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HP dv7 1273cl no voltage to one of the battery pins.

Brief history;  My girlfriend told me she had to fiddle with cord to get it to charge. Without fully checking things over I checked voltage and I am getting 19+ volts so I orderd a DC jack and installed it in the laptop. Still doesnt work. Now I check the Red and Black wire for power at the mother board connection and I am getting same voltage. Dont know what the Yellow and White are for nor did I check them.  Ok, now I check the battery pins for voltage. Here is what I got if looking at it with the 2 grounds are on the left. PIN 1:  3.4v,  2:  0v,  3:  3.4v,  4:  3.4v,  5:  .05v   6:  .05v.  Now I know I do not have enough power at the the battery to charge the 14.4 battery. My question is why wont the laptop at least run from the A/C power itself. My thinking is the power goes thru the battery then to power button to power laptop. Does anyone think it is a mother board issue? Can the mother board be fixed or order a new one?


I also have no charging indicator light which is on the dc jack itself.


I have some knowledge in desktop computer as I built a couple of my own and I am very familiar with computer voltages as I work on cars and their computers.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Fred

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Re: HP dv7 1273cl no voltage to one of the battery pins.

All laptop lion batteries have one pin for a temperature sensor.


Most likely a motherboard issue.


Might be time for a new laptop.

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Re: HP dv7 1273cl no voltage to one of the battery pins.

If you read the other recent posts referring to a dv7, you'll find that most refer to a rather low quality connector in the laptop for receiving power from the battery charger to recharge the battery.  Often, the center pin of this connector breaks off and HP is often reluctant to let their warranty cover replacing that connector.


With that many pins on the battery, I'd guess that some of then are used for purposes that don't normally try to put a voltage on that pin.

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