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Anyone have issues with Windows 10

HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n152sa
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



 Just a general question... 


 I upgraded by old HP Envy 17-1050EA from Windows 7 to Windows 10... When I did it all seemed OK until I started getting a black screen when I put the notebook to sleep then tried to wake it... All suggestions I found on the web failed... 


 The last 2 days I have had to restore the notebook to get it to work 😞 


 I tried to roll back to wIndows 7 but than managed to stop it booting altogether so a restore using the recovery is in order now.. 


 Reading the internet I suspect a vaste majority of issues are with notebooks UPGRADED rather than nre laptops with it pre-installed out of the box... 


 On Friday I purchased the HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n152sa with Windows 10 (64 Bit) pre installed, so my question is has anyone had issues with black screens or any other issues? 


 So far I have used sleep about 5 times since Friday and all seems (I hope) to be OK and it has woke up straight away.. Lets hope this continues.. 


 I asked for owners help via a review site and one owner did say he had had no issues in 5 month so again I HOPE... 


Anyonne reassure me that I will now be OK and the issues are due to upgrades of older notebooks.. 



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Anyone have issues with Windows 10



Upgrading the older Win7 laptops to Win10 was always a hit-or-miss proposition.  Some upgraded OK, many had serious problems, some (like mine) failed miserably.


Part of the problem was that, back in the early days of Win10, the Upgrade compatibility checker did a really poor job of detecting PCs with switchable graphics -- and laptops, especially the older Win7 laptops, are the most common PC with that hardware.  So, once you upgraded, IF it worked (and it often did not), you were then faced with NO HP Win10 drivers for your laptop and video was often a disaster.


Over time, MS improved the Upgrade tool and it eventually detected such systems and put out warnings against upgrading -- but then when the free upgrade period drew to a close, there was a mad rush of folks to grab the FREE upgrade, and the problems started all over again.


And NOW, that is compounded by the release of the Anniversary Update (AU) which is basically, a whole NEW version of Win10, with NEW hardware requirements, and the tech forums are reporting lots of failures of Win10 PCs that used to work just fine.


The GOOD new is, MS is not planning another such UPDATE for a while into 2017 -- so if your PC is running the current Win10 version (14393), then you are good to go -- for a while.

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Anyone have issues with Windows 10

Thank you for the reply.. 


The compatibility check said the old notebook was OK, but as soon as it installed a couple of things did not work, bluetooth driver was replaced with a Windows version, and a piece of software did not work, not major and an easy fix.


When it was working it was OK, all issues, and I have found loads with the same on the internet were the black screens.. 


Hope this new one is OK Lol but it has been since Friday so "fingers crosssed" it will be.. I presume that the new one would be designed for Windows 10 as it is "ore installed" rather than just upgraded? 


Searching on here most issues seem to be "I have upgraded" rather than new notebooks.. I am still waiting for the AU update... Only thing I don't like in Windows 10 is you cant control the updates like you could before... I think that needs changing.. and so do a lot of others 🙂 


THanks again



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