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How to Change the DV7-4223CA Keyboard to 605344-001 US type (from the 605344-121)

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I have a HPDV7-4223ca that has the 605344-121 bi-lingual (Fr. Canada) keyboard.


I tried to replace the keyboard with the standard US 605344-001 as indicated in the service manual but no keys will work when I

install the new keyboard. I have two brand new keyboards and neither of them will work. The only thing that works is the WiFi and caps lock indicator LED (both are stuck on and can not be changed as none of the keys on the new keyboard will work.


Is their something else that I need to change? I could not find anything in the service manual or in the BIOS that tell me what (if anything) I neede to change.


Again this is a brand new laptop and two brand new keyboards. I am typing this message on the machine with the Fr. Canadian keyboard.


There has to be an easy way to fix this.


Thank you,




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Re: How to Change the DV7-4223CA Keyboard to 605344-001 US type (from the 605344-121)



1. Please do not post your email address on this forum. We all answer on this forum and do not send private messages.

2. You probably have to change Language too. Please refer to this:



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Re: How to Change the DV7-4223CA Keyboard to 605344-001 US type (from the 605344-121)

Hello BH,


That does not make any sense at all. The version of Win7 is English Win7 Home Premium. For some stupid reason the HP DV7-4230ca (which I bought as a HP factory re-furb I bought from RedTag (in the US of course) came with the bilingual French/English keyboard. I have 2 of these machines and I would like to convert them to the U.S. keyboard layout.


If I open the notepad program and type on the keyboard none of the keys will respond. If it were simply a language problem I would see non US characters for the key presses. Instead I see nothing!


I have also found references to part numbers 608558-001 and AELU00210  and  also 9Z.N4DUQ.001 for the U.S. layout keyboard as equivalent parts.


I can not believe that this would be so difficult to do. On a Dell it is a snap!




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Re: How to Change the DV7-4223CA Keyboard to 605344-001 US type (from the 605344-121)

Sorry but it seems that those that have responded to my post simply do not understand what I am trying t do. I already know exactly how to physically change the keyboard and check the settings in the operating system.


First a little background:


I purchased a factory refurbished (looks like new) HP DV7-4223CA from


This unit has Win7 64 Home Premium installed and is (and was) set to English US.


The computer itself has a French Canadain keyboard installed (a strange layout for me!). The computer does work 100% with this keyboard but I do not like the strange layout (especially the small left shift key. The HP part number for the currently installed keyboard is 605344-121.


What I want to do is change the physical keyboard to the HP part number 605344-001 which is the U.S. Engilsh version of the same keyboard. I also found that HP part numbe 608558-001 is supposed to be 100% electrically equivalent.


I have two brand new 608558-001 keyboards. I have tried both of these keyboards in the unit and at no point (BIOS setup, Win7 boot) will any of the keys work in this keyboard. The electrical connecting cable mates with the connector perfectly as far as I can tell and the WiFi led on the keyboard does light.


So what I am trying to find out is if there is something that I need to do to change the configuration of the machine so that it will properly recognize this keyboard.


I believe that HP must have had a US version of this machine or a configuraton utility somewhere.


I did find a DV7-4273US which is similar and uses the exact same BIOS so I suspect that there must be a way to do this.


I could not get any useful details from HP people that I talked to. I can tell you that if you look at the service manual it does list a large number of keyboards for this unit. I am sure that there is someone within HP that knows exactly how to do this but thus far I have not gotten to the right person. I told one of the fellows that I talked to that if this machine had been a Dell the swap would have worked without a hitch.


Any and all leads will be appreciated.




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Re: How to Change the DV7-4223CA Keyboard to 605344-001 US type (from the 605344-121)

You don't have to buy another keyboard. if you wanted to you could change your key board for over 40 configurations for different languages. you want to goto the control panel i believe you go in to region and languages. in the language section there should be a keyword configuration button. hit it and change it to united states.
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Re: How to Change the DV7-4223CA Keyboard to 605344-001 US type (from the 605344-121)

Thanks for the response but.....


Sorry but that won't work.It is not a matter of simply configuring the keyboard in the operating system. I was changing the Canadian keyboard for what was supposed to be the US layout of the same keyboard.


The problem was that the system would only recognise the physical keyboard type that was orignally provided with the unit. I purchased the exact US part that was supposed to be interchangeable with the CA version. It would mechanicaly fit but the system would not recognize it in any way. No changes to the BIOS or anything else would make it work. I spent a lot of time working with the HP service group before they made the determination through the laptop hardware group that there was no way to make the US version of the keyboard work in the DV7-4223CA.


My solution as to send the unit back. I bought a DV7-4771us for a little more money that had the keyboard that I wanted. I kept the two new HP keyboards as a spare for the new machine.

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