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My 2340dx's 7520G HD Radeon descrete graphics card is not running right

My 7520G Radeon Graphics card (descrete/dedicated) is not running at proper perfomance.

I will not call HP because my warrenty is over with (as soon as i bought the computer it was already gone)

I plan on getting my warrenty back sometime in a couple months, but until then this has been a problem for awhile.

When i first bought the computer the video card ran at 2gb v ram clocking at 1600mhz.

Since then I updated Catalyst Controle Center and my Driver for the card and it was then set to 512mb clocking at 400-800Mhz.

When I discovered this I reformated my computer and the problem persisted through HP driver updates, 512 V ram @ 400-800Mhz (usually around 382Mhz)

When I first bought the computer i could run Fallout: New Vegas on Ultra High graphics no problem.

now I have to set it to medium graphics. I downloaded a software from called OverDrive (overclocking software) to see if it needed to be downgraded because of temputure being too high, this was not the case... i do not have it installed at the moment so i can't check...

I have tried all 3 driver updates availible on HP support for my computer and none of them help...

When i open up HP Support Assistant it displays in the video hardware that i have 2033MB of v ram, But in Catalyst Controle Center it said i have 512 MB

This might be because the HD software for the Catalyst Control Center is displaying an rendering only what the HDMI output is capable of doing (via HDTV Cable hookup), but on board screen should use 2033MB @1600 Mhz...

I have a AMD A6 4400M that is two processors clocking at (Accelerated Processing) 3.2Ghz (and 2.7Ghz running on low performance VIA battery)

The Preinstalled Catalyst Control Center was great, But i think that as soon as AMD started putting updates out for the new M series they pulled down the performance for the G series so make new sales, I really don't know...

There was a simular problem with another 7K G series video card that was under performing due to a bad update and i think this is the same way.

I cannot buy the HP support availible to those who don't have a warrenty (which i would rather have a warrenty anyway) for 50$ and 15$ a month, can't do it...

So if there is a download for the defualt drivers that actually know the difference between my screen and the HDMI output for HDTV's that would be great. I have looked for 3 months maybe more and still can't find a version that works right.

Thank you very much hope this gets resolved

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Re: My 2340dx's 7520G HD Radeon descrete graphics card is not running right

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Hi ILoveMy2340DX, welcome to the HP Forums. In regards to your Graphics performance, the only recommendation I have is to first restore the original drivers using this method:  Using Recovery Manager to Restore Software and Drivers (Windows 8)

After which install the updated drivers available on HP's driver page for your notebook: HP Pavilion g7-2340dx Notebook PC Drivers

Using AMD's drivers from AMD can have unexpected performance results, and HP recommends using the drivers provided specific to your notebook.


Using HDMI out, you would have to find a display driver from the manufacturer of that device to get optimal output to that device.

I work on behalf of HP

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