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dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights
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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

I have the dv5-1000 model and this actually worked for me as well...I didnt think it was going to because as I was removing components and powering on and off i was still getting the flashing LEDs until the final reinsert of the ram and booted...however i got a checksum error after but i loaded the default and it is running ....Thanks a lot I know how frusterated I I am and the HP techs are totally clueless.  they told me that 2 blinks was signaling a corrupt registry and she had to go into my cpu to fix it,,,anyway i will never pay $400 to have someone fix this pile...As you stated its a flawed machine and I will never purchase any HP computer again based on the performance and the absence on the part of HP in assisting the customers that make pretty large investments in the below average products they roll out.  Next time i promise not t purchase anything manufactured by HP because of this experience.


Anyways thanks for the post, again it took me a good 20-30 mins or soo to complete your procedures but when i did it definitely worked and my dv5-1000.  Although as i write this on a different computer i just finished  all these procedures 15 min so i better goo check to make sure my system is still working, yep its working fine...thanks again

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

make sure you dont disconect the hard drive just pull it out to get to the screw for the cpu to release

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

POSSIBLE REASON: Excessive charge stored within the components of the laptop.


In this situation there is a failsafe that will stop current going to different parts and being the screen uses more power than anything it is most often affected.

SOLUTION: Unplug the power, take the battery out and hold down the power button for around 60seconds. This will release any excess charge built up in the machine. Put the power back in and turn on.

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights


I just started having the exact same problem with my dv5 1002nr.  I took it to a computer repair place and they told me it is a said it is a common problem with these laptops - they said that the motherboard is bad but it would cost at least $400 to replace it so it would not be worth it. 


HP should definitely definitely take responsibility for this, as these motherboards should not be failing after such a short period of time.  But they won't - so the only solution is to never buy another HP product.  It's a real shame to have to trash the laptop (not to mention all the money that I wasted in buying this laptop), but they leave you no choice. 

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

I have a dv7-1135nr doing the same thing.  They have different MoBo's, and I've replace my MoBo to the tune of $165 and the problem didn't get fixed.  I will try this fix tonight, since I have to remove the MoBo to send it back anyway.  I hope it works.  Even if long enough to get my files over to my other computer.  What a POS.  I;ve tried all the other solutions, including the one about holding the power button down.  I've even tried to boot with an actual MS Vista OS disk.  It worked enough to get a screen up and get me to my user account, but then it hung and I never got any further.  It hasn't booted since then.

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

Hi Ranger,


      My girlfriend's father has a dv5-1002nr that has the black screen and the blinking lights when you try to start also beeps loudly in 5 sets of 3 beeps. He took it to a PC shop where the guy told him he needed a new motherboard. So I bought one online for him for $120 and replaced it for him. THIS DID ABSOLUTELT NOTHING. It has the same exact problem with the exact same symptoms that it did before I replaced the motherboard....therefore the guy at the PC shop didn't know what he was talking about. The only other thing it could possibly be is the processor.....which would have been only slightly easier to replace considering you have to dismantle the laptop literally in to every single seperate component to get to the processor.....TOTAL PAIN IN THE ASS!...It took me 3 hours for the whole job and I'm not looking foward to doing it again....but I think if I can get a computer place to test the processor for me for less than $20 I will do it. I am not sure if they are able to test processors (just the cpu) if I take it in not attached to a laptop.....Because a new cpu for a mobile PC is several hundred dollars unless I get one off eBay.

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

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I wouldn't be suprised if this is the same problem the TX line has. It is the igp or maybe if it has a gpu it's the gpu. The problem is the lame thermal solution for the igp/gpu. The solder becomes fractured from insane peak temperature and quick cool down. Lots of thermal cycling isn't so bad, but thermal cycling with fast heat ups to very high temps combined with quick cool downs equals fractures in the solder joints.


People have been fixing this by 'reflowing' the chip. HP needs to be held accountable for a garbage thermal solution.

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

Ok....So I spoke with a person at PcDoctor and they say they get an HP dv series in about once a week and they recommend NOT fixing them...although they will diagnose it for if you have a local PcDoctor near you let them diagnose it. If they tell you the problem outlined in this post is the motherboard they are most likely incorrect.....I believe it is the processor (cpu) as I replaced the motherboard on the recommendation of another local shop and it did not fix the problem. PcDoctor recommends just having the data transferred to another disc (they can do that for $99) and tossing the rest of it in the garbage...or if you have another HP laptop that is compatable with your hard drive I recommend plugging in your hard drive to the working laptop and either transferring the data yourself to a high capacity flash drive or to another pc or external drive via usb data transfer cable. If you really want to save the laptop you will need to get an external cooling unit for it because this is the reason for the problem and it will just happen again if you don't address the cooling issue. I have included detailed instructions on how to replace the motherboard on the dv5-1002nr below. I recommend replacing the cpu can get one on eBay brand new for $99. if you do this you just need to do steps 1-18 and then remove the heat sync and fan assembly to get to the cpu.....The best of luck to all who were duped by HP.


P.S. I highly recommend taking as many pictures as possible when doing this ...especially of cables...such as how they are routed and where they are plugged in if you have not done this before. you should also use a grounding strap (or be very carefull when moving the motherboard to the grounding mat not to touch any of the circuitry on the board) will need to remove the motherboard completely to get to the cpu....Also make sure to use fresh thermal conductivity compound when installing the new cpu.


  1. Remove 3 bottom panels
  2. Remove hard drive
  3. Remove ram
  4. Remove bottom screws (18)
  5. Pry up bezel until it's completely loose under screen from seems on back (but do not remove)
  6. Remove keyboard screws (4)
  7. Remove keyboard
  8. Remove bezel listed in step 5
  9. Remove screen attachment screws (4) and remove screen
  10. Remove black panel with buttons (2) under where screen was
  11. Remove top panel by prying up
  12. On bottom of motherboard remove 2 screws at top middle
  13. Remove disc player by sliding out (may be a center bottom hold down screw)
  14. Unplug 2 cables on top right
  15. Unplug 1 cable bottom center
  16. Remove 1 screw under the small ribbon cable located bottom right
  17. Remove small green unit attached to motherboard at bottom middle
  18. Remove motherboard


You are now ready to replace the motherboard or cpu

(But there are a few things you will need to do first…)


Place the old motherboard and new motherboard on grounding mat next to each other


  1. Remove SD card drawer and install on new motherboard
  2. Remove the black cable plug top Left and install on new motherboard
  3. Unplug fan
  4. Remove fan and heat sync assembly (3 screws) install on new motherboard
  5. Remove processor by turning plastic lock screw ½ turn and install on new motherboard
  6. Re-install motherboard by following steps 1-18 in reverse.
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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights

One mistake in those directions....after you remove the heat sync and fan assembly from the old motherboard....set aside until you remove the cpu and reinstall on new motherboard...Or if you are just replacing the cpu.....then install heat sync and fan assembly.

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Re: dv5 1002nr fix for black screen and 2 blinking lights after replacing the mother board....and the ram with no results I replaced the CPU.....THIS IS THE PROBLEM with 2 blinking lights and a black screen....don't waste your money replacing anything is the processor.....replace it and it will start....the problem I have run into is that since I replaced the motherboard originally I can't get the hard drive to boot.....still working on a solution for that......the motherboard will not let the hard drive boot no matter what....booting from the cd....trying to just wipe the hard drive clean and installing new OS.....running the recovery discs.......doesn't matter.....cannot access hard drive after installing new motherboard....I am considering putting the old one back in now that I know the problem was the CPU......waiting for a response from the company I bought the motherboard from.

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