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HP dv series laptops, file a complaint with the BBB

For those of you who have a HP Pavilion dv series laptop file a complaint with the BBB


 follow the instructions and maybe if we file enough complaints about how we have been cheated with this lack of OpenGL support and unusable "switchable" GPU.  Maybe if we file enough complaints in enough places HP will actually do something about this..

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Re: HP dv series laptops, file a complaint with the BBB



I have just filed a complaint about the fixed graphics issue, declaring that it is misrepresentation to advertise a key feature of a product that doesn't actually work.


How did you go with your complaint several months ago?

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Re: HP dv series laptops, file a complaint with the BBB

Ditto. Same exact problem.

Furthermore 7690XT "FAKE" 7000 series = sham.  Seriously no OpenGL is LUDICROUS and unacceptable on  a high end machine. 

When I dealt with a service center technician (who spoke in very HORRIBLY skewed heavily asian accented English - I swear he was trying to regurgitate "problem from script yes hehehehe" (sic) or in other words - repeatedly telling me the basics I already knew - because they hadn't bothered to run any actual games or applications to make full use of the hardware and software (Diablo III, Final Fantasy XIV etc with their current drivers to know that they were defunct)

Furthermore the switching graphics didn't even work when enabled in the BIOS (properly at least)
As SiSoft Sandra couldn't run a proper gpu test and get a result (aka a benchmark Smiley Wink )and 3dmark noticed numerous "dips to ZERO" frames , as did the FFXIV benchmark - oh and that's when you went out of your way to rig the system with new catalyst drivers over the old HP drivers to make these things work AT ALL.

That's right not everything would detect or switch over properly.  Did I mention older games like Diablo II and similar wouldn't run the video? Just the audio for the cg clips? That's right, a computer bought in early-mid may of 2012 wouldn't run a 10 year old pc game without errors......

I did only say I *was* going to bring the complaint to other sources if I wasn't responded to again, and that my current case manager before we "were done" was unable to bring me a satisfactory relief as I knew the direction things were heading was only a partial refund (and in my case I deemed this unacceptable - boohiss restock fee - nobody should be buying these things out of ANY "stock" they honestly need to have these old gpus removed and have a new one resoldered on - say a Nvidia 655m would work... heh... and it would work because as long as HP doesn't have a third party "make" a "new" gpu - the company that branded and made the gpu would have driver and customer support for it thus averting all of our issues and complaints.

So yes the fixed graphics work - kind of/sometimes - but ONLY if you stick to the 3 year old drivers HP has you use from their website - that don't work with anything anyway.... hence all extra clock speed/RAM (I paid extra for 2 gb like an idiot - for textures and such not realizing...) is useless as well.

Oh did it also mention full stereoscopic 3d - because the 6700m I mean the "7690m XT" is incapable of this.

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