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HP Pavilion dm1z-3200 Keyboard Won't Work!!

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Alright, the usual notebook information:

Model: HP Pavilion dm1z-3200 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC

Product Number: LM829AV

Serial Number: Private for the time being

Warrenty?: No, it expired last year.


So, it's kinda funny how I start having problems with my computer not too long after the warrenty expires. This isn't the first time, either. My older laptop gave me issues after the warrenty, too. Anyway!


My problem is... the built-in keyboard gives me problems for no apparent reason and out of the blue! Not only will it refuse to work when I try to use it, sometimes it will input numbers (no letters, just numbers!) all on its own! That and the arrow keys; an example: When I try to click on one program on my desktop, it won't let me click because it looks like it's scrolling through programs as if I'm holding the right arrow key down when I'm not.)


Whatever you do, please do NOT suggest a hard reset to solve this problem! I've googled and searched in order to find a solution. Hard reset will not work! If no one can suggest a solution that works... I'm tempted in uninstalling the built-in mouse and keyboard programs on the notebook and possibly just reinstalling them to see if that helps. I'm just afraid of doing that since I don't want to mess up it up. Or... I might just uninstall and stick with using my plug-in mouse and keyboard. (That's what I'm using currently to type this up...)


So, as you can see... I'm beginning to get a bit irrated!


Thank you for anyone who helps and tries to help! (By the way, this is my first actual HP notebook that I bought, second one ever used. I can say right now that I am NOT happy nor thrilled with HP products.)

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Re: HP Pavilion dm1z-3200 Keyboard Won't Work!!

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What happened before this problem began?

Did you open an email or go to an odd website?

Did you spill something on the keyboard?

Did you inadvertently change input keyboards in Windows?


What are you using for internet protection? 

I highly recommend that you use ESET Smartsuite or Norton internet protection.



Do the problems happen only  when you are connected to the internet?  the reason I ask is that your description of the odd behavior sounds like someone might be connected to your PC through a backdoor trojan and using a remote desktop protocol to peruse your laptop.


Thanks for including the notebook's identification in the initial post.


You might consider watching this video that shows how to remove malware with Windows defender offline. 



Do us all a favor...when you ask for help do not tell those who are considering helping you what not to do. That is rude behavior no matter how you put it and is absolutely guaranteed to reduce the number of people willing to respond to your request. Swallow your anger, displeasure or other not so nice emotion and play nice. 


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