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Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

Hi, I have an hp notebook model #G60-126CA.


It has always run hot ever since I bought it, I never knew how hot until I recently installed a core temperature program. To my surprise, when my laptop is on a flat surface (including my lap), it easily sores between 80-90 degrees if I'm not paying attention.  I have actually seen it get to 100 before shutting down. I keep it clean, unobstructed, and the fan is running almost all the time when the laptop is in use.  This is insane that I can't even put a laptop on my lap to use it. I've heard a lot of issues and recalls with certain models but not sure if mine is affected. Needless to say that this HP website doesn't make it the easiest to find recall info. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

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you need to keep the laptop on a book or stand so it does not run hot.  my laptop does that too.  I had the cooling fans that worked and i have a stand i put my laptop on and if i don't the screen jumps.  you have to keep the laptop so the bottom of it keeps cool.  someone suggested a fan.  let me know if this helps.  you can not keep the laptop flat or it will run hot.  do you leave it plugged in while using it and do you turn it off and unplug it when you don't use it?


my personnal email is [text removed for privacy]  you can email me there.  this asking questions does not really help either.



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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

The term "laptop" is technically incorrect. They are actually "Notebooks" and the reason that the term laptop is incorrect is becuase a notebook should not be rested on your lap at any time.


The outlets for the fans are on the base of the laptop, and often also the rear and front of some models. By placing the laptop on an uneven surface, the exhaust of hot air is obstructed and the internals reach high temperatures.


Right now, my Notebook is on a table, downloading from the newsservers and running ESET Anti-Virus while charging and using the Wireless Internet, and the core is 57C. (I have a temperature monitor running too). Put this onto my lap, and the temp will soar to 70C.


Ebay has a multitude of "Laptop Stands" that cool the laptop with fans on the base, but as to if they work or not, thats your choice. Do you want air blowing into the Notebook or being extracted from the notebook via the stand??


Some good advice was posted above also. Keeping the laptop on standby (just closing the lid) instead of shutting down properly will only increase the heat. Continuous use of a Notebook is also a no-no really. A Desktop is much more stable when used for 12hrs non-stop. I am aware of the Performance & Gaming Laptops out there, but no Notebook will out-last a Desktop.

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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

I have the same  problm with my notebook and i DONT use it on my laps.My computer is simply a heating device very good in long winters night.Well i also heard thet there are recall on some HP notebook because they overheat.

And i also want to know if my computer is one of them.

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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

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I'm having the same issue.  HP Pavilion dv5.  When I first got it, fan didn't even come on.  Now, it runs constantly.


Laptop is Core I3.  Looking at the task manager shows nothing is consuming any CPU at idle, but the laptop is still running more than 55c at idle.


Is there a way to reduce Vcore?  I did that on my Pentium M with great results.


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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

55 C is only 131 F.


That is not hot by any means.


Most Intels are rated at 100-105 C.


Now thats HOT !


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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

My G60-117US does the exact smae thing and at first I thought it was a software or hardware issue, but all I needed to do was angle it so more air could flow underneath it. I think the rub feet are too short or something because placing something under the back to give it an angle helped me a bunch. But I've had my G60 at 105°C and it has never shutdown.

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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

I wish someone had an answer for this.  We bought 2 Compaq NX 6325 in 2007. One got wine spilt on it and never recovered, but the other is still chugging along.  The one that was lost to a good red was fine. The fan came on when it needed to. The other, the one I use now, runs all the time and I'm convinced adds to the heat of the keyboard.


In the winter I welcome the heat to keep hands warm in our new energy efficient setting of 65...but now, as the days heat up, I can't even rest my hands on the keyboard.


There must be something to resolve this!!! Come on!


Thanks to anyone who has any suggestion!

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Re: Laptop running sooo hot!!!!

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( Post from last year that can be very revelant here )
Hello a Chill pad is not a bad idea, we do have some available on our accesories website

Also- here is a document on how to clean out the vents, all though it does not give out the PSI - it does recommend a can of compressed air  so the PSI should be about the same.


Targus Notebook Chill MatTargus Heat Defense Pad for Laptops


Document on cleaning vents.

Notebooks can shut down and run up to 40 % hotter with dirty vents and fans.





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