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Supposed Hard Disk Test Failed

Hello Forum,


I have an 8-month old HP Probook5310 which has not given me any problems so far. Last night as I was working on it the desktop froze out of the blue, Ctrl + Alt + Del was not functioning, prompting me to power it off.

I have been unable to load Windows since. When I power it on, I get a Blue Screen for a split second (no way to read anything off it) and am asked whether to run Windows 7 normally or in Safe mode.

- Safe mode results in the usual blue windows wallpaper and a distorted mouse icon: nothing appears, nothing happens

- Loading windows 7 normally I get a "loading Windows files" banner which equally fails and brings me back to the previous screen (choosing whether to run windows normally or in safe mode)


Entering setup upon start and running the HP tests, I get a "Hard Disk Test Failed" message. However, I did not shake, drop, knock or in any way damage my laptop prior to this. The laptop is fairly new and has not given any problems, I have never seen the notorious Blue Screen before!


Can it really be that my HDD failed out of the blue?? Or can this be the work of a virus? Can I bypass it or should I just give up and change my Hard Disk? In this case, can I recover my data without messing with the warranty (HP won't do it and I think they do not replace for free if the laptop has been tampered with). I am at a loss here, please help!

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Re: Supposed Hard Disk Test Failed

Hard drives can and do go bad "out of the blue". The SMART error (HDD failing) is not caused by a virus; it comes from a microchip insude the drive, not from data on the platters. If the hard drive still spins it is likely that data can be recovered but every time you power the laptop on you lower the odds of that so stop. Remove the hard drive. Hard drives are customer accessible and removal of the hard drive does not affect the warranty. You are correct that HP does not care about your data so you need to get a usb to SATA adapter for the purposes of recovering your data. HP will replace the hard drive but they will charge your credit card and refund when you send back the old one. What a hassle. With the best laptop hard drives costing under $100 and a good one costing more like $60 I would just buy a new hard drive. I hope you made the recovery DVDs when the laptop was brand new as they will come in handy now. If not you need to reload software to the new drive. HP will send a recovery disk at a nominal charge since you are still under warranty or you can use the Windows Key Code with an OS install disk. Post back if you need more help.

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Re: Supposed Hard Disk Test Failed



If your Hard Drive is failing you could try the process on the link below to create a bootable Ubuntu CD that can run from your CD/DVD drive and follow the instructions on the link.  As this process just involves running software, you don't need to worry about the status of your HP warranty and it has been known to work on drives that are failing.


On the next link is the download and instructions for creating a bootable Antivirus disk.  This needs to be created on another PC, then insert into your Probook and reboot to start the scan.  However, if your Hard Drive really is failing, this probably won't run.


Hope this helps and if you are able to recover your files, get HP to repair the PC under warranty.  There are obviously companies that specialise in retrieving data from failed drives but I would recommend checking with HP first in case this voids your warranty.


Let me know how you get on.


Best wishes,




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