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Need Help HP DM3 (DM3-1130us) Laptop will not power on. No power at all except for light on a/c jack

Hello, I need some help.

I have a HP DM3-1130us Laptop that will not power on at all.

the only thing that happens when I plug it in is the power jack lights up.


When the power button is used absolutely nothing happens.

No power, no fans, no leds, no on/off cycles, no beebs, absolutely nothing

just the light by the power jack that says the cord is plugged in.


The laptop has Windows 7, 320gb hdd, 4gb ram.

I have tried new power adapter and still nothing.

I have taken the battery out and tried and nothing.

I've tried the option where you take the battery out and hold the power and nothing.

I have tried with different hard drive and no hard drive and nothing.

I have tried reseating the ram and tried new ram modules still nothing.


So I am kind of stumped on what to do, the laptop will just not turn on.

Its not under warranty anymore so cant send it off.

It has not been exposed to any elements(extreme heat or water).

and its never been dropped or anthing.


Im kind of wondering maybe the power button board its self is bad?

If feels fine, its not loose or anything but could it

have just stopped working? for those who are not familiar with this model.

the power button is on the side and is a kind of drag and release button.

Its also on the same board with the Wifi button and 2 Usb ports.


But Im wondering before I buy a new one if this is what it could be.

Or could the motherboard its self be bad?

But even if the motherboard is bad would it still power up

just not post?


Also does anyone know of any other way to try to power this laptop up

without using the slide button. I mean kind of like off a Dv6000 you can power the laptop on by using the Quicklaunch buttons on top but this laptop does not have those.


If anyone can provide any information I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Need Help HP DM3 (DM3-1130us) Laptop will not power on. No power at all except for light on a/c jack

Hey Tyler,

Unfortunately it is difficult to troubleshoot this type of issue. The majority of the time when the computer wont power on with the same symptoms you described, the power supply board is faulty. Most of the time if the motherboard is bad it should at least turn on or so some signs of life. Like I said, this is most of the time. Sometimes it could do exactly what your experiencing. I would suspect the power supply board has failed since you are not receiving any sort of lights, sounds, etc.

You could check the motherboard for swollen capacitors or loose solder joints but sometimes you wont be able to find anything.

I hope this helps answers your questions,

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