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HP Loves to advertise "The Macbook Killer" as the future. Is it really?

Spectre X360

Dear HP,

I left Apple and jumped on the "Macbook Killer" as you like to call it. I was mesmerized by the amazing specs of an i7 processor, 512 SSD and 4k screen that produces amazing crystal clear imagery and video. The fact that it turns into a tablet and I’m able to be lazy enough to avoid the keyboard and touch the screen instead blew my mind. Like any man at a club, I jumped on that and dropped $1400 on the Specter X360. I showed that sleek looking laptop off like women show their **bleep** on Instagram. I was proud to own the next best thing and bashed Apple on any occasion I could and loved saying "stop riding the apple **bleep** train and get the HP Specter". I even neglected the consistent clichés of the sound randomly distorting for no reason, or the fact that the awesometacular 4k screen sucks your battery dry in less than 6hrs even though you claim the computer battery last 12hrs on a full charge, "subjective to use" of course... or if you are one of those idiots that paid extra for the 4k screen on a 13inch laptop! I also really enjoy the stutter in the video editing process, I must have gotten confused about the advertisement and reviews saying it can handle video editing, just not my kind of editing I guess. I am very proud that my laptop doesn't sustain easy scratches on its metal body like MacBooks do, you got them their HP. So as I get closer to the end of my one year warranty my meticulous, 4.5 rated laptop dies. Ugh, guess PCs haven't changed in over a decade. The test of time was truly proven when I called to India and talked to a nice gentle who gave me basic steps on checking the computer to determine what I already determined prior to calling him... the battery doesn't hold a charge. I was told by customer service that since I use my laptop every day that I depleted the life of the battery. I really appreciated all the options they gave me, none that fixed the problem immediately or the next day or even a week from the time I called it in. I must of had high expectations to think the service would be more accommodating like Apple, silly me, what was I thinking. I was also expecting the return box to arrive the following day to send the Macbook Killer in like they told me it would. I'm glad overnight shipping arrived 3 days later and that the return label was ground shipping and not overnight. We have to make sure the laptop doesn't hit a certain elevation so I was very understanding. I've also been very understanding that once my laptop arrived for repairs that the shop had to put my Specter on hold until they can acquire the rare part known as a battery. Those things are a rarity especially for a computer so old and we all know that a one-year-old computer equals 20 years In the PC world. I'm still awaiting my amazing computer to return from its hiatus so I can continue to ruin my business and projects. It's okay, money and clients can always wait 🙂


I've learned a valuable lesson here and caMe to the conclusion that I'm ready to jump back on the **bleep** train when it comes to computers. Once the MacBook Killer dies, which I'm sure at this point won't be too far in the future, I'm going to cut my losses with HP and its fabulous products and just invest in another overpriced Apple computer that will last for years.

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HP Loves to advertise "The Macbook Killer" as the future. Is it really?

I certainly feel your pain and admire your prose. This is a fine piece of satire. Sorry for your trouble but the folks who frequent this space are generally not HP employees. I have not had the pleasure of trying out the x360 so I have no personal history or anecdote to share. Just wanted to Kudo the style. 

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