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Where to find 32-bit/64-bit BIOS for HP mini 210-4000cto

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Product Name: HP mini 210
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)

For example:

I can find software and use HP mini 210-2177nr with HP 32-bit / 64-bit BIOS Software installed with Intel Graphics GMA 3150 with 32-bit or 64-bit software, with 32-bit/64-bit Intel N550 CPU and Intel Chipset CG82NM10 - NM10. At HP it does not explain its 32-bit/64-bit BIOS Software, yet once you watch as its installed - it does explain its 32bit/64bit Software. Therefore so thankful for the 32-bit/64bit BIOS Software installed. Depending upon what Solid State Drive I use for HP mini 210-2177nr - The SATA 2 Solid State Drives I used did not work well with this application, I found only the SATA 3 Solid State drives did, therefore a much better choice.  I find HP mini 210-2177nr 64-bit works better than 32-bit Software, therefore I installed and made it a 64-bit System to use - it works great. I also found that the HP 5272509-001 version of Intel 6200 wireless card works better than the Broadcom 4313 installed - the 4313 puts out more heat along with RAM and SSD. Therefore when the HP version of Intel 6200 installed I found less heat and less heat from RAM and SSD against my body - Therefore I found it possible to make a Netbook 64bit.


The difference here is:

HP mini 210-4000cto - The need for 32bit/64bit BIOS Software. Its only a 32bit BIOS Software.

With Intel N2800 CPU and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 and Intel Chipset NM10.


At Intel N2800 is found here:

At Intel NM10 is found here:  Specifications  or Chipset diagram


HP mini 210-2177nr uses Intel N550 and NM10

At Intel N550 is found here:


Intel N550 wrote: 64-bit and Max Memory Size 2GB. yet Intel N2800 can use 4GB and also 64bit


The RAM I used in HP mini 210-4000cto is made by Kingston - KTT1066D3/4G yet more companies can make a 4GB RAM for this Computer - Crucial or Transcend and others. Therefore depending on which RAM or Solid State Drive My WEI score was different.


This should do great HP 210-4000cto  will use 4GB RAM. 2GB  is the limit in HP mini 210-2177nr.


By adjusting Registry -   Display1_DownScalingSupported  from 0 to 1 where ever its found.

The max resolution is now 1152 x 864  yet 1024 x 768  is better for me.


Change LogPixels  -  Hkey Current User\Control Panel\Desktop 0x0000006c (108) (Program Text size)

Change LogPixels -   HKey Current Config\Software\Fonts to 0x0000007c (124) or lower (Login Text size)


Change "Windoows Colors and Metrics" (Windows Color and Appearance) :

Add Verdana (Font Size 11) Verdana is Larger and Clearer - With :

"Active Title Bar" then "Icons" then "Inactive Title Bar" then "Menu" then Message Box" then "Palette  Title" then  "Seleted Items" then "Tool Tips" on either Netbook


HP mini 210-4000cto with Transcend 4G 1333 DDR3 :

WEI is :   3.6

Processor :   3.6

Memory (RAM) :   5.4

Graphics :   5.9

Gaming Graphics :  3.7

Primary (my solid state drive) :   7.7


HP mini 210-2177nr with Crucial CT25664BC1339. 16FF - 2GB 10600 DDR3


WEI is :   3.0

Resolution is :  1152 x 864 by adjusting 2 things in registry and adjusting pixels with values of 84

Processor :   3.2

Memory (RAM) :   4.6

Graphics :   4.7

Gaming Graphics :  3.0

Primary (my solid state drive) :   7.6


Both wrote: Instruction Set 64-bit, therefore both HP mini 210-2177nr and HP mini 210-4000cto both can use 64-bit. To use 64-bit it must be 32/ 64-bit BIOS, therefore to use 64-bit it must use compatable software - it must be 64-bit, drivers, and Operating System. Most of the drivers (all but 1) did come from HP for HP mini 210-2177nr must install them to see that 32/64bit listing - while installing to see the list - where it shows the 32bit and 64bit listing.


HP mini 210-4000cto can also use 32/64bit therefore the need for 32bit/64bit BIOS software. Yet I found only 32-bit BIOS at HP and 32bit GMA 3600 Software when I checked HP, and Intel. I could not find 64-bit. I did find 64-bit software for GMA 3600 from a computer programmer - on the Internet. Therefore I found almost all HP software to be usable in 64-bit, (you must install it to see the listing) therefore I need 2 things, or just one - the 32-bit/64-bit BIOS Software.


 Please I need 32-bit/64-bit BIOS Software. Where or when HP 32-bit/64-bit BIOS Software will be available is something I would like to find and use?

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Re: Where to find 32-bit/64-bit BIOS for HP mini 210-4000cto

Hi Kaibigan284,



I understand you are looking for the BIOS update. Here is the most resent update for your HP Mini 210-4000 CTO.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Where to find 32-bit/64-bit BIOS for HP mini 210-4000cto

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The link you provided for HP mini 210-4000cto

It only shows its 32bit while installing and after being installed.


Please - I need HP 32bit /64bit BIOS software for HP mini 210-4000cto with Intel N2800 CPU  with Intel GMA 3600. Therefore with 32bit/64bit BIOS software - then I can use 64bit Software.  I can imagine great things - Based on the effect I get from the 64bit HP mini 210-2177nr - Its amazing how fast it is now - shutdown in less than 10 seconds, browse the internet with speed, startup in less than 10-20 seconds. I get a better WEI score than a HP Elitebook 2540p


I am anxious to use the HP mini 210-4000cto - with 64bit software, it has 4GB of memory.

I know HP mini 210-4000cto will work with 64bit Software  - Please.


Who could I pay ? I could try the BIOS company listed in computer - to get the 32bit/ 64bit BIOS software for  HP mini 210-4000cto therefore it appears I could try the HP supplier. If HP a fair price from my bank account, or whoever is best. Its worth the effect - its amazing how it would be - It has 4GB memory not the 2GB that HP mini 210-2177nr has.



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