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high CPU usage, overheating, and high fan speed on DV4-1125nr

the process igfxsrvc.exe is running in between 30 and 40 of my CPU. my total CPU is about 55% or so while idle. i tried disabling that driver, and it's CPU went down to about 20, but my total CPU was still at the same place, if not a little higher. also, my computor is overheating a lot, and my fan is constantly running on it's highest speed. i do not believe that this is caused by a dirty vent. also, I have checked the version of the graphics driver and the BIOS(both of which i saw the suggestion to update by several people having similar problems) and both are up to date. what is the problem? am i being highjacked/ infested with viruses and i dont know it despite having already ran all my virus protection and anti-malware programs? someone please help before i have to take it to geek squad! thank you in advance!

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Re: high CPU usage, overheating, and high fan speed on DV4-1125nr

just an update;


i also downloaded and ran spybot, it found 5 problems, but none of them were related to my problem. it still persists. PLEASE HELP!

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Re: high CPU usage, overheating, and high fan speed on DV4-1125nr

I had the same issue. The problem that I had only started happening when I updated my graphics driver to the newest version trying to fix a crackling sound when plugging the HDMI cable into a LCD TV.


My guess is that your laptop is using the newest updates for the graphics driver, which I think has a bug.


Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Graphics Driver


Newest version: D Current  06-2009 D 02-2009 C 11-2008

Original version: A  07-2008


After installing the new graphics driver that didn't fix the crackling sound from the HDMI connection, I noticed my CPU usage started to stay at 100% constantly.


Further research into CPU usage showed that igfxsrvc.exe started to utilize the processor constantly causing the 100% usage.


Anyhow with a constant hogging of CPU cycles your battery life will be short.


I tried all versions of the driver back to the original version, that ended up fixing the CPU usage and now  igfxsrvc.exe remains at an idle state.


What version of the driver are you running under Devices > Display Adapters > Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family > Properties > Driver Tab?


Hopefully you are running an Intel 4 Series Chipset.


Anyhow, that was my fix for now.

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Re: high CPU usage, overheating, and high fan speed on DV4-1125nr



I decided to sacrifice a little bit of performance for the sake of cool temperatures and silent fan. I have HP DV6, with AMD Turion RM-74 and HD4650.


So, Yes, You will loose up to 15 percent Your CPU power, but heyh, this processor is so fast that You will barelly notice the change. You will still watch HD content with 720p and everything else smoothly. Note, that gaming will be harder part but consider Your laptop not as a device created for heavy gaming.


At one point or another, during games, someday Your notebook inevitably colapse. It's just not meant for gaming, no matter what the specs are...




So, how to reduce Your notebook temps:

(i) Power Options -> More power options,

(ii) Balanced plan -> Change settings,

(iii) Change advanced power settings

(iv) Processor power management -> Maximum processor state -> On Battery - 50 percent, Plugged in - 85 percent.

(vi) Save changes and close.


Now, mine temperatures are - idle 48, heavy load - 57, extremelly heavy load (HD 720p content) - 62-63. (At the moment my CPU cores are at 47 celsius).


CPU still works fast, not so fast as it is working on 100 percent, but hey, fan is silent, and if You want gaming - go to Your desktop pc, leave notebook for lighter tasks, even though the notebooks specs are high,

it simply cannot handle the heat.


Best regards.

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Overheating, and high fan speed on G72 and probably other models.

I found a solution to the overheating problem on the G72. It's real easy to fix. I no longer need a cooling pad and it never shuts down anymore!



In Windows 7... Go to Control Panel, then Power Options. Click on Change Plan Settings. Then Change Advanced Power Settings. Then click on Processor Power Management.  Then Maximum Power State. Change "on battery" and "plugged in" from 100% down to 85%. This way the processor won't run at full speed and will run much cooler. I can even put it on my lap now without the cooling pad, yet I don't find it made the computer noticeably slower. I also sprayed the fan intakes with that compressed air (Duster) but I don't think that was contributing to the problem. They were pretty clean to begin with.

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