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HP Recommended
HP ENVY x360 - 13-ag0502sa
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I bought this laptop (HP ENVY x360 - 13-ag0502sa) in Dec 2018 in the UK from Curry's. After 2 months of medium useage I pulled it out of my backpack and saw the screen had cracked near the bottom right side sending cracks up across the screen.


The laptop had been in protective case, and with screen protector installed as per below links.





I don't understand why the screen has cracked, as the laptop was in a backpack, and suffered no obvious trauma during the day.


Is there any know defects in HP ENVY x360 - 13-ag0502sa that would lead to this?


I bought the laptop through Curry's / PC World in the UK.


I have phoned them up and they offered to ship the laptop to an engineer (£60), and then they could replace the screen after HP sends them a new part (Price unknown).


Will HP give a manufacturers warranty on this screen even though I bought the laptop through Curry's?





Thanks for any help you guys can give, I would appreciate HP responding!



HP Recommended

Doubtful but worth a try. The crack was made by a foreign object that was in the laptop when it closed or by an impact at the base of the crack lines. You can see a focal point there. Just saying that nobody is going to miss that obvious point when evaluating this. Good luck. 

HP Recommended

Hi Huffer,


Thanks so much for your reply.


I appreciate it looks like there is a foreign object but when I pulled out the laptop there was no evidence of this. I am 100% sure this happened while the laptop was closed and can only have been an external input sustained within a backpack that caused this.


My question is whether repairs can actually save this laptop with a new screen?


Now in addition to the screen being cracked the touchpad and the mouse is clicking and moving around the screen even though I have disabled the touchscreen 'touch' features via the device manager.


How can I speak to someone at HP directly to figure out if this laptop is worth persevering with and repairing?



HP Recommended

A replacement screen will cure the problem. However, replacing a touchscreen is very expensive. If you are out of warranty HP is about the most expensive place to try to get it fixed. Better to find a local repair shop and get a quote from them. If you want to try self-help we can help you find the part and instructions on the replacement. 

HP Recommended

Thanks very much for yoru reply.


1. Can you please help me find the part and instructions on replacement? I've replaced a non touch screen in a laptop before.


2. Any way of finding out how much is an HP quote remotely without going into a store? I am on a long trip through the pacific islands now and will struggle to drop into an appropriate store.


Thanks for your help.

HP Recommended

Service Manual:




Display assembly
IMPORTANT: The display assembly is only spared as an entire hinge-up. Display subcomponents are not spared.
FHD, anti glare, privacy L19576-001
HD, BrightView, non-privacy L19577-001


HP Part Store is out of stock:




220 pounds on eBay UK which is not as bad as I feared:




Post back with any other questions and please accept as solution if this is the oinfo you needed. 


Either one will work.  Start on p. 34 for how to on screen replacement. 



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