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Hi all!


After the latest cummulative Update for Windows 10 x64 Pro I've got three different Blue Screens!


I deinstalled the keyboard driver, the HP WLAN key driver, the HP Hotkey Software.

Now the blue screens have disappeared. I also did a hardware check. The Blue Screens were:

- System Service Exception

- Page Fault in non paged are

- And another one I forgot πŸ˜‰


Using a Elitebook 840 G3 laptop. And now I get the error message which are shown in this thread.


How can I get rid of this message when I logon to windows? I already checked the autorun in registry but there is no entry.





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Hello. dont work.


Moderation Note:

Here is the correct link for the download :

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t missed on sofpag instead of softpaq πŸ™‚


Moderation Note:

Here is the correct link for the download :

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Hello all,



Admin note:

HP already has a fix for this issue, please download the fix at the following link and follow the directions.

Update HP Hotkey UWP Service



I see you are having troubles with the HP Hotkey UWP Service. I am not an official HP employee but I think I know the answer to the problem.


The HP Hotkey UWP Service from my minimal research is a driver software which allows you to adjust Windows operations such as brightness and volume from the F1 - F12 keys (and possibly the addition of the 'Fn' key as well depending on your computer). It is most certainly not malware as far as I am concerned and is necessary for the above functions to work.


The reason that I got the same error message you all are receiving is I tried to adjust my computer's brightness. I believe that because of this the driver software HP Hotkey UWP Service is necessary and so should be installed. The link provided to fix it is slightly incorrect which is probably why you are all struggling with it. The link that worked for me is below:


The reason that your computer may have spontaneously decided that this was a problem and produced this error is either that the update tweaked something to do with this software which may have affected its performance resulting in an error, or you uninstalled the program believing it was bloatware. I believe this is not the case and therefore it should be installed or reinstalled. It can be done so at the link provided.


Hopefully this has cleared things up for some people.

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Really people ?


Go on  and follow links



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2019-12-28 (2).png

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but i cant download this and recive error 550


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Hi there,


The resolution for this error is to press "fn" + "hotkey"  

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Please read before you answer 😞

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Thanks! It worked, man.

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