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Spectre Folio
Microsoft Windows 11

Hello Everyone,


I've recentry run into a touchscreen issue with both my Spectre Folio's and after some online reserach I found an impressive amount of IDENTICAL issues from other users with this model. The background:


I first purchased a Spectre Folio early 2019 (EU consumers have a 2 year warranty) the i5 FHD "base" model. When the topmodel i7 4K LTE model came out I also purchased this one. In September this year my i7 suddenly showed a problem with my touchscreen (both with finger as well as pen) being non responsive over the entire top 6cm / 2.4" from left to right. As it still was under warranty I sent it in and after a long wait it was returned to me, fully repaired Mid November. Whether coinscidentally several days after having it returned or subconciously triggered by this issue my first Folio, the i5 FHD model,  showed signs of the identical problem, only this time not the top 6cm , but the top 1cm and near the bottom another bar of ~3cm high, extending all the way from left to right. However, this model had already fallen out of warranty. 


My first response was to contact HP to indicate this had just happened to my other Folio and this showed possible indications of a common factory default and therefore kindly inquired after / requested for repair outside of warranty due to it beinig a factory default. I was also strengthened in my opinion because I found 14 registered cases online of people discussing having the identical problem, 12 of which on this support site! 


HP first asked me to send in a video, which I did, and promised they would dive into it and get back to me. Despite 3 email reminders in the next 9 days inquiring after an update this did not happen. I then decided to contact HP Support the Netherlands by phone after which they very abrubtly indicated there wasn't question of a factory default and they offered to have it fixed as a service for 500 EURO... Then they closed my case making it impossible to file a complaint.


Here a list of all the links of support discussions with people with identical (not just similar, identical) problems. Unfortunately none of the links provided a solution except the stardard HP Copy - Past Answer/ comment to first try to update drivers, all the way to resetting your PC. And eventually, then directing the customer to contact their local service department in their respective country. Which I already did and to no avail.


I am hoping to find someone here that has a solution for me, whether there are ways to try and claim that it is a factory default HP should be repairing. Or in the very least someone who has found out exactly what is causing this issue. Some of the links make mention of it either being the Display Control Board, the Display Control Board flex cable or the Display itself. Well, that pretty much sums up all the logical options indeed.. 


HOpe to receive some help because both laptops together cost me 4300 Euro and I feel left out in the cold by HP with their non-solution of a 500 Euro repair. I can buy a used i5 fully working for that price... And it's not really the point of the cost; I would like to see HP acknowledge this is a factory default.. Here the links below, hope to receive some valuable feedback. Thanks!


Spectre Folio IDENTICAL Issues

HP Support pages:

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