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Typing accents with Envy laptop

This is a question that has NOT been answered. I know that there are posts (like this one: that IMAGINE that they answer it, but...

I need to type accented characters on my brand-new Envy 14 k112-nr. Mostly Spanish, but also French, German, and a smattering of others. So let's review...

First, I'm sure that there IS NO solution, other than HP providing a firmware update to fix an obvious defect. Why do I say this? Because I went through this same idiocy last year with my wife's new Asus Zenbook. I finally "fixed" it by writing scripts for ActiveWords ( Some "fix."

1.     It is NOT a solution to change the KB in software to a language-appropriate KB. It takes too long, and requires knowledge of the alternate KB layout. I understand why I have to do this when I'm tping in Russian, but just to add a "¿" in Spanish? THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION; PLEASE DON'T WASTE TIME SUGGESTING IT.


 2.     It is NOT a solution to plug in an external language-appropriate KB. (The person who suggested this was joking, right?) THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION; PLEASE DON'T WASTE TIME SUGGESTING IT. 

3.     The ONLY solution is to make the number keys in the row above the letters work with the ALT key, so that "ALT+0233" gives "é," etc., the way that it has always worked perfectly for years. 

Another "solution" would be to send this 14" back to the MS store, and get a 15.6" laptop, which of course comes with a NUM pad. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS! But I will if HP insists on selling defective products like this. Suggestions?


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Re: Typing accents with Envy laptop



Please check with people in your country first, they should have a software which allows you to type your language. I use a very small progam to type my native language (which is Vietnamese) everyday. Microsoft also has many tools which allow you to change your keyboard layout.



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