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Problems with laptop when charging!



I noticed that this might be a common problem with HP model. I have been trying to make my laptop (Pavilion dv7, bought less then a year ago) to work as it used before for a week now and still can't manage.

It seems that the Laptop is not charged, if switched on, and battery is empty (less or equal to 9% of charge). However when I turn it off, after some time (IMPORTANT: not immediately after), it starts charging.

However I noticed that Battery does get charged when it is still 75% charged. This happens even when doing heavy duty work (Power Plan set to High Performance, 1 Virtual Machine running, 20 YouTube videos, and Playing DVD).

I tired all tricks in the book (un-install battery driver and re-install it [done automatically from Windows7], Remove battery when switched off, turn it on with only adapter, switch it off again, attach battery and plug in adapter, etc). However although these seem to work once ot twice, the problem always re-appears!

Personally I still can't figure if this is a software or hardware problem! I do not thing the battery has any problems since after it is charged, without any the adapter it gives me full 2 hours of heavy duty work (Virtual Machines, Streaming Videos, etc). Also the battery check tells me that the battery health is “Good”, which means it should be charging correctly.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?


Simon J.

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Re: Problems with laptop when charging!

Try updating your system's BIOS.  Then perform a hard reset after the BIOS update.



To Perform A Hard Reset


  • Shut down the computer by going to the Start menu and selecting shut down. (If you have no display, hold the power button down for  5 seconds)
  • Disconnect the AC Adapter from the notebook.
  • Remove the battery from the bottom of the notebook.  There will be a switch/button to eject the battery.
  • Wait at least 1 minute with all power sources disconnected.
  • Re-insert the battery and reconnect the AC Adapter and then attempt to power on the notebook.


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Re: Problems with laptop when charging!



I did as you suggested. I allowed the battery to drain (10% charged) and connected the adapter. As usual it did not want to charge. At this stage (that is what adapter connector but battery not charging) I did a battery health test using HP Support Assistance installed on Windows7 by default. This told me that battery should be replaced and gave me a warranty id.


After this I downloaded the system BIOS by downloading it from the HP Support & Drivers site ( After this (with the adapter connected) I installed the new BIOS driver. This when ready restarted the computer. I turned the computer on again to confirm that the correct version of the BIOS was installed. Note that at this stage the battery still did not start to charge and therefore I turned the computer off and followed the steps given above to hard reset the battery. When I inserted the battery and connected the adapter the battery started to charge immediately. After turning on the computer I did a battery health test and this time the test said that battery health was good.


I then waited until battery was fully charged and allowed it to drain up to 10%. Again when I connected the adapter the battery did not charge and in Windows 7 it tells me “plugged in, not charging”. If I do a battery test at this point (adapter connector but battery not charging) I get the message that battery has to be replaced and I am given the warranty id.


Is there anything else I can try!?

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Re: Problems with laptop when charging!

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Hi again,


Well I still did not manage to solve the problem. However what I noticed is that laptop starts recharing the battery after a dew minutes (I do not think more then 5 minutes) both when it is switched on or off.


Additionally I repeat that the laptop does not seem to have the problem (i.e. - it starts recharging immediatly) when the battery is for example 30% or more.


Today I also tried to calibrate the battery. I followed the instructions from here; However what I noticed is that when battery was nearly depleted, rather then turn off, the computer started to go to sleep mode (as it usually does with the other plans). Does this mean thast calibration failed?

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Re: Problems with laptop when charging!

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I have a brand new 17.3 inch Pavilion model: 17-e017dx and when it came in to me,  the charger and blue incator light glowed brightly, showing a fully charged battery - somewhere along the way, the charging stopped - it could have been caused by my recent upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 -I spent 2 or 3 hours researching to try and aleviate the non-charge problem but to no sucess - i ran the battery test winmdow at least 10 times and no change - then i tried this and it worked! - remove the battery and then re-insert after a few minutes - thank you.


my next step(s) might have been to locate and re-install either the BIOS or the DRIVER for this charger - something that really should not have been required on a new computer like i have now.


briefly this is the way the small round neon light changes color depending on the battery status; (located right near the A/C round plug on most NoteBook-LapTops.


* bright blue indicates a fully charged battery condition - present esp. when plugged into the A/C power adapter

* flashing red-amber indicates a non-charging condition status

* red-amber that does not flash on-off indicates that the battery charger is working properly, but is in the charging mode


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