandy Bridge being a option nothing else changed.  There should have bee a lot of different information if the Series 6 Chipset were on the board.   Again hp would not confirm nor deny the existence of a specific chip set on my order.  I had seen some companies using third party chip sets but they were telling their customers.  I also saw some companies sell the defiective Chipset but again made it obvious to those buying and for those who did not care about SATA II the got a pretty good deal I suppose.  But I don't work that way because I know that just because you determine a bug will only affect certain things there is no way to be positive of this so these people are flirting with disaster.


9.  So I conclude that they used a third party Chipset or they may have had the fixed Chipset but they would not tell me so I Sent it back because I did not want a third party chipset so I did not even open the box when I got for fear they would use that to penalize me.


10.  They then point me to the Envy telling me that this laptops has everyting, more I am sure you will ever use or something like that.  The consumer hat allmost flew off at that point because there is nothing on these laptops I can't use.  But when told the huge discount they would give me I said OK in hopes that when I got off the phone I could do research enough to convice myself that it was OK.  but I cam to the same conclusion and cancelled the order before it shipped.


11.  I still don't know they had been selling them prior to my having purchased at this point 3 laptops for my 21 day grace period ended so I could not return the First Generation laptop my wife had.


12.  Out of curiosity I wanted to know when the Sandy Bridge first showed up so digging in the user downloads I found the recall notice and now I knew everyone I spoke to had deceived me because hand been selling new laptops with the Second Geration for months prior to my purchase.  But they recalled them and wiped every trace virutally off their WEB Site as opposed to just stating thes laptops would not be available until Intel fixes their screw up.  But they to so much trouble to hide everything.


13. I made a couple attempts to reason with them given this new knowledge but was refused because the 21 day period had elapsed even though they were the reason.


14. So I resigned my self to the fact I had been taken.


15. At this point about 2 weeks go by and my mother-in-law asks me to pick her a machine out.  I go to HP's site and the confuration of the systems now showed all the features I expected from the Series 6 Chipset, confirming it had both the Sandy Bridge and Series 6 Chipset, so I purchase the 4th machine destined for my mother-in-law configured the way my wife's should have been.  When we receive it, it was impressive and to have attempted to put my wife's machine beside it for comparison would have been a joke.


16.  This is when I stopped being a consumer and got hold of a manager as a Senior Systems Architect and he would answer my qeustions and I pinned his but to the floor everytime a word came out of his mouth I did not like and it was apparent when I got him rattled because "A tangle we weave when at first we decieve.".  I keep the question coming at rapic speed until he answer one out of anger not realizing his answer that he though would make me look dumb in fact conviicted them all even though I did not bring it to his attention because I still have plans for HP.  But given it took 2 months for me to find out they had been selling thise prior to my first purchase of old technology, giving me an answer of "How can they tell you something they don't know?", when the question was, "Why in 2 month no one answer one question or even acknoledged I had asked one concering the Second Genreation conponents?".  I was nice and just said, "they just need to answer me just the way you just did.  Thanks for being the first to respond even though the answer was they don't now but it is an acceptable answer.  But how can you be selling these for months and then all of a sudden not know about them.  And he probably has not put that together yet.


17.  He ended the call accurately stating what my complaint was and when I accepted what he was document he speed his speech up to in order to basically turn the knife he was stabbing in me as he said, "I eviewed your request and it is denied.  We will not take back the laptop".


18.  So 2 days ago I find a user forum discussing theire having to send the laptops back due to the recall and HP was giving them a hard time and they were worried that HP was not going to make good on them when they begin then stating how rediculous it was the amount of time the had to initiate the rueturn given they had not made their purchases at the end of April and first part of May.  I was completly confused and almost responded asking them what they were talking about.  No one after January 9, 2011 wold have been sold a defictive laptop and I know for a fact that as of Feb. 22, 2011 they were not even available any more.  Not to mention I mad 2 purchases prior to yours with the Sanyd Bridge processor and cancelled them because.......


19.  It stuck me in the head.  I was completely wrong about the 2 laptops with the Sandy Bridge processor I bought.  They did not have a third party chipset and they did not have the revised B3 fixed chipset.  What they sold me twice after first sellling me a First Generation laptop I was stuck with they sold me 2 laptops with the original defictive chipset after having pulled all mention of them off their web site, refusing to answer questions for 2 months and then puting the Sandy Bridge back on as a option but not listing any new features so that in their mind they were in the clear about the defictive chipset given they did not offer any of these features in the configuration even though they would receive some any way without having to be charged for the one they got.  How nice are we,


20. Immediately began a new email to HP with my new discover and when I reached the point about having bought 2 machines even before these people it dawned on me right then that I had bought my mother-in-laws prior to them as well so most likely my mother-in-law has the defective machine which I have not been able to get hold of and verify yet.


Have I given everyone enough detail so that they not be beceived when HP tells them in such a sincere fasion that they just got confused and you are the most important thing to their company and they stirve only to pleas you..


Thats exactly what they told me just prior to the saying, "but we cant take it back.".


Must be a series issue if I am as important as the over the top niceness they all way give as well as compliments and thants for the trust I have in them but give all that the still can't take back my machine.


One more thing to show how nice HP is.  These folks I found were initially be denied because the deadline for return had passed while they waited to get a response from HP.


Well next the received a legal like document stating the HP has decided that they will purchase back you laptop for some amount of money, but I know, haveing gone thru the config process enough times that what they offered would be less that what some of them paid.


But again HP was being nice enough to purchase back the machines so they could recoup some of their money given that HP was responsible in no way for this.


And that is about the last message posted in that forum in close to a week.


But what goes around comes around.  And I will thoroughly enjoy my next project that involves HP when I hold all the cards. 


And if your one of those people that agree with 2 statements I continually hear in the movies when the innocent and respectable person w is murdered by person x and person y sets out to kill person x for doing it. But just prior to person y pulling the trigger, person z tells person y either, "If you do this then you are no better than they are!" or "Don't lower yourself to their level.", well go ahead and say it to me becasue those statement are a load of crap.  I did no defraud tons of people and steal from them so how can I be as bad as them when they did it to innocent people and I am doing to a bunch of criminals.  The 2 do not add up, much less I have no plans to steal, just plans that now I have no respect or trust in them it is likely to cost them a good bit of money when the decison of what hardware to use is placed in my hands.  And that is actually just cause even though I am going to enjoy it, I am doingmy job as they have show they can't be trusted when a really major problem accurs and the jobs I work there is always potential for that where it is rare in the consumer market.


So that is it.  If you want to believe that it was just confusion that caused all this then thats your rught.


But what they did to me was not confusion.  There will be many people that bought those defective machines the second time around as I did my mother-in-law and they will never know and HP will have recouped a lot of money regardless of those that learned of the recall and sent theres back.


Thanks for listening to my ranting.

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Re: HP continues to ship defective Intel 6 series chipset to customers after recall.

The only thing HP provides as proof that a machine has the B3 chipset is 3 digits in your serial number.


Now if HP could not handle the recall any better than they did who is going to believe them.


Here is how much you should trust them.


Here is a short version and if you are curious read the long version.

- HP had been selling new laptops with Second Generation components since January 9.

- HP recalled them.

- HP removed all references to them from their web site including the recall notification.

- If I search on their site with a reference to the Second Generation components nothing came back.

- I have had a good working relation ship with HP over 25 years in the IT industry and trusted blindly as you will see if you read all of this.

- My wife needed a new laptop within about 2 months and she wanted it sooner rather than later to get used to it before seeing a new client she had.

- HP led me to believe no mobile components had been released. 

- HP led me to believe they did not know when HP would be selling laptops with Second Generation components.

- Given my wanted a machine soon and HP's lack of information they successfully sold me a First Generation Laptop at full price.

- After this they would sell me a laptop for which there site let you configure for a Sandy Bridge.

- After the sell it dawned on me nothing changed in the configuration process that would lead me to believe the Series 6 chip set was on this laptop.

- I called them, they refused to tell me so I canceled and was not going to purchase another.

- HP worked hard at selling me the ENVY though before I got the RMA for the other and just to have a little more dirt allowed them to sell it to me.

- I reasearch the ENVY just as I had done the other and still came the conclusion something was and called and when they would not commit to what was int it I cancelled it before it left the plant.

- I then came across an HP recall notice that showed they had been selling laptops with Second Generation components prior to the purchase of my wife's First Generation laptop.

- With all this they have refused 4 times to take the machine back.  The fourth time I even got the manager to answer a question after getting good and confused as to what he had said and not and asked him why no one ever would answer a question about the Secojd Generation laptops.  He said, "How can they tell you something they don't know?"

- How can HP sell laptops and support them if those performing the job don't even know the name of what they are selling or supporting. 




Weeks later it appears HP has their site back together and I order a laptop for my mother-in-law with the configuration giving me what I would expect to be give for options.


- Now I find out that this machine liely has the bad chipset.


- Grand total, 1 First Generation I am stuck with, 3 Second Generation for which the last I don't know the outcome yet.


Thats it.


If you want the long version keep reading.



Feb. 11 they had already issued recall and removed second generation laptops from their site and I mean any reference unless you dug.  That includes the recall.


By Feb 11 I had received a desktop motherboard back from Asus and had been using for about a month before I called HP to order a laptop.  I go to newegg everyday to see whats new accept laptops because my company always provides mine.  I  have bought one laptop in my life yet at my approval have ordered thousand of desktops many of which were HP.   I have been a Senior Systems Architect for 25 years and trusted HP because of the work I had done with them but I never use my status to try to get something for nothing so I acted as a normal consumer.


After speaking with them on Feb. 11 and asked for a laptop with the Sandy Bridege and Series Chipset and to please make sure it has a good series 6 Chipset, they told me that mobile processors had not begun to ship.


Now was this a lie.  Not necessarily if I had not asked specifically for the Second Generation Components or let them know I was aware of the recall.  So given that much information again and asking to ask for a IT person and them moving on to help me find something I could use they offered up a dv7t Select Edition with First Generation components.  I had to have one within a 2 months and that is if I was prepared for the abuse my wife would give me for making her see her new client with a day to get accustomed to it.


But HP said that mobile version had not shipped yet when I asked when they expected them I was again pointed to the First Generation with out my question even being addressed.


Fact: I already had a tower I built at home with a i7-2600K Sandy Bridge Microprocessor and Asus P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard with the B3 Series Chipset which originally came to me with the defective chipset.  It was recalled and I sent it back and received a new board with the B3 chipset some time later.  I had been using it for probably a month before my first contact with HP.


Fact: HP refused to give a direct answer regarding the Second Generation Components yet when I tried to think how this was possible, I never considered they might be deceiving me.  Reason being, because I would just have to ask myself "why?" again.  I still wonder why?


Fact: I have seen desktop components arrive earlier than that of their mobile counter parts.


Fact: Companies were selling desktops with the B3 revision of the Series 6 Chipset for a while for a good while now.  Intel had apparently been over it for even longer.


Fact: In my mind the defective Chipset issue was over.


So I concluded, from what little information HP gave me, that HP did not and possibly would not offer new laptops with the Second Generation components for some time given their employees lack of Knowledge.  My wife wanted the laptop as soon as possible so she could get comfortable with it before meeting a new client she had.  From the beginning, I had planned to buy one for myself as well(hey it's my job :-)) but I held off.


So HP, knowing the pain I was going thru buying the First Generation laptop, help me with the purchase to make it as easy as possible and hoped I would do business with them again.  Problem is, I did.  Two more times, however the second I did on purpose as they were trying to sell me at that time and a little more dirt would not hurt.


I actually ended up buying 3 more for a total of 4 including my wife's, but the last one was when it appeared HP had their WEB Site together and the configuration process proved that the Series 6 Chipset was included, although HP never advertised the fact that these laptops had the B3 chipset like Asus did on my desktop motherboard.  Asus had a fancy sticker printed up with "B3" on it and I believe reprinted box, pointing this out in bold, but not HP.  I also made that last purchase after I thought I had everything firgured out, but I am writing this as it appears they got me again.  The last purchase was for my mother-in-law as well, who pur her trust in me.


To continue, following the purchase of my wife's laptop I eventually saw HP with the option of a Sandy Bridge processor.  The key to point out here is I saw the option for "Sandy Bridge processor".  I immediately bought one and still having time to send my wife's back, I began packing it while something began to bother me.  I thought back to when I configured the Sandy Bridge laptop and having been thru this process many times before, I realized that nothing had changed in that process accept the addition of the Sandy Bridge processor.  None of the HD video, HD audio, Wireless, Wireless video and such appeared in the configuration so you could state what you wanted  What was I receiving?  Someone had to decide because I didn't.


So I called to confirm the Chipset on the machine I ordered and exactly what was in it and again no answer.  When I say, "no answer", I mean no words come out of their mouth.


I asked for an RMA, since the dv7tqe had already shipped and while doing that the sales person pointed out the "ENVY 17 3D" while the clouds parted, light reflected of my computer screen and harps began to play.  The sales person siad the ENVY was the top of the line and has everything available(that they had available at the time was left out).  They also stated that it had so many features I would never make use of them all.


I had no confidence in HP anymore, regardless of the professional relationship I had on past jobs.  Finally!  It was obvious the employees had some corporate policy passed down instructing them not to discuss the Second Generation laptops as well as do it in a manner where you don't actually lie.  It was also apparent that the corporate policy came with no directions on how to do this without sounding like you were walking on the sun or your hearing aid had obviously fell out.


A good 7 people don't act the way they did without having been instructed on something.  It just was not natrual.


Now, given you don't really see rebates for the ENVY, other than maybe $50 which has been my experience, the sales person asked how I wanted it configured.  So I decided to let them do it one more time so there could be no mistake given this would be the 3rd purchase now that they obstaned from giving me information about the Second Generation compnents when asked and sold me something giving me the impression it was the only choice I had.  They even offered a $400 discount they were so nice.


So I bought it and went out to their site as well as a few others, trying find specs on the ENVY other than Microprocessor, Memory, LCD and Hard drive.  But I turned up the same results as the dv7tqe, nothing.  A day later I called back and asked about the Series 6 Chipset and whether it was in the ENVY I purchased.  After no answer, I cancelled the order before it shipped.


I concluded they must have used a third party Chipset or maybe it had Intel's B3 chipset and I cancelled a great deal.  But, given what had happened, I was not going to take a chance without verbal confirmation.


I still have a First Generation laptop that was going back whether my wife had time to get used to the next on or not.


I called 2 different people after documenting everythingh now for about the 5th time and after asking to return it and they said they were sorry and understood, but the 21 day grace period had passed.  Yea, while they gave me the run around.


I want this part to stick.  I still, at this time, did not know they had sold new laptops prior to my purchase of my wife's First  Generation laptop.


I wanted to see how far I missed the 21 day return policy based upon the first day HP began selling them.  At least duing the time frame I thought they had started selling them.


I was digging in the user downloads area and I came accross a copy of HP's recall notification to all those who had purchased laptops with the Second Generation components and stated this would be all those purchased after January 9.


Wait.  I purchased a First Generation laptop on Feb. 11 because HP did not have a Second Generation laptop, but yet they had to recall these laptops they did not have a month before I tried to buy a laptop like the ones they recalled buty never had.


That was sarcasm.


I did not know what to think.  Either how crafy a crook HP's imployees are or how ignorant I was not to call them on these questions like I would have a HP rep on the job.


So with this new information I figure they can't refuse to take back my wife's First Generation laptop.  Wrong, they can and did.


So I stopped the roll of a consumer and insisted to speak to a manager with my Senior Systems Architect hat on.  If you did not kno I was a Senior Systems Architect, that it is because I think I deleted the paragraph at the top where I mentioned my 25 year career and the number of systems HP has sold to companies at my recomendation.  But I don't use this for an unfair advantage.


And although I knew I was not going to get this manager to take that machine back just emboldened me the more when he tried to skate around questions and I nailed him to the flow saying the only words I want to hear coming out of your mouth need to sound loke a answer.  After about 10 times I had him on the ropes, frustrated and completely confused about what he had said.  At one time he said he wanted to correct me, that Intel made those chips not us, its not our fault.  I knew then his brain was much because I never blamed anyone for the defect or recall.  So then I quickly ask the final question, "then why out of all the people I have spoken to none has even responded to my questions?".  He yellled, "How can they tell you some thing they don't know?".  I replied, "Just like you did, thank you.  I don't know is much preferable than nothing.".


But I don't know if he realizes now that the answer he gave was a confession they were all lieing.  How could they know nothing about laptops they had been selling and supporting?


Eventually, HP looked like they had everthing worked out an my mother-in-law asked me to get her a machine and I still went to HP.  The machine is nicer and I am working on it right now.  But I came accross a user group talking about the recall and some had stated purchase dates after the 2 I bought and returned.  Then it dawned on me those date were after I purchased my mother-in-laws.


So the reason I took the time to write this is because with what little information there is I have determined this machine has the B2 defective chp set given both HP's method or checking, Intel's and thrid parties.


After going thru all these the only thing that would think you had the B3 is 3 numbers in the serial number of the laptop and those numbers came from HP who I don't trust at all in anyway and will never purchase from again even if this machine turns out to be right.


I hope all that made sense as when I write fast I often leave out lots of critical words.


Hope this helps anyone.

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Re: HP continues to ship defective Intel 6 series chipset to customers after recall.

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I got a HP 630 with Core i5-2nd Gen
That also have the same processor.
In the recent series the concern has been taken care of

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Re: HP continues to ship defective Intel 6 series chipset to customers after recall.

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This was old series of Unit that was taken care at later release version

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Re: HP continues to ship defective Intel 6 series chipset to customers after recall.

The same issue here. I bought a proBook 4530 with same chipset. I downloaded Gigabyte tool to check the SATA ports connected on my laptop and i see it's connected to SATA port 0 and SATA port 1 as HDD and DVD respectively.


I don't know if I have extra bay for HDD as it's a 15" laptop. Is there any way so that I may need to use extra SATA ports on my laptop as an extra HDD bay?

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Re: HP continues to ship defective Intel 6 series chipset to customers after recall.

I purchased a dv7-4295us in May of this year and have had multiple issues with it since purchase. Most recently the hard drive has malfunctioned and has to be replaced. How can I check to see if this may be related to the issue you are having?


On a seperate note, I purchased a 3 year care pack which covers the computer. It states that they will send someone to repair the computer within 3 business days. When I called in for the problem, they diagnosed the defective hard drive and refused to send me a replacement hard drive without me giving them my credit card for "collateral." There is nothing in the care pack contract that says that I will have to give collateral to get their defective product fixed. They initially would not give me the option of in house replacement by their representative. When I asked about this coverage, they stated that I would still have to give them my credit card for collateral even if their representative came to my location to fix the hard drive. I was finally able to get a representative scheduled to come to my location to fix the hard drive without giving my credit card after several days of calling and waiting for hours. They refused to follow their own contract on the care pack for three business day service and instead scheduled for 4 business days. I have enjoyed my HP products in the past, but this experience will likely result in the end of my business with HP for anything they make.

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Re: HP continues to ship defective Intel 6 series chipset to customers after recall.

I also have a problem I rceived a replacement laptop from hp either in june or july 2011 pavilion dm4  I have had some pretty rough problems with this laptop not to mention for the past five weeks I have been trying to get adobe flash to install come to find out through my research its not adobes fault its in the intel graphic so I call tech support this past friday was stupid enough to give the tech contol over my laptop who couldnt understand hardly any english and after about three and a half hours from a recent fresh install he tuned of my anti virus went to an unknown website downloaded it in a zip file lo and  behold opened it up an guess what yes gave my computer over 10 thousand mal-ware and ad wrae not including viruses so got transferred over to case manager concerning this and his name was Eric he was very rude and commented to me like big deal  what you dont go to any unknown sites my reply was no i dont he so waited untill this past monday which was oct. 24 2011 spoke with corporate case manager and was supposed to ben appointed a new case manager but who to call me again out of his rudeness Eric he starts yelling and hollering first thing IM NOT SENDING YOU A REPLACEMENT LAPTOP JUST BECAUSE YOU CANT GET ONE LITTLE PROGRAM TO INSTALL!!! and hung up on me well had to call corporate back on tuesday still trying to figure out and explain to them how my whole laptop was doing freezing on down load when you press save to totally freezes will not even manually shut down have to pull battery and all on it and several other issues anyway couldnt get corporate to understand what was on hp website concerning this that they gave you a choice either it can be returned for a comparable laptop or refund your choice not their choice so any way long story short they set me up today with another case manager who couldnt hardly speak english at all and tried to tell me after trying to explain to her that it was the second generation i5 and i7 and generation 1  she was arguing to me that it was just first generation when I put her on speaker phone so my witness could hear the confersation she kept telling me that she couldnt talk to me if I didnt turn the speaker phone off in other words she didnt want any witnesses her word against mine any way here I am stuck with a bad laptop hp will not do what they say give me a comparable laptop or my refund any one out there have any sugestions sure wouldnt hurt any atleast my witness got to hear when she was lying about it was not the second generation and oh by the way 1 online chat tech diagnosed it as bad and one phone tech also and they still will not stand to their word

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