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HP 2000 notebook high CPU usage



I just bought a new HP 2000 Notebook PC and it is very slow when just doing simple things like opening programs and watching a small video on you tube or on yahoo. The CPU usage is 96% all the time and I think that is high! How do I make my laptop faster????

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Re: HP 2000 notebook high CPU usage

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Hello Dani2013,


I see that you are having problems with the computer being slow and the cpu usage being high on your HP computer. I would like to help with this issue but I need some information.


Can you provide the full model and product number of the computer? Here is a link that shows how to find that information.

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Re: HP 2000 notebook high CPU usage

Sadly I was stupid enough to pick the worst computer you could possibly pick in the store. I was so dumb to think it was all Winbdows  8 but really my ignorance got the best of me,and it was actually the computer itself. I use a lot of medical simulators, and sad to say, they are laggy, slow, and any flash player requirement weather it be YouTube videos, or the running these simulators, throughout the whole lagging, jerking thing, MY CPU USAGE IS 98-99% and my mouse is jerky. the whole thing is jerky.


After about two months, I have had it. I'm going to risk ruining the already garbage computer by taking out memory from my old windows 7 HP laptop and putting it into this thing. I have never done this before, and this old donating computer is like 2 years old I'm going to guess, so I know I'm risking crashing my new computer, since I have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN I DO THIS. I can operate a cardiopulmonary bypass machine, but never have put memory into a computer, and don't know what happens when you do it. iF YOU EVER FIXED THIS WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY ASOMETHING, PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DID, AND HOW IT IS WORKING. i REALLY AM DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF FOR GETTING SUCH A HUNK OF GARBAGE.

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