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Hot HP Pavilion dv2214TU Notebook.

Hi. I have a HP Pavilion dv2214TU notebook.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium with SP2 32-bit, Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2060, Supermulti-drive and 120 GB Fujitsu internal hard disk, a 14.1" widescreen 1280X800 display and 2GB of DDR2 at 667MHz from Transcend (in 2 1GB modules)

My problem is overheating.

On the temperature monitoring apps, my CPU is running at 65C as I type this. But of even greater concern, is the hard disk which is running at 57C!

These are in effect 'idle' temperatures. Under load, CPU runs at 86C (80-90% CPU) and hard disk, especially like when installing updates, goes for 62C (the highest ever is 63C). The figures are only slightly lower by 2-3 degrees under 40-50% load.

Even while I am just browsing the internet, using IE8, the disk starts to run at 55C-60C in about 15 minutes. What is wrong? When I go to the service centre, they say its 'normal heating'.

I use my laptop on a flat surface (non-glass, wooden). Earlier I had 1GB of RAM, so Vista ran sooo slow and I upgarded to 2GB. But this problem is not due to RAM. RAM compartment is cool & Mem Test says RAM's 100% okay.

Hard drive's SMART status happens to be 100% too, under the SMART-reading program I use.

To ascertain that the program is correct, I have used multiple programs, all with the same results.

I use all latest software and updates; I always use original software too and I daily maintain mu PC. There are no problems, my registry is healthy. I use Glary Utilities Pro, Advanced System Care Pro, CCleaner, WinUtilities Pro and Auslogics DiskDefrag to optimize my PC as much as possible. Of these, I use CCleaner and WinUtilities Pro daily.

Facing this severe heating problem for last 1 year. Please help. Thanks.

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Re: Hot HP Pavilion dv2214TU Notebook.

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So sorry to hear your predicament. The short story is that your laptop is probably defective and has been that way since it was made. I know because I purchased a similar laptop dv2000 series from HP - over 2 years ago.My symptom besides excessive heat was video problems.  HP "fixed" it - but evidently not very well because the lcd completely blacked out within a few weeks.

Many people have had these problems with many hp pavillion laptops.


The long story:

Just google "hp dv2000 nvidia overheating" and you will find this cnet article - which discusses that:


  Nvidia disclosed that due to a manufacturing flaw, some of their laptop computer graphics processors and chipsets are overheating and failing....The problem has existed for a while. CNET blogger Brooke Crothers says the HP knew about this since November 2007.


You can also google "hp nvidia defect" for tons more information from many many sources.


So basically - HP has known about this problem for over two years, but did not recall the laptops. You and I and many other people bought these laptops, and have reaped the rewards.


You will be "in luck" if you have purchased your laptop in the last two years. -This means you can start sending your laptop back for repairs. I say "start" because in many cases, like mine, HP will repair your laptop, and it will fail again. If this process occurs for 3 or 4 times, You may finally get them to give you a chance to get another product.


extended warranty


Good luck!

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Re: Hot HP Pavilion dv2214TU Notebook.

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Hi Shannaaz,

Thanks for your reply.

I must say that you are perhaps correct. Though I am not running the NVidia chipset,and my system is only based on Intel 945GM chipset,it is perhaps indeed defective. I purchased my PC in June 2007.

By 1 and a half years time, the PC had the following changes:

1. The motherboard was changed.

2. The battery was changed.

3. The DVD drive was changed!

After each change, the service was so poor, I had to reinstall the OS.When motherboard was changed (due to non-functional card-reader and the Caps Lock LED was not glowing) the laptop used to display 'COMPAQ' on startup, the product and serial numbers were messed up (the service centre didn't bother to change them; they must be aware that such issues occur when motherboard is changed) and my Windows became pirated. When DVD drive was changed, my DVD-writing apps failed to recognize it. Battery was changed, I found that I was unable to plugin my adapter! Later, it was found they had 'accidently' changed the 'bottom case' of the PC, meant for 90W adapters. Mine is 65W.

I will probably use this PC till it becomes totally unusable. I have to now shelve my plans to upgrade to Windows 7, instead get a new PC. And this time, probably not HP.

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Re: Hot HP Pavilion dv2214TU Notebook.

I have a HP Pavilion Laptop dv6-1004nr.


Soo hot I could smell the plastic!


I solved it by resetting to factory settings,, but also think it may have been to do with having power,, Do you have you Power Settings set to High Performance?


Right click on desktop and select, Personalize, then Screen Saver, then Change Power Settings, then select HP Recommended.


My best guess is that something was running constantly or by running on High Performance it was making it run constantly, any way I did a full factory restore and it actually solved the problem, I WILL not set my power settings to High Performance even to test!!


Good Luck To All!!


PS, I also have an older HP Laptop that has the WIFI won't work issue, will I buy another HP Laptop? You guess.



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Re: Hot HP Pavilion dv2214TU Notebook.

I also have a problem with my notebook but not overheating. It is battery backup. It doesn’t work without charging on. Its battery backup is around 2 minutes.I also have a problem with my notebook but not overheating. It is battery backup. It doesn’t work without charging on. Its battery backup is around 2 minutes.

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Re: Hot HP Pavilion dv2214TU Notebook.

Are you using dv2214TU or some other model?

It clearly seems though that the battery has reached 'end of life' status/its dead. You need to purchase a new battery or if your notebook is still covered by the limited warranty [1 year from date of purchase], you'll be eligible for a free battery replacement.

Contact HP Customer Service/Service Center for that.


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Re: Hot HP Pavilion dv2214TU Notebook.

Hi. I m using dv2214tu with 512MB Ram as one more 512 MB was not working. Looks like DDR2 rams are not available in market. Can you please tell me whether we can go use any other type Ram.
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