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Pavilion 17-e048CA laptop memory upgrade


I have plan to upgrade my laptop memory mudule.

Currently there is ONE DIMM(8GB, default memory. factory installed).

and my laptop has one more memory slot.

so I think I can add one more memory module simply.

but I found some spec. from your HP site.

that is the maximum memory of my laptop ( Pavilion 17-e048CA ..from best buy)

is 8GB..??

so There is one more memory slot. but memory is already maximum..

Can I add one more memory module?


one more question.

If adding module is possible, my latop is working dual channel memory bus or still single channel memory bus?


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Re: Pavilion 17-e048CA laptop memory upgrade

According to the Service Manual 8gb is the max and it expressly mentions 1 x 8 gb as a maximum configuration.




This seems odd because usually the maximum single module is 50% of the total max in both slots. However, also lists the maximum as 8 gb. It would run dual channel with 2 identical sticks so perversely, if you sold the 8 gb module and installed 2 x 4 gigs the laptop would run a teensy bit faster. If you really want to speed it up install an SSD. Even if you could go from 8 to 16 gigs I doubt you would see much improvement, where I can guarantee night and day improvement over a standard hard drive if you install an SSD. 


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Re: Pavilion 17-e048CA laptop memory upgrade

Thanks, Huffer.


I think that performance - difference between single channel and dual channel is small under usual situation.

but graphic or game has different situation.

This A10 process has only one benefit again i5 series.. That is game performance.(except price)

and This APU share main memory.  so single memory channel means losing graphic performance.

In this case, what is this A10 APU benefit than intel i5(especially haswel)?

I don't understand HP engineer mind. why they do not install 4gb x2 dimm ?

I know laptop is not good for game. but that is another issue.

As you know HP pavilion 15" model (A10 process) has only one memory slot.

and this 17" model has two memory slot. that's why I buy this latop.


thank you.

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Re: Pavilion 17-e048CA laptop memory upgrade

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Though this is an older post and there has not been a clear yes or no answer, I will attemp to answer the question as I have been a computer tech since the 1980's when I worked on a PC 4 with 4 Kb Ram and saved my programs typed in Basic out to a cassette recorder because floopy drives and hard drives were not in consumer computers yet.


In my experience when a manufacturer puts one memery (memmory) module in one slot and leaves one slot empty, it is implied that you can put another memory module in the empty slot.


Over the years I have found it is best to put identicle matching memory chips in the computer.  Some times you can mix them. Meaning you can add a 512 meg chip with a 128 or 256 meg chip.  I have enven put a 2 gig chip in with a 4 gig chip and it worked and other times in did not work.  It is really the bios in the PC first and then the Operating System that are factors. Both must be able to see and use the memory config you are trying.


If you want to make 100% sure, it is best to find a local computer business and take your laptop in and ask them to see if it will work with another memory chip added. It may cost you $5 or $10 more but usually they can try different chips they have on hand to see if they can find one that will work with what is already in your Laptop/Desktop.


If that does not work, sometimes they will take out the chip you have and put in two matching ones.  You may pay a small additional fee for trading in your existing chip, but it might be needed that you need two identicle chips of the same manufacturer and type.


Say you have DDR3 PC3-12800 and they onle have DDR3 PC3-14900 (non-ECC).  They may not work together so you will need to have two DDR3 PC3-14900 (non-ECC).  In this case, you would trade in your existing memory for a new one and buy the other new one.  So say the DDR3 PC3-14900 (non-ECC) is $110 and you trade on your DDR3 PC3-12800 on it, you pay $75 for it and then buy the other one for $110 and then pay the $10 fee for testing the different types of memory.


$110 + $75, + $10 = $195


With that, you know there is no issue and time will tell if it is stable.  If after gaming, the computer crashes some, you might have to take it back and get your old memory back and they will order you matching memory to your older memory and refund you some of what you originally payed.  in that case it might look like this.


Order new or used DDR3 PC3-12800 $79 + $10 shipping = $89 + $10 install fee = $99



$110 + $75, + $10 = $195 prepayed -  $99 = $96 refund

Then you wait for the memory to come in and come back and then they try that memory.  If it does not work, then they refund the $89 for the chip less 15% for restock fee.


So if it does not work, you are out $10 for what they went through for you and the 15% restock fee wich will be about $13 because before you went in, they had the newest memory in their store to sell and now they have one older chip they hope someone will come in and buy.  So you will be out about $23, but you will know that everything was tried to get 16 Gig memory to work in your computer.


If it does work, you are the lucky one who about 10% to 15% of the time can put more memory inside their computer than the manufacturer says will work and the computer does not crash.  just because it boots up does not mean it will run stable under load for an exstended period of time.


Remember that you want your computer to work strong and stable under load and not just sitting there while running the screen saver or some office  or email program.


The way to save a little money would be go online and see if HP sells a memory upgrade kit for your laptop.  They will be selling memory that they know works with your HP PC.  Follow your HP PC manual directions. 


The other option is to see if there is a local computer club to join and see if someone will try out their memory inside your laptop so you know what will work.  That is a benefit to being a member of a club.  Just remember to do likewise for someone else.  There are always risks though.  The other person is risking something happening to their memory by removing it and transfering it to your PC and back again to their PC.


This is written and posted March  2014.

I hope this helps.


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