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a disk read error occurred

I tried to start my netbook yesterday and an error message showed up on the black screen..." a disk error ctrl+alt+del to restart" 


When I press ctrl+alt+del to restart it, nothing happens and the same error message reappears. Please help me fix this.

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Re: a disk read error occurred

This happens, if you have issue with the hard drive....

To start with you need to go into the BIOS and check if the hard drive in detected...If it is not, than try the following:

1) Perform a Power Drain by taking the Battery out and disconnecting AC adapter, than press and hot power button for few secs, and than check. 

2) Set the BIOS to default and than check.

3) Reseat the hard drive and check...

To access the BIOS, turn on the computer and immediately press the esc key to display the Startup Menu, and then press the F10 key or tap the F10 Key at the HP Logo Screen...

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Re: a disk read error occurred




-->try draining the static from the laptop but pulling the battery out ,disconnecting all the devices from the laptop and then sliding and holding the power button for few sec's

--> keep hitting esc at the startup and then once the startup menu appears hit F10 to get into the bios. go to the diagnostic tab and run the hdd test from there if the test fails then your computer needs a replacement of the hdd

--> keep hitting esc at the startup and then once the startup menu appears hit F8 to get into the advanced boot options from tha available options select repair your computer and select comand prompt from the available options and then type the following commands (FIXBOOT and then FIXMBR)


please post the results...!!!

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Re: a disk read error occurred

Ok i have same problem with my HP Pavilion dv6000 and i hit esc on start up then start menu appeared for a sec then took me back to start where it said A disk read error occurred? Does anyone know what i can do to fix this problem. Thanks
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Re: a disk read error occurred

Hello Dlalexander352,


You’re getting a disk read error.

This could be error for a bad hard drive but if you not able to get into BIOS, it could be a problem with the mother board.


  • Do a hard reset.
  • Power off the computer.
  • Remove the power cable and the battery
  • Hold down the power button for 15 sec while booth power sources are removed.

This should reset the hardware in the computer.


  • As you turn it back on tap the F10 key. This will load BIOS setup utility.
  • Press F9 to load defaults.
  • Press F10 to save and exit.

When the computer boots back up, check to see if everything is working.


If your still not able to boot the computer.

  • Turn the computer back off.
  • As you power it back on hold down the F2 key. This will load hardware diagnostics.
  • Run the startup test.


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Let me know how everything goes.

Have a good day.

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Re: a disk read error occurred

Hey there.


Having the same problem and none of the above solutions helped.


Attempts and results:


1) Loading windows 7 cd and: Startup Repair / System Restore - all completed fine and found no issues

2) Command Prompt -> chkdsk /f /r - finished and all fine

3) I see the harddisk fine in all the menus i've searched (boot sequence, dir command in cmd)

4) I ran system diagnostics. it seemed to say it fixed some minor issues.

5) unplogged all cables and usbs from the laptop, removed the battery and held the power key for 20 seconds. Got no indication if it did anything, not sure if I was supposed to

6) Restored bios to defaults



I have HP notebook Envy dv6t-7200

Windows 7 Ultimate

My bios is configured to run in legacy boot (other option is UEFI and supports only windows 8)


I am one step before formatting the laptop and reinstalling windows 7, would very much like to avoid it...



any help is appreciated... thanks!

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Re: a disk read error occurred

Well after searching through more sites, managed to find the solution that worked for me.


The solution is what was suggested above - FixBoot and FixMbr - i tried the commands as they were before, and it said command not recoginzed.


For all those who cross upon this thread and nothing else works try this:


Go to Windows Recovery (insert Windows 7 disk, boot from it and go to Repair Your Computer. Then to Command Prompt



bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /fixmbr


worked like a charm


Good luck!

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Re: a disk read error occurred

Start-up test = 100% of memory tested okay
Primary hard disk self test = passed
Smart check = hard disk smart = passed

Keeps going back to the disk error. Please advise
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