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HP dv2700 laptop screen flickering on startup



I am recently having issues with my laptop screen, and would appreciate any feedback.  (I have a HP dv2700).

In the past few weeks, upon starting up my laptop, or returning from standby/sleep, my laptop screen flickers.  That is, it goes from regular lighting to dim lighting, and this can last up to a couple of minutes.  Also, the problem is progressively getting worse.  In the past few days, I also have been getting horizontal lines, and blocks across my screen during startup, and occasionally half my screen turns black (again only on start up or returning from standby/sleep).  Once during the past few weeks, my laptop also made a weird buzzing noise while the screen was flickering.


I found a site online that advised I remove the battery and run it without the battery, but that did not help.  Also, I verified that the flickering is not affected by the position or movement of my laptop screen.  As the site suggested, I also verified for updates for my video card.  This also did not help.


Lastly, I plugged in an external monitor.  The problem does not occur on this monitor, however when I switch back to my laptop screen, even if I am not on standby or sleep, the laptop screen begins to flicker again as soon as I unplug th external monitor.


Any suggestions as to what this problem may be would be much appreciated.  I understand that I will probably need to bring it in to a technician, but seeing as I am no longer under warranty ( I have my laptop for nearly 3 years now), I would like to have an idea of what the problem may be before bringing it in to be checked.


Thank you!

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Re: HP dv2700 laptop screen flickering on startup

I am having the same problem, and i have seen reports of similar effects with other models of HP laptops. It appears to mainly be a problem in the signal from the graphics card to the screen, so either the plugin on the motherboard, the plugin on the back of the LCD screen, or the wire ribbon itself. I isolated mine to being a loose wire ribbon and by reseating the connection on the LCD screen, mine was repaired. I still keep an eye on it because if one place can be effected by socket creep, they all can. (socket creep is where a plugin or socket location disconnects over time for no other reason other than age)


Give it a try if you know what you are doing in that aspect, if not you may need to take it to a servicing center and have them do it. I suggest learning how to do it yourself, as once you begin learning how to maintenance your own machine, you can troubleshoot many different problems based on experiences with others.


Hope this helps! Best of luck to you!

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Re: HP dv2700 laptop screen flickering on startup

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I understand your notebook's screen flickers when it is activate and partially blank other times.


I agree with Aerizanthar since this does not happen on an external monitor that it is somewhere between the ribbon cable connection and the LCD panel itself.  This could be a failing LCD inverter, but it is more than likely an issue with the ribbon cable (loose or damaged).  However, this won't be confirmed until it is opened to verify that the ribbon cable is at fault or not.


If I have the product number, I may be able to provide a guide that covers taking apart the notebook to see if that may be something you would be interested in pursuing.

NOTE: Do NOT provide the serial number.

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Re: HP dv2700 laptop screen flickering on startup

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