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Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

Absolutely, 100% the worst laptop I have purchased...EVER!


I purchased a DV6 just a squeak over 12 months ago. In Australia, the price pais for these was around $2,500.


It worked OK for a while and didn't present with any issues when brand new, except for the fact it always seemed to produce quite a bit of heat. 


At around the 6 month mark, I noticed the battery not holding its charge like it used to. But like always, you just plug in the power cord and motor on with more pressing issues, like running a business because no self employed person has the time to spend hours on the phone to HP...right?


When the battery got to the point where it wouldn't hold charge for more than 15 minutes, I called HP. It was 1 day past my waranty, but seeing as their website contact page says their support was not open on Sundays (the day my warranty expired) I had no choice but to ring on the Monday. Yes...I should have called immediately. Lesson learned.


HP, after much constination, agreed to replace the battery.


When the new battery arrived, I tested to make sure it was OK. Whilst still producing quite a bit of heat, the machine ran on full power for almost 3 hours before completely discharging. HP also had me update the BIOS.


I thought my problems may be over. Not so. One day, completely out of the blue, the laptop simply refused to start. When the power button was pressed, a few dash lights would come on, the fan would power up, and then about 2 seconds later, it would shut off.


Nothing. Completely dead.


I searched online for answers and found a few threads that suggested removal of the battery, flushing the mobo power and restarting...all to no avail. I also found a large number of discussions about the DV6 series, in particular an issue with dying motherboards (which makes sense given the above symptoms).


Apparently, from what I can see, around 1/7 DV6 owners have experienced this same problem. But, because it always seems to miraculously happen "just outside of waranty", HP only seem to be interested in telling me that they are no longer responsible. Apparently, it's not a known issue because "the problem hasn't been documented by HP".


Well if that's the case, then the Sun must not exist because I certainly haven't documented anything about it and I'm sure HP don't have any documentation on the Sun either. Beats me what that big orange ball of flames is in the sky then!


After speaking with two people at customer non-support, I'm apparently going to receive a call tomorrow from another person higher up the food chain tomorrow. No doubt the first thing they'll hear is "oh but it's out of waranty so it's not our problem".


Also, according to the customer non-service person I spoke to today, laptops using "AMD processors generally overheat more than Intel ones" (not my words). So HP are knowingly designing machines with part that produce excessive heat and willingly selling these to customers. Nice.


He also told me that because of this, I should have been using additional cooling devices like a cooling pad. I'm sorry HP, but if you've designed a laptop that cannot sufficiently cool itself without external assistance, then you shouldn't be selling it at all. Had the sales person told me this before I made my purchase decision ("oh by the way, you'll need a cooling pad for this laptop because they overheat, but that's normal and HP knows this but decided to make this product anyway"), do you think anyone in their right mind would purchase this laptop?


No? That's what I thought too.


Will update as this progresses with HP to see what they are not willing (or hopefully willing) to do about fixing their mistakes.

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Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

Well said, good luck!


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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

    You're going to love this...


    Case Manager George Guevara from HP in Costa Rica just called to advise that the laptop is no longer under waranty and it is not HP's responsibility to fix the fault with the machine.


    He then had the nerve to tell me he was providing me with "customer service"!


    This means war...and I'm as tenacious as they come!


    You've layed down the gauntlet HP...let's play.

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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

    I have the same problems with my HP pavilion DV6 (with AMD)

    The battery shat itself a few days after the waranty ran out. The fan sounds like the machine is about to take off, and it is too hot to touch underneath. I have burn marks on wooden tables from where the laptop has burned the table.


    It takes littereally 20 minuted for the laptop to start up and log in, and if you try to do anything while it is still loading the programs after log in - it crashes. The audio / headset jack sends out a current, and can shock your ears. if you plug it into a speak or home entertainment system it buzzes.....


    I bit the bullet and bought an ASUS for half the price of the HP Pavilion. It has lower specs, but totally outperforms the HP.


    I will never buy HP again.

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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

    Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately I can't afford to just run out and buy another laptop Smiley Sad


    HP sent an authorised repairer out to collect it over 2 weeks ago. Haven't heard anything since.


    Could this be a case of HP stole my laptop as well?

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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up



    For all of HP telling me it WASN'T the system board or it WASN'T a fault with their product, I can now report that it WAS!


    (for the sake of this thread...somebody act suprised).


    Despite the laptop being just past it's warranty period, HP fixed it because it was faulty.


    The lesson learned here, is not to let them beat you down. Stand up and fight for your rights. They might be all talk when it comes to refusing to fix their mistakes, but in the end (in this case anyway), they repaired it.


    Also, for anyone in Australia, get your retailer involved. They have a responsibility under law to help solve the problem, even if it's not their fault. People bag Harvey Norman a lot, but in this case and in all my dealings with them, they've always gone above and beyond the call.

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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

    [ Edited ]

    I'm not surprised. Congratulations on your success.  I'm having the same problem (technically and with customer support i.e., warranty). However, I have some questions.


    1. How exactly was this HP's fault?


    2. Who did you have to speak to that finally fixed the issue?


    3. In what department?


    4. On what grounds did the individual you spoke to disregard the warranty?


    For what it's worth, I've discovered that the I can substantiate that it is a manufacturer problem. I removed my motherboard and discovered that there is a huge waterstain on the motherboard. My theory is that the computer got so hot that my sweat seeped through the mousepad and caused waterdamage on the motherboard. Although my cpu was intel, I'm sure the problem was heat based because this computer got hot as well. Nevertheless, I'm sure you could see why I'm curious as to what grounds you found HP to be at fault. Perhaps the battery shorted out the motherboard in addition to the problem with the computer getting so hot that it would cause waterdamage.

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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

    The laptop was poorly designed and should never give off that much heat. Almost by way of admission, on the original call to HP, they admitted themselves that these laptops get very hot and that I should have purchased additional, external cooling devices when I first purchased the laptop.


    This raises two questions...



    1. Why is HP knowingly selling very overheating laptops to the consumer market?
    2. If they know the laptops overheat, why isn't this information disclosed at the time of purchase and the purchaser advised that they will need to buy additional cooling devices to keep the machine cool?
    I can assure you that if this was disclosed up front, people would not be buying this laptop. Period. Why buy a laptop that overheats?
    Also, if HP knows and admitted this then they should have boosted the internal cooling before releasing this to market, however they would know that the laptop reviews would come in a "noisy" when various tech sites give their opinion of the machine. Noisy is unattractive. 
    To resolve the issue, I spoke the the 2IC at the retail store, Harvey Nornam Computers at Caringbah, NSW Australia. They were excellent and very annoyed at the way HP had managed this situation as it also reflects poorly on them. They are presently considering removing remaining DV6's from their stock.
    They spoke to their HP rep. HP reps will sit up and listen to a retail store the size of Harvey Norman as they can ill afford to lose the support of the stores that sell such a huge proportion of their stock. The converse to this is dealing with a lone sonsumer, where their whole attitude seems to be "meh...suck it up".
    The warranty was disregarded because the machine was out of warranty from a timeline prespective, however the problem was reported to HP whilst the machine was still in warranty. They thought replacing the battery would fix it, however this only exacerbated the issue and made it worse. Thus, the problem presented and existed whilst the machine was still in warranty, however because the warranty date is a trigger for HP to absolve themselves of all responsibility, they think this is enough to push aside consumers and make more money to repair bad design.
    Be it the manufacturer or HP, the ultimate responsibility falls upon HP. It's their product. In my opinion, they should never have released this product to market given the heat issues. Generally, the tell tale sign that a product was released without adequated lab testing first, is a product recall. It's the big advertisement that says..."wait...we screwed up and sent this product out when we shouln't have because or product testing was inadequate".
    So my advice to you is take it to your retailer. Get the to represent your case to HP. You shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes.
    Good luck.


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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

    [ Edited ]

    The problem is that HP is the original retailer. The current laptop is the product of four generations of replacements and a repair job that happened around October. The warranty expired within the same time period (October). 

    Also, I just did some research and I have to say that it's strange that HP would tell you that the issue is undocumented:




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    Re: Pavilion DV6 overheats, chews battery and now will not power up

    It is strange that they say it's undocumented. I did the same as you and researched it only to find hundreds of people around the world complaining about the same issue. I also provided this information to my retailer who took it to HP.


    But...when you tell this directly to HP, they said that there is no documentation relating to this problem.


    What they are referring to is that there is no "internal" documentation from HP regarding this. Thus, if there is no internal documentation, then the problem doesn't exist.


    By the way, documented evidence in their own support forum (i.e. here in this thread) doesn't count, because they didn't write it.


    I'd bet my house there's a poster on the HP Technical Support Call Centre wall that says "Ignorance is bliss".


    Sad that a company refuses to listen to its customers...

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