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Fourth HP Laptop in 3 weeks due to faults. HP quality and workmanship very much in question.

Hi there,


I ask to please have this message forwarded on to a manager at Hewlett Packard as I am a very unhappy customer and wish this to be seen.


I bought my notebook from Harvey Norman Northwood in New Zealand initially 3 weeks ago.  This company have been very helpful and obliging in the process and in no way  do I blame them for any of the troubles that have occurred as they have legally done everything as they are required by New Zealand law.

I am now on my FOURTH notebook through no fault of my own in the space of the last 3 weeks. There have been consistently been defects in 3 of these 4 notebooks (all the same model- Pavillion dv6 7001ax).  The first laptop started with a screen fault which after only one week began to have lines appear on the right hand side of the screen running the height of the screen, it also made a buzzing noise whenever I was doing any graphics intensive work i.e. playing a game. This was promptly returned and 2 days later I was supplied with a new product with the content of my hard drive transferred as requested by HP as the drive is not allowed to be directly transplanted as per your guide lines for a product after a certain time as I was told. 

Once I returned home, 5 hours later I discovered that on this replaced notebook the right arrow key would not sit properly and continuously fell out of place, this was found to be due to two bearings in the system which supports the key were broken which is suspected to be because of a manufacturing defect so this was deemed 'Dead On Arrival' by the store. The store decided to again supply me with a replacement new identical notebook.

This one I brought home unpacked and discovered some rather poor workmanship on the body of the laptop with a dent in the mesh underneath the screen, this on its own did not bother me enough beause at this point I was beginning to get rather sick and tired of the whole process of hving to return to the store and going through a return or repair process. After half closing the lid for a closer inspection I found the light up HP logo on the back did not illuminate at all. So back I went to the store the same day to have this fault noted incase it amounted to anything further later in the life of the notebook. By this stage both myself and the store were very displeased with the amount of faults that have amounted. The store again decided it was in best interests to keep the customer happy and yet again replace the notebook so there was no time wasted in the notebook being sent away for repairs.


So I am now on my FOURTH edition of this model, of which seems to function perfectly thus far, however after purchasing a brand new notebook a consumer should have confidence in the product for years and not be waiting for a fault to occur within a very short period of time as I have come to experience.

My first family computer which was at the time top of the line HP survived 10 years of use almost completely fault free, so I know that HP is fully cabable of producing high quality goods. What has gone wrong?


As you can hopefully understand this issue has left me considerably less than impressed with the workmanship and reliability of your products. I chose to move to an HP notebook after my other branded notebook had an unfortunate ending during an earthquake.  It was recommended to me by friends and sales personnel to try a new HP product because of the quality and comparative price in New Zealand to equally specified products of other brands. I am now beginning to reserve these thoughts towards HP which Im sure you can see why. 


I have had a large amount of my spare time consumed during this process for something that should not have needed to be done in the first place. I have had to make 4 extra return trips into the retail outlet which should never had been necessary. This has also caused a much increased workload for the store and I have spent far too much time waiting instore whilst paperwork has to be filled out and replacements to be readied for me by the store. So in total I have lost almost a complete productive days time in an attempt to have a satisfactory product from HP.

Having access to a reliable computer  is paramount whilst studying at University and I have been left very concerned about the future reliability of the notebook now in my possession, and unless these issues can be rectified I will be having second thoughts about ever purchasing HP products in the future and consider looking onward after such an experience.


I trust this message will be transmitted to authoritive figures at Hewlett Packard so that this case can be revised and changes be made to see that a happening like this never happens again and my message is clearly seen and noted.


I am happy for HP to contact me and I will provide personal details through private message.


Thank you for your understanding.

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Re: Fourth HP Laptop in 3 weeks due to faults. HP quality and workmanship very much in question.

Sorry to here you have had so much trouble in your purchase.

My first notebook was a HP Compaq & is now about 14yrs old & still boots & runs today although battery is dead & a new BIOS battery is also needed but all else works same as day I got it.

Problem is component quality is reduced hence the cheap prices of todays products & design & manufacture can be ruined by accountants scraping a saving in areas an engineer should control.

I think your situation is bad luck in shop having a bad batch.

One good thing I like about buying electronics in Thailand & asia is in shop inspection & power-up prior to paying/leaving shop, this helps resolve any minor issues imediatly by replacing item or changing to another model or walking away. Also normally all warranty is completed in store & online if needed making life easy for the customer ...

One thing I do know when in the western world is inspect any expensive items in shop before paying if can or after if not so obliging & also get them to clarify exchange terms/stock availability prior to paying ...

Hope your fourth model proves a good one, good luck ...

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