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System Recovery Failure using back up System restore DVD's: HP ENVY 14-1110nr Windows 7

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System Recovery failure.


I have an HP ENVY 14-1110nr Notebook. Product : XG978UA#ABA.


The original Samsung 640 GB drive has failed.  (So the system says, but I’m still not so sure of that. It will not clone or let an image be made of it, (to many read errors) but when I put it a USB caddy and attach it to my HP Desktop I can read everything on it??)


SO, in any case I,  have attempted to restore the Factory System without success to a new replacement Seagate HD : MomentusXT Hybrid Drive.


System recovery fails when trying to restore using the Back Up  System Recovery Disc to the ne Seagate replacement hard drive.


Recovery progresses OK until after the last DVD is loaded and the system says: “ it will now expand  and install the

Factory System Software, and that  it is done loading the recovery image, Don’t touch any Key etc.”


Then the notebook  apparently  tries to reboot to begin the system install, (i.e. “Opens to the Windows desktop” I presume ! )  but returns the massage: “No bootable

Drive. Insert Boot Disk  and press any key”   It just sits there and will not do anything besides waiting for a bootable drive.


I can’t seem to get beyond this failure to continue the recovery normally.


The BIOS is set to boot from Internal Drive.  The BIOS settings are all at default.  It appears to me that although the back up Restore Disks load to the new hard drive normally, but  after that the drive  is still not bootable in order to begin the actual recovery process.


There is an HP note describing this possible failure, with suggested actions to correct the problem at:


“System Recover May Fail or Display Error Message”



But none of these measures described in the advisory note work .  For one thing the note says to make sure the WiFi switch is turned on.

But I try to turn it on before the install of the recovery disk as directed in the HP note, but it remains off (Orange light on) Pushing the switch

does nothing.  (If I do boot up the computer with a known bootable DVD as a test to look at the drive etc, the WiFi light comes on and can be shut off.


But not when installing the System recovery disk or after, it remains off no matter me trying to turn it on.


Also per step 2 of the note , it assume that the computer will reboot and suggest that you then do the recovery from  The recovery Manager by pressing F11.


Since the system will not reboot  I cannot try this either.  (Or when I press to ESC to get to the Hp Start Up Menu options “Bios etc,”  the F11 option does not work.

When I press F11  ( System Recovery option).  The same error message is returned: No Bootable Drive …  ETC.


 I’m assuming the  Restore DVDs are supposed to make the drive bootable, and install the Recovery image.  Reboot then expand and install the Factory system.


But the Restore DVD’s are apparently not actually making the drive bootable for some reason, this is my assumption ??


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should  proceed,  work abounds,  Or know solutions ?  . I’m Defiantly in a Catch 22  loop with this Notebook.


Thank You for your assistance.




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Re: System Recovery Failure using back up System restore DVD's: HP ENVY 14-1110nr Windows 7

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Perhaps you need to run this utility first.  This would only be applicable in the case of the HP recovery disks, not ones you make from the Recovery Manager.


"CyberLink Recovery Discs utility resolves an issue where Recovery Discs sent from HP do not work on a new hard drive."


If you can't get the disks to work, I have a workaround which you may want to use.


If you can read the 25 character Microsoft windows 7 product key, you can download plain Windows 7 ISO files to burn to DVD's for the version of windows that came installed on your PC, and that is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC's case.


Burn the ISO using the Burn ISO option on your DVD burning program and burn at the slowest possible speed your program will allow. This will create a bootable DVD.


Use the 25 character product key on the PC to activate the installation.


The key will activate either a 32 or 64 bit installation.


Then go to the PC's support and driver page to install the drivers you need.


Link to the W7 ISO file downloads is below.​p1-iso-from-digital-river/



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Re: System Recovery Failure using back up System restore DVD's: HP ENVY 14-1110nr Windows 7 64 Bit

Thank You for the info on the Windows Image file.


Yes, I can read the MS Windows Key. No problem, its under the battery, protected from wear and tear, and the computer is practically new.


I did use Restore Disk that I created two days ago, just before the original HD lost its ability to actually load into Windows, after it still did boot up. . (Even Though the "Imminent Failure of the hard drive message was popping up every 5 minutes or so. )  Have you seen problems where the restore disk create and load just as if every thing is working normally but that the disk are actually bad. ?


Seems to me that error checking of sorts should be built into the "Make Recovery DVD's" process from the recovery image so one would know that they have good disk set or not.  I wonder that if I order the Recovery Disk set from HP, that the restore process will end up with the same results, (i.e... not work ), or work with the supplied disk ?  I will probably order the disk to find out, but expect to the same result as now, but hope not. It's just a chance, but probably not a very good one that they will work any better.


The reason I want to restore to full factory, is because this was an expensive Premium Notebook  PC, with Beats Audio etc, that has many accessory software apps included with it. And the notebook actually is owned by my my Nephew who is a college student.  I want to help him get back to "just like new"  I was able to back up all his User folder data, before the original HD was not accessible in the machine any longer.


If I go the route of installing a generic Windows Image, I get none of the applications and special features back that came with the machine , and the hassle and uncertainty of finding and applying multiple drivers, or accepting maybe less that optimum drivers from Microsoft, and not even knowing that I've got all of them or the best of them.


So, as you see, only as a last resort do I want to go with the install of the  ISO image.


Thus I'm still looking for answers, and  I guess after many years of prompting the HP brand to friends and associates , I must say that I'm currently very disappointed with their lack of support without shelling out to them more than a new PC would cost, or even getting some direct some exact answers and solutions to problems like this from HP themselves.


But while I wait for the new Restore DVD set Disc to arrive, I'm still open to suggestions and help.  And probably afterwards also.  Any other ideals ??


Thank You again. Perry 


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Re: System Recovery Failure using back up System restore DVD's: HP ENVY 14-1110nr Windows 7 64 Bit

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You're very welcome, Perry.


I am perplexed by the scores of posts I see regarding either the self-made recovery disks or even the HP factory recovery disks not working.


I can't understand it at all but trust me, you are not alone!


If you can copy the SWSetup folder from your old hard drive, that contains most of the installation files for the drivers and special programs that came with your notebook, in sub folders within that directory.


That way if you have to resort to the install of a stripped version of W7, at least you should be able to reinstall most if not all of the applications that came with your PC (except Office 2010 Starter), which will not be on the recovery disks you made or the recovery disks from HP.


Other than that, I regret that I have no other recommendations for you at this time.



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Re: System Recovery Failure using back up System restore DVD's: HP ENVY 14-1110nr Windows 7 64 Bit

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Thanks  Paul;


I also  have read every  post here regarding the similar problems I am having. It's not encouraging.  I will probably try the image as a last resort,  or "experiment"  while I wait for the HP Restore Disc set   just to see if the new drive actually  will work with the machine, and proof that the PC itself is otherwise OK. 


 I also have the System Restore partition files from the original drive backed up on a portable drive.  ( But remember that's the same files that made the Recovery Disk set " for me !!)


  Maybe after I restore  Windows 7 64bit Pro with the ISO, or otherwise,  I  can put that partition back on the new drive,  copy the files and try to run the restore from there.  Interesting experiment maybe , but  probably of wasted time in the long run.  I  have wasted almost 3 days on this already, where a simple Restore from the HP DVD Restore Set  should have solved the problem in a few hours.  (A set I made from the computer Restore Disk creation system of the notebook itself.   I say this just so everyone reading this knows where the Restore Set actually came from in case it turns out that they are defective in some way) )


Thanks for the info on the SWsetup folder.  And loss of Office 2010 starter is of no consequence, because I removed that long ago (or its still there , I don't remember)  when I loaded on Office Professional 2007 for him when he first got the computer.  I have 4 copies of Office Pro 2007 that I got from Microsoft at a launch even when it was new, and it seems to let me install each one of them multiple times, no questions asked !   I may even have a few keys from my old subscription to the MS Action pack.  But the other applications that came with the machine when new we would like to have back.  So I continue to solicit help, suggestions, and maybe some help from HP.  It's something they are very aware of , i.e... because of the HP memo I referenced in my first post here regarding my exact problem.  only problem is their suggested solutions do not work in my case anyway. . .


So if you or anyone else have further or later thoughts on whats happening, please let me know,


Thank You.  Perry

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