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White light button not working on the mute button hp dv7

I have a HP Pavilion dv7-6154ea

Win7 Home Premium 64bit

 Firstly I would point out that the actual function of the mute/sound button works fine.

The orange light comes on  when I press to mute the sound, and the sound mutes.

The problem is that when I press this button again to turn on the sound which it does correctly no white light appears on this button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: White light button not working on the mute button hp dv7

I believe that your mute button is working correctly. I can understand the confusion--maybe this notebook has a wifi button next to the mute button that shows an orange light when wifi is turned off, and shows a white light when the wifi is turned on. The mute button only lights up (orange) when mute is on, and does not have a white light to indicate the sound is on. 


As long as the mute/sound function is working correctly I wouldn't worry about it. Smiley Happy If you need a visual indicator that the sound is on, there should be a small speaker icon in the taskbar notification area on your desktop. It will have a red circle with a line through it if the sound is off, and it should just show a little white speaker icon if the sound is on.

I am an HP employee.
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Re: White light button not working on the mute button hp dv7

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Interesting... One of my notebooks is a dv7, though not the 6154.


The "white light" for the WiFi is on f12... it does seem that the "mute" button might conflict visually if there were a white light for the mute "off" as well.  I am glad my dv7 does not have this feature.  My keyboard does have the orange "mute on" indicator.  Never have seen a "white" mute off indicator.


I cannot find reference to the white light "mute off" indicator in the dv7 manuals.


If you do not get a reasonable and helpful response, then you might consider that for most single key failures, it is necessary to replace the keyboard. 


You might get away with a driver update, but I have a suspicion that is not the issue.


You could try a Hard Reset... again, a long shot.



The Hard Reset:

For a notebook with a Removable battery…

This method works for a variety of Driver connection and ‘stuck’ program issues.


  • Shut down the computer
  • Disconnect all external devices - everything.
  • Remove AC power and the battery
  • Press and hold power button for at least 30 seconds
  • Reinstall the AC power cord for first startup ** See Note
  • Power on - Log in
  • Next time you shut down the system, reinstall battery.

** Note:  If time is short, reinstall battery the first time and be done with it.



Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues







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Re: White light button not working on the mute button hp dv7

Thank you for response, however I am certain that this button did show a white light when the mute was disabled and reference is made to this fact in the following HP manual

HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC

Maintenance and Service Guide


HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide ›

External component identification page 11

Lights page 15

(3) Mute light

White: Computer sound is on.

Amber: Computer sound is off.


Excuse the pun, but I hope that this sheds alittle more light on this problem.  
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Re: White light button not working on the mute button hp dv7

Well, that's why they build different models; everyone can have what they want.  Smiling.  I'd Still like to have a back-lit keyboard, and I might get it on my next system...


You may still have to replace the whole keyboard to get it working again if you cannot find another way to kick it back into operation (reset, driver update, restore (see blow)).  A "one key" replacement is not an option, as far as I know.


If the key stopped working after a recent update, then you can try the "System Restore" option, that of taking the system back to a time / date prior to the failure.  Lights, key functions, options sometimes fall prey to updates in the code.


Thinking about it... the code MIGHT be buried in the package for the "On Screen Display".  You could try reinstalling that from your computer's website.  Look in Category Utility - Tools.


Good Luck!


Kind Regards,
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