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System will not power up at all AC power light only G50-109NR

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I have a HP G50-109NR that has had the following parts replaced up to this point.:

  • System Board
  • Power On Assembly Board
  • Plug In Type DC Power Jack

I get the light next to the power jack to come on when I plug the power supply in.

That is all I can get to happen on this laptop. I don't want to give up, it seams to me like it is still not getting power but yet the little light next to the plug lights up. I have checked the output of the power supply and it seems to be working. I mean not a beep no other lights come on nothing. This time the system board came directly from HP. I have used very good anti static protection through the process. Anti static mats my self and even my hand tools are grounded together.

Please anyone that has any Ideas at all please contact me via my email [text removed for privacy]

Thank You for any help received.

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Re: System will not power up at all AC power light only G50-109NR

have you checked the functionality of the power button itself?
Sometimes (more often than not now days) the button on the outside that your finger actually touches is only a plastic stub that extends into the computer and presses the tiny button on the board.


Which brings me to the next question, if the power button is on a seperate board from the motherboard, have you checked all of the cable and plug connections? Is that board dud, has it been replaced?


By "system board" do you mean the motherboard, where the RAM, CPU, expansion cards and such all plug into? Or do you mean some kind of control board, like what I mention above?


Is the LED on the same PCB as the DC jack? If it is, does the connector between that board and the motherboard have a good connection?


Have you tried removing all of the devices from the computer, such as the harddrive, optical drive, miniPCI/PCIe card, US devices, keyboard and touchpad (unless the power button is integrated into the keyboard)? Even the RAM?

One more question, are you positive the laptop is not turning on, or is the LCD not powering up? For that matter, the inverter for the LCD could be dud and is causing enough of a power draw on the system when it gets power to instantly kill it. Try removing the LCD connections and plug in a VGA monitor if possible, or just watch for the system LEDs to start their thing.


Also, it is quite possible that HP sent you a bad motherboard, or that the shipperdamaged the board in transit. Big, brand new computer case box with a picture of a computer and "FRAGILE" written in big red letters on all sides of the bot and "TOP" written on the top... and it still came to me crushed. Thanks again FedEx.


Hope at least something here helps ya!



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Re: System will not power up at all AC power light only G50-109NR


Thnx for your reply.

I have been in the business for 10 years retired now. here is a more detailed list of what has been replaced and done up to this point.--ALL PARTS USED ARE NEW

  1. Motherboard
  2. A power button board where the cable and buttons are on.
  3. DC Power Jack including wire harness
  4. DC Power Supply

The power button board is where the buttons are that you talked about, seperate from the motherboard.

The dc power pilot light i am talking about is actually an integral part of the dc power jack itself. No other lights on the laptop come on. The original problem was no power up due to dc power jack bad.

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Re: System will not power up at all AC power light only G50-109NR

Have you tested the polarity, voltage, amperage and such coming out of the power brick? There is definately power coming out of it, but LEDs, as I'm sure you know, will light up with a lot of power specs, including what may be out of range for the motherboard to power on with.


I take it the battery is completely discharged? I have owned several second hand laptops that have had issues with batteries. One, the battery was toasted, and if it was in the laptop, it wouldn't power up regardless of the DC input. The one I'm using now won't power on unless the battery /is/ installed, though the lights come on.  Maybe you have a similar situation there.


I'd still consider stripping everything non-essential off the motherboard to try.

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