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HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

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I have a HP Pavilion g7 Notebook.  I have often connected my laptop to a tv via a HDMI cable to watch streamed movies, etc.  My laptop recognized the connection automatically, I never had to adjust any settings on my laptop or tv besides selecting the correct HDMI channel on the television.  I just bought a new Insignia 32" - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - HDTV Model: NS-32E440A13.  I also purchased a new Rocketfish HDMI cable.  When I got home, I set up the TV and connected it to my laptop via the cable.  The tv showed a black screen and a "NO SIGNAL" error.  I tried it for all 3 HDMI slots- no change.  I then cycled through all the different projector modes, and still nothing.  I tried going into control panel- hardware and sound- display- connect to an external display.  When I click on "Detect," my laptop does not recognize that it is connected to the tv.  I've tried rebooting, turning both devices off, unplugging the cable, removing the power from the tv, plugging back in the power to the tv, attaching the HDMI to the tv then the laptop, then turning on tv- making sure it's on the correct HDMI input, then turning on the laptop, and many variations of these and still nothing.  I tested the HDMI cable on my dvd player, and it worked fine.  I also tried connecting my laptop to 2 other televisions (Panasonic and a Vizio) using other HDMI cables, and still got the "No Signal" error.  No problems show up in the Device Manager.  All the usb slots work fine.


I was able to do a system restore to before my recent system update.  Still won't detect.  Tried the connection in safe mode, didn't work.   I updated the video card, no change.   I uninstalled and reinstalled the video card driver, no change.


I just successfully connected the laptop to tv using a VGA cable.  And since the HDMI cable worked between my dvd player and the tv, it seems like it's a problem with my laptop's HDMI slot.



Any assistance at this point would be greatly appreciated.  Thank-you.



HP Pavilion g7 Notebook

Windows 7

64 bit

AMD Radeon HD 6480G


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Re: HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

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 Hello BPGurl,


You state you are unable to use the HDMI port with your new 32’ LED TV but it worked previously, is that correct? I will be happy to help you.


Can you please provide the full make and model of the computer you have, I you are unsure where to locate that information have a look at this link for help if needed.


Please respond back at your earliest convenience.


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Re: HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

Hi, since it has been a while, I thought perhaps I could reply since I have the same model and graphics card as the user who created this post.  I am having the exact same issue; my HDMI port will not work for a TV or standard plug-n-play monitor.  Here is my product information... could you PLEASE provide any help in getting my HDMI port functioning again?


Product Name: HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC

Product Number:  A7A43UA#ABA

Microprocessor(s): AMD A4-3320M APU with Radeon HD Graphics

Graphics Device(s):  AMD Radeon HD 6480G


Again, support for this troubling issue would be greatly appreciated.  This notebook is far too new and pampered condition to be having HDMI issues already.

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Re: HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

Did you ever get an answer to your question?  Did you get your computer working with HDMI?  I'm currently having the exact same problem (and using the exact same computer).  Can you help me out?  Thanks.

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Re: HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

No, I did not.  Still doesn't work.

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Re: HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

Good Lord!

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Re: HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

We have a G7 running the dreaded Windows 8 (rather than the untested-for-compatibility-8.1), and we, too, have had increasingly bad HDMI connectivity. Originally it was plug & play with the cable to the HP. Gradually the connection began to fail, performing erratically, which we mistakenly attributed to a faulty cable. When the connection failed completely, we replaced the cable. Zilch. Online concensus says it's hardware. Updating drivers & tinkering with settings seems to confirm that (not to mention the TV & cable work fine with other devices.) 


Calling HP has proven useless.

First they wanted me to disconnect the battery to get the mod & serial number (not printed on the back though they told me to look there... FYI: fn+esc does the same without requiring a shutdown.

Then they wanted me to try a "factory reset."  WHY, why, when everything else is performing beautifully, would I do that, only to have to reinstall it all, again? Esp. when others have been vocal about experiencing the same problem? 

Finally their U.S. tech support, once you're finally connected to them, is happy to insist it's software related and that they can help you--for $100 today, only, or $200+/yr. Sigh.


If it is software related, what happened to patching? Their business model has changed, and it is no longer one that rewards brand loyalty--itself an extention of a well-built product; instead, an inferior product with what should be a known defect has been built & sold, and the resulting concerns are being capitalised on. Nice. 


I have tried a handful of fixes recommended here & elsewhere... and am just writing to warn others to not bother with them.

Next step: hardware hack? Well, except we have an Asus & a Mac & those work fine.

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Re: HDMI Port Stopped Working- Pavilion g7

Hey, my HDMI also just took a dump on me, I reinstalled the graphics drivers a few days ago and it worked, but then I plug the HDMI up again and no dice, just reinstalled the drivers from HP's site a few times now, still not working. Trying the drivers direct from AMD instead and hoping that will work.


Working from a Probook 4525s

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